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I am the person who will destroy China.


Well, I know why my dog so often wakes me up early in the morning, asking to go out, hours before he's supposed to, upsetting my sleep schedule and setting me up for a possible nuther lost day to CFS. It's because this guy drives around at 3:30 am, with a very loud car, sneaking and rolling about, giving his motor these little revs that sound like someone banging on the giant empty oil tank in the basement. This goes on for about an hour. He drives a little bit closer, revs, waits, drives closer, revs revs, drives around real slow, fades away for 5 minutes, comes back, rev rev.

This has woken ME up directly, many times - as it has tonight - this morning. I struggle to go back to sleep, cuz if I follow it up with the police, I will then be unable to go back to sleep - and my sleep schedule is critical. For those of you who may be idiots, or completely naive, but I can't tell you how many crap people are out there in this world of ours, especially in post-industrial cities where people feel the only option available to them is to compete with the ghosts in their heads.

I don't know if this guy is trying to mess with ME, or some neighbours. I have had lots of trouble from neighbourhood jerk-offs in the past. As my long-time LJ friends know, I somehow attract the jealousy or spite or competition of relentlessly petty bastards. And I have had to have LJ shut down at least one journal because of this. It's a FACT. But, since I saw cops at two area buildings today, including one where the crazy car ends up sitting in front of, for about a half an hour, I'm thinking it has nothing to do with me. BUT IT AFFECTS ME. Just as violent rhetoric affects people. Just as bullshit affects people.

Russia is, similarly, a screwed up kinda place. There, you have had tyrants extinguishing tens of millions of people. You've had extremist revolutions only ending up as a bunch of pent-up, defeated people griping about reality under the omnipresent thumb of a police state. There, they say "no!", and it is pronounced, "nyet!", sounding oddly similar to "YEAH!". And when they want to say,"No", they make a little sound of an "n" or an "m". None of this straightforward "NO!" or "NINE!". Why? Because their society has been warped inside out. And people live in a limbo where there is no real progress, no real direction, no clarity - everything is is suspicious mishmash of dubious intentions and equivocation. Say, "YES!" and someone, somewhere, will give you grief. Say, "NO!", and you may be taken down. Sucks to be Russia. Some Russians - when I hear one talk, I want to grab his shoulders and shake him, "Hey, you slippery worm! Talk like you still have a SOUL, man!"

Well, the same is true of empires that have collapsed - or are under so much pressure, they are easilly slated for collapse, in the near future. In Rome, very much post-empire, but still seething in social dissonance - a kind of happy medium arrived at by a lot of resentful, yet resigned, people, positive words have come to represent negative ones. That is true of most post-empire cities or countries. I don't have too many examples for ya here, but I made a post about this a few years ago.

But take Philadelphia, for instance. The accent there has come to make the word, "yes," almost indistinguishable in sound, (to the outsider), to the word, "no". It's "nya" and it's... "nya"... In U.S. underground pop dialects, phat or bomm are good things, not to be confused with, "Fat Man," one of our first nuclear bomms. Gay is turned from a good thing, to a bad thing, to many groups.

Why is all this so? Because people are penned in - like owners who's house is underwater - and they are being thrown out by the bank - they don't know what to do - where to go. Where all is a muddle of contradictory messages and intentions, people form groups, and in these groups, people involute language to suit their group ego. Queers who are attacked band together, and proudly OWN the label "queer", and the word begins to mean one thing inside, and an opposite thing outside.

Which leads us to the word, "Nigger". It originated from the Spanish, "Negeros", meaning black. We say "black" today, referring to blacks, and it's fine - so it was fine when they used the word "Negeros" - but not what colonialists subsequently DID with the blacks to whom the label was attatched. In fact, the word came to describe a group of blacks in general, "Negroes."

Now, if you don't think that the treatment and management of black human beings as slaves was not filled with profoundly deep emotional and cognitive dissonance, then I've got a State capitol to sell you. So,this affected micro-politics, and the language. The word "Negro," became "Nigger" - and this word was widely used by both blacks and whites in the South, in the early 1800's - with some emerging ambiguity, by largely by convenient agreement - that happy medium, under rising stress. Yes, the word, "Nigger" began to mean one thing inside the black group, and an opposite thing inside the white group.

In the big screwed up, post industrial cities of today, "Nigger" to blacks means, "my goofball buddy," with implications of, "and co-conspirator." Why co-conspirator? Because whites were coming over here, pouring out of declining empires, with their words and attitudes all screwed up, SPEAKING WITH THEIR FORKED TONGUES, and they'd say one thing to their black slaves, but do another. So, the response of the non-house "niggers" was to conspire, passive aggressively, against their white masters - and sneak off into the night. Well? Wouldn't YOU? Nigga?!

To whites, "nigger" came to mean someone, surprising always BLACK for some reason, who says one thing, and then later that night, they are driving by your house revving their car, shooting off guns, or vandalising your property. Well, actually, it's only a small minority which does this - but a great many of today's urban blacks say one thing to whites, and then go back to their community and talk shit against them. And, oddly, that's supposedly not racism. Tell that to the poor whites who get injured because of it.

Anyway, "nigger" has also been conflated with, "niggardly; covetous; circuitous, or so passive aggressive they shove it in your face." These are indeed bad qualities - but not uncommon qualities of black AND whites who grow up in post-industrial cities, where decline, or denial, is an art.

Today, TeaBagger-type Republicans have become the very thing they hate, "NIGGERS." Well, I'll let you have fun, on your own, with that analogy. But, the main thing is, a city full of lost opportunities; full of strife and the requirement to keep in line; where once-successful, positiviistic - even PROGRESSIVE - ambition and competition, have devolved into petulant mind-games, vandalism, and absolutist passive aggression - it turns everyone into subsurface BASTARDS.

Think of it - true authority has been neutered, and the children are left to fight amongst themselves, never growing beyond adolescence, though a few of them may rise into positions of power of prestige. Such is the breeding grounds for politicians and technocrats, who go out and dupe small-town, young, or vulnerable, good-trusting people, into believing their lies.

Lost empire is the land where the most sociopathic, yet cunning, rise up to the top, to rob the masses of their wealth - because, well, that is the name of the game.

Sadly, to such children, there is seen only the option of STARTING FROM ZERO-SUM GAIN. Of assuming that no matter WHAT the other guy is up to, it is a threat, and must be competed with, vanquished, via any means. Their any emotion is equivalent to "truth". They must always be RIGHT. Some try very hard to make a life of convincing others that they are right. That the have unjustly injured. Cry babies.

Some, simply are incapable of rising, because they are SO FRICKIN RIGHT that they don't know true or practical right from wrong, and they don't see opportunity when it's staring them in the face. Many such BLACKS, on the one hand, (not all), find it impossible to even conceive of cooperating on par with whites - and this suspicion has served them well, MOST of the time.

On the other hand, many such WHITES, (not all), give no berth to black, and assume endless entitlement, ("well, that's what BLACKS demand!"), though this often superstitious expectation simply blinds them to real opportunities in life, whether that be material, emotional, social...

(And hey, look at the crazy people who hear the FACTS and yet all the more violently support the lies that are being fed to them - by Limbeck, et al. Why do they do this? Because for DECADES through their lives, they have been gaining their popularity within their private little groups, (at the bar, at school, etc.), all about this or that fool LIBERAL, or this or that LIBERAL President, or this or that talking-point meme that apes as a truism. Their entire self-image is built upon these YEARS of trivial joking-arounds. Bonding!).

And, sadly, most people who are happy with their lives - out in the country, or whatever - and people who are advancing healthilly in life, in progressive, booming towns like Madison, Portland, etc. - a lot of them may simply be too naive to be able to see all this crap from the post-industrials - as from the Republican politicians who thrive off of economic decline.

A lot of Progressives, referred to as, "fucking retards," by Ramn Emmanuel, are either overly green, overly hopeful, or overly jaded by the rest of the real world. So jaded, in fact, they they stay home on election day, and in walks Governor Walker, whom anyone with sense could have seen coming YEARS ago. Sad but true, and you know it. I'm not saying that all Progressives are ignorant in this respect. I'm not saying that Obama hasn't been selling us out. But the REAL dangers out there are often covered over by wishful thinking, altruism, spite, frustration - some of which can be GREAT QUALITIES, unless, as they say, they start interfering with LIFE.

Well, sadly, the real world - this country - more and more, is filling up with spiteful, petty, backstabbing, controlling people. It's a fact. Bullies - and bully wanna-be's. They get that way because others, and they originally, in groups, often, don't know how to deal with disappointments. Instead, they develop internal mechanisms to keep the group safely blind, and able to be disappointed over and over again - and, yes, able to be manipulated by the powers that be, playing off groups against group, dividing, conquering - employing the tactics of dysfunction like a fine scalpel, or a magic wand. And susceptible to corruption by the internal provocateur - (or saboteur).

(Also, into these conditions walk the Koch brothers, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the politician puppets. Ever notice how these folks have names which resemble unmentionable body parts? Koch. Dick Armey. John Boner. Weiner (Michael Savitch), and on and on. Long ago, while young, they vowed to take revenge against all the kids (liberals) who teased them in school, and they worked on their craft over the course of years, turning their shyness into sociopathy, passive aggression, planning, and palm-squeezing. Fear is at their core - but there is no resolving it now. Like a calcified pineal gland, it has turned to evil).

Now we have a great conspiracy of Progressives, fighting for union rights. But just because they oppose injustice does not mean that, within their numbers, supporting their causes, are not also many who are unjust. (Blue-Dogs, for one example). There are, amongst them, people as screwed up as Walker himself.

Beware, the dysfunctional infilTRAITORS. Beware those politicians, technocrats and wheedlers from the post-industrial cities, claiming you as their kin. Beware the terminally jaded. Beware those who would use, "solidarity," to cloak their jealousy, to evoke dissent, to point fingers and divide. The very internal politics which Progressives hold to oppose, often is invited in, to serve the purpose of keeping the group seething within, forever disappointable, and forever losing to the more concerted, adept, and funded manipulations, and usurpations, of the powers that be.

Because, like mutated words to serve the group, it's warm and fuzzy to be defined.

Beware of the provocateurs from within, as well as from without: Fueled by insatiable jealousy, full of consumptive self-hatred, driven uncontrollably always to destroy those things they supposedly most love the most.


As internal saboteurs, subversives or PROVOCATEURS, these people will enter a group, wait in the background, and play along - making all the proper moves, convincing others that they are model contributors, impressing others with their awesome authority - all the while containing intense spite or jealousy regarding the group's leader. The more fair the leader is, the more they hate the leader.

When they finally see a vulnerability, they throw a false flag, or poke at the leader. Asked politely to explain themselves, they will not - they will wait til action is taken, and THEN cry, "Injustice! Injustice! The leader is one of THEM!" And they get fools and bumpkins to rally around them - outraged - following, as sheep follow behind a bully, in blind fascination of POWER. And the Internal Provocateur(s) proceed to destroy solidarity, dividing, and attempting to put themselves up as the new leader(s) - ostentatiously for the cause, but in FACT, for the edification of their own ego(s).

I know these people well - I know their passive aggressive crap - like the back of my hand. Users of the poor and the marginalised, they yet play to the sincere emotions of women and the honest but disadvantaged, in their times of need and manufactured crisis, manipulating their opinions, whilst they cry out, "Mommy!  Mommy!". 

They latch onto movements like parasites. They are petulant, wheedlers, cowards, perfectionists, consumed by a private, artful fascination with monsters and ugliness or the occult - and, apparently, at some early stage, they came to despise their genitalia. They want everyone to see: they are RIGHT! Internally, it is THEY who are filled with discord, all that is unsolid!

Unfortunately, Progressive or Liberal groups are more predisposed to being corrupted by these habitual breeders of contempt and dissonance. Why? Because a lot of people who CALL themselves liberals are actually reactionary conservatives, in sheep's clothing, using liberal idealism to facilitate a personal anti-authoritarianism complex.

Emotionally superstitious, they see, mainly, their hated FATHER in members of the liberal groups to which they belong - and some kind of Oedipus complex compells them to ever envy those who are respected in those groups - the coordinators, the leaders, the cherished under-privileged, even.

The Internal Provocateurs will wield the scream "injustice!" only to suit their personal ambitions, as they may spout philosophies of anarchism, communism or democracy. Their consequences are far from democratic:

Communists tend to be so plagued by this problem that the only way they can find solidarity as a group, and gain membership, is by focusing the entire group on immediate goals of violence or revolution. But when, and should they, indeed take POWER of a state, what do they do? They revert to tyrannical rule. Trust not the mere WORDS or SHOUTS of "Democracy!", "Solidarity," or "INJUSTICE!" Those who shout the loudest should be the most scrutinised. As we have certainly learnt regarding the GOP, yes?

Conservatives. Control. Isn't that the game they play so well? Isn't their respect for internal authority the very thing that makes SOLIDARITY THEIR great strength? It may be evil authority, but they respect it. And they like to respect it, because they are cohered by two bonding agents: Money, and Fear. (Not to mention their ideology, which is based on money and fear). Oh, and not to mention RELIGION.

Liberals lack the money now. Ever since LABOUR was decimated. There goes that bonding agent for them - unless a revived populist fund-raising drive can be revived, perpetually, in contest with CITIZENS UNITED.

Liberals also lack a bonding spirituality, whereas they once had a degree of Puritanism, (which tended to also support racism). Today, their spirituality only rises up in times of crisis - as a reactionary idealism over, say ENVIRONMENT, or LABOUR, or RACISM, take your pick. But they remain easily fractured, and ever-reactionary. The masses don't want to belong to that, unless they HAVE to. Unless conservatives wreck the economy so badly that their own personal living wage, etc., requires that they do rise up IN REACTION. But that is not the MEANING of PROGRESSIVE. It's good enough, but ever vulnerable. Ever-defeatable. Waiting for the abuse, before you react? That's not MY cup of coffee. And that is not a permanent bond for solidarity. Let's all be civil and green and anarchistic and free, until Internal or External Provocateurs step in and destroy our group integrity? Come on, that's absurd. Know evil when you see it. See it coming, miles and years ahead! React PROGRESSIVELY.

"Oh no! That would be paranoid! It would be rude and unjust! What would the Republicans think? That would be unfair - not everyone has voted, not everyone agrees there is a threat, blah, blah, blah!" Three fucking monkeys, proud of themselves when they run from a fire. Should the fire eventually burn itself out, collapsing from it's own internal contradiction, does that mean that the monkeys have extinguished it? Not to say I don't honour the fight of the last month - but I am talking about long-term problems. Like, a chronic vulnerability to being sabotaged - by the right, or by internal deficiencies.

In conclusion... It's interesting how groups can involute and become practically dysfunctional - being more concerned with group definition and abstractions. And it's interesting how the words they use can reflect this. It's also interesting how the very people who are anathema for their success can step in and exploit dysfunctions, and then ironically be elevated into positions of control. But I'd be a member of no such group, speaking for myself. Nor a group where it is not the voiceless who are given voice. Rather than sheered again for selfish gain.

The poor. The unemployed. The vulnerable. The disabled. Those in pain. The cognitively handicapped. The unaccredited. The maginalised or forgotten. Any who abuses these abuses me. Any who abuses me abuses these. This is the walk of the true Progressive. This and the two mottoes: "NEVER AGAIN!", and "FORWARD!"

It's alright to be ironic. It's alright to be snarky. To be creative. It's alright to cherish your inner child - or your inner old woman in a shoe. But don't build your house on it. Don't launch your strategy from it. It is alright to maintain various opinions or voices. To oppose the false labels, gender roles, and words being forced on you.

But it is not alright to allow, without question: the wolf in sheep's clothing! Nor the sheep in wolves' clothing.

"Yes" does NOT mean "No". Do not fall for it. Just as there was no budget crisis, yet Walker now uses a fabricated "crisis" to exercise his perversion - there is no information, no urgency of cause, which can be justified by some ideal of MISSION, which should permit the disintegration of spirit.

Be a wolf - be a real wolf - and shout proudly about it. Be a sheep - and love thyself - and go thy way. But do not confuse the two.

Go not forth as sheeple, again sheered and defeated, nor as the werewolves and vampires which feed upon them. These are nothing to be proud of! You are yourself. You are your cause, in all honesty and forthrightness.

Solidarity shines from the heart outwards.


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