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I am the person who will destroy China.

Time Out of Mind: PART TWO

Yes, lithium has been making me sleepy. That's very good for my CFS. I bought it on my own, for CFS/THYROID, not because anyone prescribed it for manic depression, or because they wanted me to eat batteries. So - I now add it to my list of sleep aids,esp. for peeps w/ CFS. (5mg - Taken at maybe 4:pm each day - AFTER fatigue and stress of morning has been resolved, as best as possible).

Lithium is an amazing metal. It was one of the guys around since the so-called Big Bang, yet it floats on water - no wait - it even BURNS water! It is used in FIREWORKS cuz it makes a bright, extraterrestrial red flame when burnt. (Speaking of which - did you know there is a rugged place in Azerbaijan where the rocks, boulders and mountain ARE ON FIRE?! They've been on fire since ancient times. Very weird, but lithium has nothing to do with it. Leaking NATURAL GAS does).

Lithium is needed in the body - for one thing, it helps make SEROTONIN. It's nice to have serotonin, cuz that can help prompt MELATONIN and sleep. Serotonin also helps with many other things, often B12-like things, such as digestion, and mood. Lithium is often prescribed for people with depression. In fact, the Japanese, after observing a study, want to add lithium to drinking water, which will bring down the suicide rate. Problem is, too much lithium is TOXIC. It's like: happier people live at higher altitudes, and yet more suicides occur at higher altitudes - some things just don't figure. But, you'd also get good results if you simply removed almost ALL flouride from drinking water - it's not needed by bones - you get enough from toothpaste - instead, like nutrasweet, (aspartame), it is damaging our brains. (SEE UPCOMING DISCUSSION ON FLU SHOTS AND AUTISM!!!).

Lithium is needed, and lithium is everywhere, and yet it exists in such trace amounts that it is VERY RARE. It is so volatile, water makes it disappear - so it is mainly mined in desert salts. Or the mountains of Afghanistan. Which is why we are there. For lithium for our cellphones, car batteries, and computers. Unfortunately, we are ditherng away in WARFARE, while CHINA is obtaining the lithium. Lithium. The new OPIUM - of the masses! (Hey - goggle THIS, will ya: FDR (Roosevelt) + Opium Trade).

What else about lithium? It is used in nuclear reactions. I find this pretty cool - a mineral used to treat depression is also used to make nuclear bombs.

Thinking: When they dropped the nuclear bomb, (then aka: the Unclear bomb), Einstein said that everything changed except our way of thinking. Everybody knows that quote. He also went on at length about how mankind must adjust it's way of thinking, and acting, or else we are doomed - to be doomed. MADness! Unless we take some lithium, we will blow ourselves up - ha!

Of course, supplements and drugs and electric cars won't change our thinking. Only our thinking will change our thinking. And, let me tell you, as I listen now to a replay of yesterday morning's Obama Saturday Message, about how we need to go green, and how there are a few more clothing jobs in Marquette, Michigan, makes me wanna get some more depression. And he is announcing an AUSTERITY budget freeze, after once advocating grassroots assistance to the unemployed, people on Social Security, etc. That all disappeared, (even after he chided about the AUSTERITY MEASURES BEING TAKEN BY EUROPEAN NATIONS), BECAUSE HE SIDED WITH WALL STREET BANKSTERS AND GAVE THEM THE STORE. He helped push our car back into the ditch - the real car - the people's economy.

THAT'S NOT CHANGING OUR WAY OF THINKING. It's pissing us off. It's making us more muddied, not more green. It's making this an extended DEPRESSION. REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE, CONFIRMED: 21%. And after making STRONG campaign promises to march with anyone who strikes, WHERE THE FUCK IS HE NOW?! I don't know about you, but I am sick of being sold out by puppet Democrats because they enjoy having no spine.

Speaking of FDR, where is he now, proclaiming, "I know the ECONOMIC ROYALISTS hate me! I WELCOME their hatred!!" It's all because funding for Democratic campaigns have shifted from LABOR to MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS and their networks - KOCHS included.

Upping our addictions to oil money, oil politics, depressive economic responses - THIS IS NO CHANGE IN THINKING!!! It's all words - pap - disingenuous patronisations worth nothing to us. I am not depressed by it. I am motivated by the insult of it, though I am bedridden most of the day. I see the sad shape we're all going to be in, in the future, racing at us, and I'm acting like that time is already here. Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights!

And now, on the radio, I hear that old John McCain is reprimanding Obama for not standing up in support of democracy.  This, yet the latest salvo from the man who's politics is entirely based on personal spite and vendetta - (plus $$$, of course).  Is he, then, to be our leader.  Will he be the champion of our cause?  John frickin McCain?  AGAIN?!

Do you see much changed thinking these days, amongst the people around you? Amongst people in your neighbourhood? People in the news? Hardly. I see people locked in petty ego games. I see people reacting from a wealth of fears. I see people setting themselves up as authorities merely by spending other people's money, or recirculating other people's facts. I see rapacious wants purporting to be needs. I see gossip and celebrity infatuation and trivial wisdom and appearances and cowardly competition and revenge and greed and comfortably numb imperialism...

TeaBaggers trying to determine my morality, trying to fit a big-government straight-jacket on us all, speaking with forked tongues, paid for by sociopathic corporations. I see the hand of the KOCHS in the glove of government, and nobody seems to see a whit of relevance in HISTORY. There are eruptions of democracy in the Western and the Arabic worlds - but from need, from reaction to distress - the explosive preconditions remain. The economic pathologies remain. Every time you gain an inch of economic independence, Wall Street rushes in to make it a bubble, and then POP it, and return everyone to an even greater prison of paucity.

Food. The world needs food. Security. Health. Meanwhile, the economic system we have is inevitably spinning us out of control, towards famine and drought and war - fueled by these horrid philosophies of INFINITE "INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM" which are choking us all to hell. They are nothing but blank checks for the infinite greed of transnationals. What idiots. And those idiots walk and scream about, as if they know ALL THE ANSWERS, so all others be DAMNED. No, our thinking has hardly changed at all. En masse, en gross, in sum, if at all, it has mainly changed for the worse. And that is a damn shame - because there are brilliant souls shining amongst us, fighting against impending darkness - so salient, they are mainly seen not as beacons, but as targets.

Even while it is those folks who become the targets - blamed by society's failing motivation - failing righteousness - transferring the evils of the true threat or enemy, to the truest friends amongst them - playing, yet again, into DIVIDE-AND-CONQUER manipulations. How easy is it to judge these friends as being manipulators, absurd, insane, instead of confronting the insanity coming from above? "Chicken Little! Paranoid! Needy whiner! Loser! Liberal!"

And now, after the GOP in the Wisconsin Assembly sneakilly passed their version of Gov. Walker's "Budget Repair" (feed-the-rich) Bill, many protesters are losing their spunk - as if that one SYMBOLIC action means anything - as if we have lost anything. WE HAVE NOT! It means nothing! But, yet again, they are letting their feelings be manipulated by GOPs who are nothing but selfish, self-important, BASTARDS. Thus, again, they, as the Dems, allow themselves to be complicit in the cancer of backwards thinking - backwards feeling - that is throwing us headlong into poverty, and global destruction...

It's a Calvinist-sort-of view that, somehow, those with the most money, or those who can afford to shout loudest, with the greatest intransigence, are somehow MORE CORRECT - more favoured by God and by FATE - than we. I reject that crap. That is the same backwards, seductive ideology of radical Islam - and fascism. It only prepares us for a transfer of Middle Eastern conditions of hunger and constriction, and world inflation, to us. Just as global warming shifts drought upon what once were areas of unusually abundant snowfalls.

A new way of thinking requires that we see the bigger picture, and be able to think in terms of the wider CHAOS. We must be strange. We must be creative. We must be funny. We must calculate in a dream-like state. We must dare to approach each situation in an unusual way - just as Jesus and other sages offered astonishing PARADOX as answers to authoritarian interrogations. Through parables and irony, people walk away THINKING. DEFER to their them, do not convert!! And if they endanger you, or the future - shout them down with your greater morality! It is they who have no spines. Why else to they huddle in their riches?

Lead by example. Feel the significance of your being. In action. Expect not the same thing each time. Be not insane, be wise and misunderstood. Now is always BEGINNING - unknown.

Eat not the giant Salmon.

Well - this "PART TWO" post is mostly transitional to PART THREE...

As a result of my sleeping more cuz of the lithium, I had another dream, which I was able to remember. I dreamt of a great storm, or tornado, or bomb. And how I, and members of my family, dealt with it. I was struck by how the older people were dealing with things in arcain ways - not seeing the value of being able to GET A DIAL TONE on the phone; or by getting in each other's way, or resorting to bad habits and bickering. I saw how things were dealt with, during and post-apocalypse - how it played out personally.

I woke up, and "Coast-to-Coast" was in the background, talking about how-to grow mushrooms, raising chickens and rabbits and goats, etc., because this is how to live when our government finally collapses, and it's every man for himself. (Well, we'll sidestep the issue of JUST WHY THE GOVERNMENT MIGHT HAPPEN TO BE COLLAPSING, and get to the point. The woman being interviewed was named, I dunno-some weird name, and this name was also the name of something in my dream: We had a package from a farm which ships food in cooperation with other farms - and this was the name of their business. My dream had been a personal representation of everything that had been playing on the radio. I was dreaming the MEANING. Do you know what this MEANS?!

It means that, as I slept, I understood all the facts and information coming out of the radio, through time, even though none of it registered at all, or as such. That is absolutely incredible in itself. But, what is more important is that what DID register was my own interpretation - what all that information would mean to me, in an episodic, story form.

Somehow, my mind had stolen from time, and made the meaning mine. I had been able to somehow know all the incoming info, without awareness of it - and to interpret that into MEANING. This point is not only relevant to the discussion above, but to the even more amazing discussion to follow, in PART THREE. (There, I did it! On to other projects!...)

"In wildness is our preservation." - Thoreau

This little light of mine - I'm gonna let it shine!

PS - There is no reason the whole Wisc. State Capitol building needs to be closed merely for cleaning.  What we need is an INJUNCTION.  (On a Sunday?)  Anyone involved, please help get the idea rolling: email Jeremy via info@defendwisconsin.org and or the State Assembly persons!)

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