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Yesterday, I accomplished 1/2 of what I had planned to accomplish - and that's actually pretty darned good. This morning, I am fighting off a return of the left hemisphere catatonia/eyegraine. I might be able to wrestle free one more day, tho.

Well, many people have been commenting on the Japan Crises. Glenn Beck said that it is God's way of punishing us - he said this while laughing. Of course, that little "Afleck!" guy got fired for making fun of the tragedies - which is weird, following the yet-again-BS NPR thing. Joe Lieberman says, we should "take pause" in developing nuclear energy. Mitch McConnell says "full speed ahead"- but, "not on FAULTS, I s'pose..." Obama sounds more like McConnell than Lieberman. What do they all have in common? None of them get it. Where's the representative voice calling for a halt on the global acceleration of nuclear power plant building?!

They also don't get that, as usual, the reported radiation from the accidents is being vastly under-reported. Instead, they insulate themselves in the soundbites of politicians and technocrats. They believe that the most innocuous nuclear disaster so far, Three Mile Island, caused no injuries to health. This is not true - it is a lie. (See Harvey Wasserman: Three Mile Island Killed People). And the world is STILL trying to recover from WWII, U.S. A-bomb tests, the burning of toxic fuels, Chernobyl, BP, discrete nuke plant leaks, and even diffuse medical radiation exposures. But, virtually, radiation DOESN'T GO AWAY.

Now that the world stock exchanges are beginning to plunge, in reaction, the Japanese Government is reporting that the radiation levels have gone done. Now, who ya gonna believe, when in retrospect, the levels in past emergencies were in truth about 10x greater than reported at the time?

Three of the 6 plants at Fukishima have exploded, and probably melted down, with a possibility that one of them blew it's core into the lower atmosphere - that greatly increases radiation levels, and can include Uranium, which is HARD BALL. Fortunately, the 3 other plants at the site pose no danger. However, at least one other plant at a different location is now in the same trouble. In addition, spent fuel rods are burning. When spent fuel pools burn, that can increase the radiation levels of ONE plant to levels ten times that of Chernobyl, which killed 150,000 people. And still, Russia has not released all the facts.

A great many people who fancy themselves as responsible and wise, suckered in by this era of dumbed-down conservatism, assert that we sould leave our confidence in the hands of the AUTHORITIES - in the technocrats. Yet, the technocrats who watch these things - and the engineers who design such plants - and the companies who encourage a bias of caution and rose-coloured helplessness - born from a science of specialisation and 98% certainty, after all the controlled facts have come in - they sit back and profess that the previous accident was a fluke, so relax, and then suddenly: along comes the next, even greater failure!

You want to put you faith in this conspiracy of some kind of personality problem? You want to put you faith, as foolishly as if in god, in the human, conservative construct called "science"? The engineers who put back-up systems in basements which were flooded by Tsunami's are somehow WISE enough to tell us that this could never happen here - except maybe the few nuke plants which are on faults. NEWSFLASH: The whole frickin PLANET is a fault! What they lack is what evolution has spent epochs upon perfection: SOME KIND OF SIXTH SENSE ABOUT CHAOS.

I'm not trying to instill fear. I'm not telling people that China is using it's secret "earthquake machines" to attack Japan, or that this could have been caused by HAARP - or that God is punishing us - as is coming from the far-right. I'm talking about reality.

Speaking of the far-right, a great far-right talk show host suddenly passed away: Dairy Brownfield. He was pro-small farm, anti GMO, etc. I'll miss tuning him in.

And, the only people I've heard who are tracking the winds from Japan, towards this country, have been crazy right-winger, Alex Jones, (Prison Planet / InfoWars), and the folks at "The Power Hour". Apparently, it looks like this weekend is the beginning of our concernes. And the jet-stream, at present, comes in via CA, goes NNW through OR/WA, comes down through ID, then makes it's way to OK, where it is closest to the ground.

For feeds, Goggle "jet-stream live feed", and/or "DEFCON live feed jetstream". NOAA might also have that.

Thank goodness, at least, I have SOME potassium iodide, (dosage is too low), plus a good deal of KELP, and Rosemary oil. After listening to "The Power Hour," I made a list of the herbs and oils which can fight thyroid cancer, and other radiation exposure problems. Anti-oxidants are the way to go. Note that the threat to the thyroid is NOTHING compared to radiation at higher levels or elements.

Finally, after I have all the useful herbs that I can stomach, and the danger is nigh for the highest potential of radiation exposure, I would switch over to foods that help clog blood flow, (meat fats), (avoiding blood thinners like fish oil, turmeric, asperin - and alcohol), and do nothing but rest inside - then fast after that. So, here are some supplements, listed in general order of importance - those with astericks aremy own suggestions, (TO MYSELF). ALL OF THIS IS PRECAUTIONARY.

- IODINE: Potassium Iodide, high dose Iodine supplement, a 2-5 drops of liquid iodine in water/day, KELP powder or supplements, clams
- wild (Greek) oregano / oil / juice
- thyroid-benefitting supplements ("Thyrosec", etc.)
- Rosemary / oil
- Chagra ("mushroom") / drops / supplements - natural, not synthetic
- propanol "oil" / supplements
- Cumin spice / oil
- Aruganol - ???
- berry extracts. resveratrol, pycogenol, etc.
BEGIN non-thyroid:
- selenium - supplements, in B-vtamin mix, yeast
- chromium*, trace minerals*
- strontium*
- C / E
- anti-yeast*, such as yogurt, no sugar foods

Text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 • Salvation Army: text JAPAN to 80888 • Convoy of Hope: text TSUNAMI or SUNAMI to 50555 • World Relief Corp. Several top US wireless operators have waived fees on text messages used to send mobile donations to the earthquake relief effort in Japan.

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