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Movies, Wenches and Babes


OK - I'm at ABC w/ my laptop. I don't do internet w/ this 486, but I can transfer my word processing to a library computer. I am beginning to dislike going to the library so often. It bothers me. I like my little seat by the window here at ABC, except the sun is presently melting me and my laptop’s screen. It sucks.

I got here late again. One of those up-til-three-or-four nights.

I saw Pulp Fiction - FINALLY! (Every time I would tune in before, it was too late into the movie to watch it). Well, I did like it a lot, but I think it should only be a 3 or 3.5 movie. There were a number of "reality mistakes", first of all - like when Travolta turned around for the black magic marker, before he even looked where it was. Or Travolta washed his hands clean, but left blood on the towel – while he and the other guy were washed off in an instant when they got hosed-down. And the girl came to life right when the needle went in, though the adrenalin was never pumped. Etc. Pretty shabby for a 4 star movie.

Next, the characters IQ's kept changing, from way below 100 to way above 100.. And their dialogue was often contrived, transparently existing not as real conversation, but to move the story line along. Also shabby. Sometimes different characters talked similarly to each other, (i.e., to the author). And I don't know what the point was of going back and forth in time w/ the dif stories - unless if they strung them together as a continuous narrative, the plot and would just be too blasé and unfocused.

I understand all about motifs and recurrent symbolism, but can someone tell me why everything bad had to happen while John Travolta was in the John? I don't see any symbolism there. And it wasn't much of an omen-type device, for the audience's convenience, because we never knew Travolta was in the John before he got blow away. Dunno.

And was it pandering to have it "end" so Christian-like?

Well, I think Bruce Willis isn't that muscular to be a fighter, but he did have a nice ass in this movie, I must admit. However, the person I most liked was Travolta's cocaine snorting "date". That is the kind of girl I like, except maybe a little less self-destructive, and a little more shy. Was that Winona Rider - or WHO? I have no idea who I was drooling over! Anyway, I also saw the French movie, "Amelie", which was pleasantly non-boring for a French movie, although it had the same obsession with doors and windows. Well, that female character – mmm - if you mixed her with Travolta's date, then that would be the girl for me.... So this leads into the "What kind of girl do I like" entry, which I might post soon...

Well - about that lady yesterday who bumped into my coat, and said, "Excuse you."...

While we were sitting there, she got up and went to the desk, and said something, and then came back and sat down. It eventually occurred to me that she might have pulled a little more crap on me. I'm not being paranoid; I'm saying here is a hypothesis...

First of all, to put things in context, I've had females come up to me all nice, and start attacking me for no reason - because of some short-circuit in their brains - some learned habit of hating males, or such. For instance, the mad woman in the wheel chair, who came up to me at my bank, and started being real nice, and talking about how everyone is insensitive to people like her, she ends up charging at me in her wheel chair, saying, "I think you're over-stepping your bounds, young man!" Luckily, the teller called the police. And then, of course, there are several examples of girls doing the flirting thing, the staring, or such, and then suddenly getting nervous and running back and gossiping with their co-workers.

Anyway, the hypothesis is this: The woman who bumped into me suddenly got all paranoid that I, the typical Rockford male, would soon stalk her in revenge, so she went up to the desk, in a bit of PRE-EMPTIVE MORALITY, and told the librarian that I was bothering her. Well, of course I was showing no interest in her whatsoever - but the female thing to do is to play the victim anyway. I was totally minding my business, and my coat wasn’t in anyone’s way. I wasn’t making mean sounds or ANYTHING.

If this is what happened - and I'm almost sorry I didn't go up to the desk and ask what she had said - then it would be a perfect, crystal example of the weirdness I have been railing about in this town. I MEAN PERFECT! You know, how people step in, cause a problem for someone else, blame that person, and then spread gossip, which leads to nothing but a complete stifling of social trust, imagination, and change!

So, I'll be off to the fucking library now - after the post office...

Oh - my car is fucked - it is really reacting to the cold, and I've got to see if I can get it fixed pronto. If I only had all the $$$ I've spent on it, back when I bought it, I could have bought a better car. But not really. I'm in love with my car. I've got a feel for my automobile....


“UPDATE” – 12/22/04……………………..

Let’s think about this. What kind of girl do I like? Looking back on the three main girls I’ve crushed on…. What do they have in common?.....

1 – Quiet, not shy.

2 – Boy-crazy.

3 – Fab/Mod style.

4 – A somewhat Jewish personality.

5 – Laughs at my jokes.

6 – Likes to say brief, cute things like, “Yep!”

7 – Sexual energy, but Romantic.

8 – Intelligent.

9 – Has a natural grace.

10-Likes music.

11-Good at spatial things like music or math.

12-Quirky yet sociable.

13-Likes her dad.

14-Had a happy childhood.


16-When she talks, she talks fast. – not nervous



19-Creative Personality Disorder.



22-Not the jealous/gossipy/controlling type.

23 – Likes animals.

24 – Free-spirited.

25 – Shoulders are important.

26 – Bisexuality preferred.

27 – Open-minded.

28 – Ambitious/adventurous.

29 – Sweet.

30 – Is not aware that she is too good for me.

What doesn’t matter:

1 - Hair color – but it must be cool.

2 – If she has oatmeal on her chin.

3 - I can forgive a lot of faults, except necrophilia – that would make me paranoid.

And other stuff, found in my profile at American Singles.

And we both know about Amelie and the Pulp Fiction girl.

Funny thing – after I wrote the entry above, I drove behind a car w/ license plate:


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