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I am the person who will destroy China.


What we're going through now is, largely, a direct consequence of the sixties - or MISMANAGEMENT of the post-sixties.

Young people THEN went from an ideology of, "We all can have everything," to a personal greed based on an ideology of zero-sum gain - me first - hit first - don't back down. Ayn Randism became the final justification of the individual (CORPORATE) will-to-power, which was precisely what Nietzsche wrote about, anticipating the rise of NAZIsm in the 20th Century.

I have often wondered how so many in power today were once hippies in the sixties, preaching peace and love, but now they practice greed, materialism, control, hate, and so forth. But now it is as clear as day to me.

It was three things: Wanting too much for everyone became wanting too much for "me" - and anger at "the man" became anger at any competitor.

2 - The conservatives were working on a grand, multi-decade scheme to shrink the middle class, ergo the Boomers, economically, sociologically, through movies and media, dumbing down, shrinking governmental regulation of corporate rapers, etc.

3 - Too much fun, too many drugs, too free an attitude, too much alcohol: if managed poorly, (as they usually are), these can all lead to dysfunctional children who end up reading and watching and supporting crap. More on all this after my own dumbing-down intermission:

I had a relapse yesterday - unable to accomplish anything - even though my attitude is to double down on responsibilities. It seems to happen that I get too ill, 4-out-of-5 garbage nights - so I simply can't clear away as much stuff, as fast, as I intend to. It's aggravating. I'll need to spend most of today cleaning, etc. So, don't expect me at your party.

I had somewhat "recovery"-type dreams last night - certainly not the kinds of dream Charlie Sheen is having these days. Thus, they involved babies, younger days, etc. Some fragments: I let my dog run about freely outside - he did well, came back to me. But when he saw a small poodlie dog, he ran to it and bit its ear. It's old lady owner was pretty good about it - we went into her house, and she was barnaby_d 's mother. Barito was very obedient. Mom told him to get something for dog, Barito went into kitchen. I followed him in there, and he instead was popping a gigantic balloon in rebellion.

I made some tea/stuff thing - and someone fished out a tiny black, burnt caterpillar - it was an inch long - but it was also now a foot long, with a beetle's head, lots of roundish segments, and lots of legs reaching forwards - it seemed like some kind of kitchen utensil. There was a whole lot more interesting stuff but I really don't feel like spending time trying to remember.

Back to themes: What I'm going to write now has nothing to do with a joke I made yesterday to a LJ friend, about drinking. It comes from some thoughts about Gov. Walker's intense fears - why he must exclude demonstrators from the Capitol during his speech, but instead stock his audience with adoring TeaBaggers. Why he must erect concrete barricades, as well, in case there may be any car-bommers. Why he must take refuge in absolutism, money and power.

Well, all this is because of something that has been clear to me for a while: People who "need" endless power and money - their greed - are FUELED by fear. Fear is essential to their "needs", and to their BRAINS. And so, of course, I thought of Walker's grand fuck-buddies, the Koch brothers, who subsidise his barricades, his TeaBaggers, his campaigns, his absolutism and intransigence (fascism), (as corporations subsidized their puppets, Mussolini-Hitler), and I began thinking about the symbiotic relationship between fear-driven (corporate) bullies, and fear-driven (bureaucrat/politician) sheeple... bully wanna-be's... LBBB's... NePHarious serial killers... SOCIOPATHS... followers...

And, I also thought about THE SYMBIOTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BULLY REPUBLICANS & PROPER, SPINELESS DEMOCRATS - comparing that to the POSSIBILITY that the 14 non-cooperating Wisc. State Senators may now, as we speak, be negotiating with the GOP, (the REAL terrible-ists), to YET AGAIN cave, in wanton weakness and naivete.

Say it won't be so!!...

They both want one thing: POWER. The aggressive bully acts in one way, and the sheeple play along, both with the same sociopathic will-to-power. Both are, deep down, out of control, and both feel that power - domination, being "right", controlling, money, insulation, etc. - power is the only drug that will resolve their feelings of helplessness - of unreal, temporal-lobe-warped, limbic alienation and isolation. This is how and why they so-easilly convert their WANTS into "NEEDS" - like burning up wood, they rationalise the beauty of their greed and abuse through ideologies which sanction hedonism and sadism, basically, under the guise of SCIENCE, or OBJECTIVISM, or ECONOMIC formulae of "cost-benefit-analysis" or quant computer trading algorithms. Like cockroaches sprayed with pesticides, they are driven to FUCK all the more.

Enough of that. I come from a relatively large family. (And, like everyone, I've been in groups and institutions). I've made my observations of what is wrong - functionally - and what isn't. What works, and what doesn't. So, when I speak of dysfunctional families, I'm not saying my family has been 100% dysfunctional - or alcoholic - I am only speaking from extrapolation, etc.

I think of dysfunctional families. Especially families where one or both of the parents are alcoholics. The mother lashes out unpredictably at the children, and is shredded and distraught most of the time. In tears. Worrying about this thing that kids don't understand: money. And, when the father comes home drunk, he knocks her around, and emotionally, if not physically, abuses the children. He's the bully in charge.

So, the kids, motivated by fear, begin to "ideologise" about how to control life when it is so fucked up. And they come to the conclusion that POWER and MONEY rule, and these are the things to get - to accumulate - to manipulate. Not intimacy - not empathy - not peace and wonder - these are things proved to be WORTHLESS, SILLY, LIBERAL... And since power (includes money) is the ultimate acquisition, as through prestige, material prizes, corrupt collusion, physical force, violence, lies, etc.), then there is no cheating, no capitulation, no selling-of-soul, no posture which is beneath their using, in the sole pursuit of power.

To them, the will-to-power trumps all other cards, though power be in fact an illusion - (it is CAPACITY - or NUMBERS - which counts - ergo, ANOTHER EXPLANATION OF THEIR FUNDAMENTAL COWARDICE). THEREFORE, one child may choose the role of bully, other children may choose roles more sheep-like - one child may choose a role of being the "liberal" enabler: But they are all in collusion in the same, sad, sociopathic will-to-power.

Thus their dynamics are routinely habitual and absurdly inane and boring. The roles are maintained. Authority is revered and feared. Religion is the great rationaliser, the ABSOLUTE BONDING AGENT, substituting for intimacy. Alcoholism is the basis of most of our conservatism today.

Taken to extreme, which conservatives feel compelled to do, during times of fear and economic downturn, having nowhere to go but BACKWARDS, (outdoing each other in fabricating a social & economic RACE TO THE BOTTOM, wherein their OWN power, security an wealth is the-more greatly amassed), taken to extreme, there is no limit to the lives they are willing to mow over in their sociopathy. But, I emphasize to you, the bigger the bully, the greater the fall. And the only way to turn their absolutism around is: ABSOLUTELY.

And you also have those who evolve into the technocrats - the potential euphanising scientists whom Alex Jones rails about - the cold, calculating bean-counters and silently self-aggrandizing objectivists. These rise up from other sheeple roles in dysfunctional families. They take their orders, they enjoy their experiments, nibble away, all in the grand service of science, playing god, in their way. Alan Greenspan is a perfect example. Or Bayer: science driven by marketing. They get away with what they do simply by persuading a lot of superstitious people that they are RIGHT - just as VOODOO ECONOMICS was used. Magicians as priests. Politicians in robes. Bureaucrats with their scientific scanners and their hands down your pants.

And there are, as well, the TeaBagger-like masses rising up, who no longer see any sense or value in ethics of intimacy, charity or THE COMMONS, but see all as a threat - a need to grab everything for themselves, before someone else gets it - not seeing that they are, indeed, simply STEALING. Though nothing is owed to them - THEY are not entitled to this rape - they scream, "Why should I have to pay for THEIR pensions?! Why should I pay for THEIR Social Security?! Why should I pay for THEIR children's education?! -

Well, the answer is very simple: Because THEY ARE OBLIGATED TO RETURN TO THOSE "ENTITLED" PEOPLE WHAT IS ORIGINALLY THEIRS, by fact, by agreement, by nature. These people - such as the public workers of Wisconsin - are not asking for "ENTITLEMENTS", as if they are more special than others. They are asking for WHAT BELONGS TO THEM. Just as we, all together, instead of fighting amongst ourselves, should be demanding back WHAT BELONGS TO US from the banksters and their KOCHish colluders who stole it.

But no, the bullies, the puppets, the bean-counting technocrats, the TeaBaggers, all those who conspire in the illusory WILL TO POWER, they somehow are wiser, and smarter, and more RIGHT than all we others combined. Fundamentally, though, the only leg they have to stand on is FEAR.

I speak in generalities and extremes - or, in other words, perhaps, of a future awaiting us: A future of sheeple politicians willing to do the bidding of bully corporations, while glorifying bullying themselves, and offering up the glove of government to the hand of corporate fascism. And we'll all be just one big happy family. Right, TeaBagger alcoholics?  Right, John Boner?

Like the Hebrews who's religion forbids eating pork, thus preventing serious illnesses - the Puritan ethic had a hidden wisdom in their abstinence from alcohol - for alcohol MAY so easilly lead to a widespread alcoholism which can help destroy a society's future.

Myself, being Irish, Australian, a writer, A WISCONSINITE - I see great value in the cup. In fact, I may even hold it up as one of the 7 great sacraments of existential humanity. But lordie lord, do it the write way - drink and recover alone, wherever possible. Or at least don't make your kid a designated driver. Confusious say.

"I'm from Milwaukee, and I oughta know..."

(Part Three of "Time Out of Mind" is still fresh in the hopper).

That was weird. My dog and I both got the hiccups at the same time. "Hic." "Up." "Hic." "Up." Everybody march!

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