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cuz, you know, the middle class CAUSED the problems...

Yay! The Patriot Act has been pushed back - for now! It lost the vote in the House for renewal, because Dennis Kucinich reminded the new Teabaggers that they "stood for SMALLER GOVERNMENT"! This is the first vote linking the interests of the Progressives and the Far-Right/libertarians, and this is EXACTLY what I've been wanting to see happen for years. It's NOT right-left, it's UP-DOWN! And the loss of the Dem bluedogs in the last election, the loss of moderate Republicans, the closing of Bill Clintons D.L.C. - these are all indications of two contesting trends: a war between the far left and far right, and/or a working together to dismantle rising corporatism, the flight of jobs, and the exploitation of the poor/middle-class. The main danger is in the Teabaggers being bought off, moreso, by the Koch's, America Works, and the brain-dead, greedy, imperial elites.

Speaking of which: ON THE LANGUAGE OF EMPIRE - a nice complement to a few of my posts... chris hedges http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/recognizing_the_language_of_tyranny_20110206/

btw - I've decided I'm not moving to Austin. Not the place for me. Some deranged people there, and TX is dismantling it's social programmes. Nothing but trouble ahead there. And AZ and NM also don't look good, w/ their GOP Governors. Too bad, cuz Tucson and Sante Fe are pretty nice places. I think a little social movement might come out of Tucson, nevertheless. it's like a bubble in a pressure-cooker.
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