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I am the person who will destroy China.


Well, yesterday was another lost day to CFS. Today seems much better, and I might even have some morning time to be active. Unless I get a sudden turn-round, (which happens about half the time I get a recovery).

I made some yogurt recently and it turned out well - even though it was made from milk powder. As usual, it was too thin, but that slowly changes, the longer it's in the fridge. It's a good idea to drink away the whey, cuz it contains a very important amino acid - either glutamine, or maybe it's glutathione.

Why did the yogurt turn out well? For one thing, I put the container into a closed pot, over a radiator - and THIS year, I'm actually have the house heat turned to a somewhat livable level.

The other thing is that, along with some regular yogurt, I threw in a capsule of SOIL ORGANISMS. Some of these soil bacteria are the same you'll find in store-bought yogurts, or pro-biotic supplements which contain acidophilus. Now, what I want to know is this,"What the HELL are bacteria doing in THE SOIL, waiting for MILK to come along?!" I mean - what business do soil organisms have being in your stomach and living off of milk? I know it's a good thing to eat a little non-toxic soil, or clay, with your food - which has not been cooked. I realise that, in all my wisdom. But I don't see why bacteria that eat milk are also in the soil. It makes no sense to me - unless these things are ancient and ubiquitous.

Well, the dice are still up, concerning whether the USA should send forces into LIBYA, to save the uprising democratic people from KqueDAFFY's forces. The healthy thing is that OUR MILITARY doesn't want to get involved. CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT? OUR military-industrial-complex doesn't want to get involved. Even though I might agree, could this decision not merely be based on the fact that our forces and hardware AND ECONOMY are overextended, but ON BRITISH PETROLEUM KINDA WANTING TO HANG ON TO THE OLD REGIME? I think we're basically hanging on BP's decision.

In World War II, we kicked ss not because we had a bunch of planes and bomms and ships all ready to fight - but because we had a lot of capacity waiting in our economy: malingering industrial plants, cheap resources, a strong labour force, mass-production technology, science, etc. (We also had Keynesian economics, which turned from a grassroots-up, demand-side philosophy to our current invest-down, more supply-side model). Thus, while Europe was draining itself, we had the capacity to almost instantly produce a gigantic war machine, and kick NAZI fascist ass. The fascists lost because THEIR inflationary economies were relatively overextended, like US today.

Lesson: It is NOT POWER that is important, so much as it is CAPACITY. A bully or a fascist state can use POWER effectively, but if they have poor underlying economic CAPACITY, they will collapse and fall when challenged by a stronger-capacity economy, state (or party).

Yesterday, Norman Goldman was heaping praise on the GOP for their adroitness and effectiveness - and ruthlessness - in using POWER, once they get their grubby hands on it. But effectively using POWER is not the whole equation. If you don't have CAPACITY to back you up, then you will soon exhaust your resources, and collapse.

CAPITAL is power.
LABOUR is capacity.

MILITARY is power.
ECONOMY is capacity.

PARTY is power.
PEOPLE is capacity.

The electrical current is power.
The BATTERY is capacity

Credit is power
Savings, Property, Income are capacity.

Adrenaline is power.
HEALTH is capacity.

See what I'm saying? Life becomes easier to figure out, once you start seeing this in all systems. Well, now. What the GOP are counting on is NO LONGER voters, so much, and NO LONGER people shouting for "local control!", but for all the free campaign money coming from multi-national corporations, permitted by the CITIZENS' UNITED DECISION, in the 2012 elections. If they can hold firm until 2012, in their minds, they have nothing to lose. The game is theirs. And American voters will be shut out, by media-manipulation, from influencing corporatocracy henceforth. All the bulwarks are in place: the years of dumbing down; the media-monopolisations; the decades of impoverishing the middle class; the handing over of trillions of free dollars to the rich; the STACKING OF THE JUDICIARY; the supreme court decisions; the WALL STREET deregulations, AND THE PRIMING, THROUGH THE PRICE OF OIL, ETC., OF THE ECONOMY FOR A BURST OF FAST INFLATION, WHICH WILL MAKE IT EASY TO MANIPULATE MOST AMERICANS TOWARDS BLAMING SOME EXTERNAL ENEMY, ASSOCIATED WITH DEMOCRATS: ERGO: WAR.

Or are there greater capacities stack against all this? I think there are. They are called INALIENABLE RIGHTS. And other stuff... chow for now...

If I have the capacity, I might go to the store soon, and make a big haul home of groceries. In which cse, I will be obligated to buy beer. In which case, I will be obligated to drink it. People w/ CFS should avoid beer like the plague. But I fight the opposite of alcholism. I fight to be healthy enough to be able to drink, and not lose another three weeks of functionality. Why? To quote my father,

"Because I'm Irish, sir."

Or was that Charlie Sheen...

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