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I am the person who will destroy China.

"Win The Future!" - (EGYPT, Part 3.5)

One thing I will remember about this whole Egypt thing is the CNN guy who went on air and announced the BREAKING NEWS BULLETIN: "Dot, dot, dot, dot... Yes, it is OFFICIAL, President Mubarek is expected to ANNOUNCE that he WILL INDEED NOT be seeking re-election in September! This is a historic statement from the President of Egypt tonight... dot dot dot..."


The guy was only telling us what we officially "wanted to hear". Setting up Mubarek as making these monumentally fair gestures, and setting up the protesters as being completely unfair and irrational, should they - for some insane reason - actually reject Mubarek's plan. Come on!

And Obama and Clinton didn't know what they were doing. Obama never listens to the Progressives. But, this time, even if he did, he would have been encouraged to keep going along his cake-and-eat diplomacy of ambiguation. While we looked on, watching the peaceful protestors, and basically said to ourselves, "Oh look! How cute! They're being all peaceful! Surely they will maturely accept the Western plan for waiting until September for a change that will never come!"

Well, Obama blew it. He put faith in Mubarek's "better nature", while all the while Mubarek was planning to bring down Martial control with a vengeance. Mubarek OUTSMARTED Obama, and here we now have mass violence - an excuse to blame the victims and invoke a state of Siege, in league with the West.

I mentioned that the protesters were already somewhat anti-west - though not radically Moslem. And they would move MORE anti-west is violence was provoked. Now, it just fills me with heartbreak to hear Clinton up there denouncing the protesters for attacking Foreign Journalists. The military had to usher them away to safety. And now, apparently, the PRO-MUBAREK gang - who also include paid criminals released from the prisons - is arresting journalists as well. The LATTER is the problem, not the former!

The true protesters OF COURSE hate journalists now - see them as spies - because they've put up with a straight-jacket of SECRET POLICE for decades. They feel BETRAYED again ... They've seen the west collude with Mubarek to support Israel in Gaza, and so on. They want it to end. The whole point is that they don't want the same old bullshit! And now, Hillary is, predictably, blaming the protesters, because their violence is a breach of "international law"!

This violence could be extinguished by one amazing act of geopolitical diplomacy. If Obama and Mubarek were to allow ISRAEL in to drop food and supplies to the protesters on the square, with a few Egyptian planes pretending to gun at them, this violence would dissipate in a day. IF MUBAREK AND HIS GOONS BACKED OFF!

But that's never been the plan. It all is such a saddening disgrace. The militant corporatists win out again.

Crashing bores! Thank GOD the protesters DID spend a week in NONVIOLENCE because only through that will a number of people be able to perceive the TRUTH of what is happening here - and now. All they wanted was food for their families. What could be simpler than that?!

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