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I am the person who will destroy China.

10,000 protest in Madison

Thousands of public workers, local firemen, sheriff's workers, and citizens protested on Madison's Capitol Square today, protesting Governor Walker's attempt to end collective bargaining, and other rights, for public workers. In anticipation, the governor has activated the Wisconsin National Guard. For the first time in memory, the State Capitol was in lock-down, surrounded by State paramilitary.

Included in the Governor's planned cuts are PRISON GUARDS, many of whom are protesting - in GOP districts.

Seven members of the Green Bay Packers have signed on in support of the protesters, and the AFL-CIO. The Green Bay Packers are the only Municipally-owned major football team in the country. While I had held Green Bay to be representative of the TeaBaggers movement during the Superbowl, at least some of them are in full support of today's Progressive backlash. In addition, Madison firemen have split with the state's union, in support of the movement, receiving abu****t cheers and applause as they walked through the Square.

Meanwhile, President Obama awards the National Medal of Freedom to GEORGE HERBERT WALKER BUSH. And, meanwhile, RUSH LIMBAUGH threatens that, "We will 'GO EGYPT' on Obama if he doesn't dismantle Obamacare!"

During last week's Republican CPAC gathering, which received wide coverage in the press, it appeared that the strategy was to co-opt the Tarhir Square uprising, by peppering the convention with unconstrained cheers, jeers and boos, and other populist expressions - or mockeries...

For several years now, the primary tact of Republican think-tanks and strategists such as Rove, Luntz, Gingrich, etc., has been to co-opt any potential Progressive backlash in this country, while pockets were being picked by the $TRILLIONS$ by the Banksters and the War Machine, and conservatives began their mantra of making cuts to Social Security, Public Pensions, Unions and the poor, in return. By sinking the government, and blaming the expanding deficits on BIG GOVERNMENT ENTITLEMENTS, they intend to destroy government, and thus open up profits to the corporate rich by destroying regulation, environmental controls, and wage support.

Global corporations make a profit on Wall Street by spreading themselves out over India, China, etc., and so it is in their interest to drive down wages in this country, VIA THE U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE in WDC - they have nothing to lose, they have markets and profits elsewhere. WDC is controlled by the Chamber, and the Chamber has become controlled by global corporatists in China.

This is what I was warning of back in 2008, and earlier - this is the result.

For more on the Madison protests, catch THE ED SHOW tonight on msNBC - PRIMETIME!!! Feel free to repost the above. Add links wherever. NEW COMMUNITY: madison_fights It's unbelievable that this is happening in the home of FIGHTING BOB LAFOLET, the PROGRESSIVE movement, the first KINDERGARTEN, the first LABOR MOVEMENT, and so on. The Madison CAPITAL BUILDING has been THE MOST OPEN in the country! I walked straight through it at least twice a day just to cross downtown. Well - one small hope comes from DETROIT: As a result of the Obama assistance to GM, employees for General Motors are today RECEIVING BONUSES in their pay. THAT MONY GOES STRAIGHT BACK INTO THE ECONOMY, AND KEEPS US ALL HEALTHY, HAPPY AND CIVILIZED!

AND, perhaps another, a prominent member of THE CATO INSTITUTE recently spoke at the CPAC meeting, denouncing the insane Republican radio rhetoric as of late. (Goggle).


My dog made the weirdest noise. News at 11:00... dot dot dot dot...
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