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I am the person who will destroy China.


Well-cooked soybeans are slightly sweet. I was having some, and added some plain Danaan Yogurt - and the result was kinda like ice cream. I love inventing old tastes from new ingredients.

I thought I'd mention a few things I do with veggies, to extend their freshness. The first pointer is to always chop off veggies from the top - not from the root. They're still wanting to grow. And so, it also helps to have moisture in with them, but not so as to drown them. If you can keep veggies on the vine, good. Tomatoes, and then onions, don't need to be too cold. Cabbage, and then carrots, keep forever and can tolerate more cold. So do beets with their tops, but they shouldn't be too cold, and their tops should breath. Avacados and potatoes should not be refrigerated, (and onions can do w/o refrigeration). Nor should bananas, of course. Carrots in the freezer are a big mistake.

My veggies don't go at the top of the fridge, cuz if they freeze, they die, meaning they wilt. Unless you eat them while frozen, which is no good. Unless you cook them. But still, freezing makes veggies less crisp, although slightly more digestible.

Veggies at the very bottom of the fridge isn't essential. Also, I find that keeping them in drawers down there is also not that important. Drawers modulate temp., but keep air stale. So, I just took out the bottom drawers and that gives me more room.

To keep things like salad or spinach fresh, I toss them about every so often, so the leaves change positions, and don't choke and wilt. Veggies need air, not to be closed up in bags. But oxygen isn't great for them. I tke the veggies in bags, and simply blow into the bags, filling them up with CO2, and then I close the bag. That's possibly the best thing I do with veggies other than eat them. When eating veggies, it's usually best to use your mouth. The end.

Economy: Here's some irony for you... The economy does BETTER because the nation is paralysed by a snow storm. Because the number of people out looking for jobs goes down. Wall Street sees the "unemployment" rate go down and says YAY. Wall Street also says YAY when companies in China, who took our jobs, make a profit and send their taxes to the Chinese government. Wall Street also says YAY when there are lots of starving mouths driving the price of grain up. And Wall Street says YAY when a tiny UPPER CLASS, smaller though it may get, has so much money that it has nothing better to do than to throw its money into gambling up the price of food, etc., even further. And Wall Street says YAY when PONZI schemes, and the GDP - which is partly, (MORE & MORE), based on money spent on CATASTROPHE - increase.

Wall Street says YAY when our jobs fly overseas, and Wall Street says yay when those POOR overseas workers are replaced with robots.

Wall Street says YAY wherever there is any opportunity for investment money to create bubbles, which drive money out of the middle class and up to the top 2%

Wall Street says YAY when money created out of thin air is loaned to the government, charging interest, and dumped into banks as "Quantitative Easing", stimulating some ephemeral activity, and prodding inflation to increase, because inflation supposedly means increased productivity and consumption. Meanwhile the U.S. deficit increases.

And Wall Street says YAY for war.

So, when they say the economy is improving, based on what Wall Street says, be very concerned. What they may really be saying is that Climate Change is eating us for lunch.

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