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they call me donkey crap


Don't go the the BIG P library to use their comps. Well, always, they've had the weird folks congregating here. But NOW, to use a comp., you have to make a reservation on a little terminal, for a SPECIFIC computer, so that means even if your the first person to make a reservation, you could end up waiting a half an hour while the people after you snarf all the other free comps. And ya stand there like a dope, WASTING TIME. Well, the girl before me let a line accumulate behind her while she waited until she saw a specific comp. free up, before she went and made her reservation. Baloneyshit. But there happens to be the sweetest gracile babe sitting next to me, and I'd like to reserve her...

Been feeling dragged out and tired for about a week now. It sucks. My Auntie Kath came by bearing an electric grill, etc., for me, and I did all the talking - for she cared. She looked at this little rash I got weeks ago, which is disappearing now. She says I have ring-worm. I AM NOT A DOG!

At MacDonalds, I'm ordering my MACFISHWICKBURGERSANDWICHVALUEHAPPYSUPERSIZEDMEAL, and the girl taking my order goes, "Did you get your car fixed?"


? - What does that have to do with....

Is this some Internet girl????....

Then I realised it was some girl I sat down with outside LubePros and talked to. She had this cute little Mexican son w/ big blue eyes who was freaking the hell out of me because surely he would fall on his prescious head and crack his skull bloody open...

I hate it when I don't care how I look - so I look grungy - and I end up sitting next to a babe in the library I'm actually curious about.

Does she eat Mangos?

Ah - she's reading a site about Bachus wines...

Well, if your still reading this... I want to make a list of the best Rockinest radio stations around, and the best shows. Like, on Monday nights on WORT, there's a GREAT techno/dance show. And the NPR/WPR AM station, 970, has some of the best talk shows in the country - all local-yocal. So, please help me make a list and tell me the best stations, etc. All other info...

I'm gone.

I'm never coming back to this hellish place.

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