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Here's my beef!

Well - I finally saw the Horse Whisperer. I knew all about the REAL guy before the book even came out. I love that stuff - talking to animals. I experienced it for real with my last doggie. But the movie - hey - it was way too fictional/contrived - even though I loved that too. But I could have watched just the man/horse stuff for three hours.

Now I'll rate a few movies, and add them to my list in my bio, where they can be compared to others...

Diary of Anne Frank (old version) - 10
Horse-Whisperer - 8
Hero - 7.5
Pulp Fiction - 7.5
Closer - 7

hmmm - I had a lot more but I forgot.

My lawyer just referred me to a lawyer... (re: student loans)

The fencing guy left a message saying he had "some information" - which means he doesn't want to charge $550 but $600, even though I scaled back the job a little. Well - I asked him to get the job done SOON, and he didn't. So, what ever happenned to the concept of "business".

Um - this Carrie thing is like jock itch right now. I don't feel like going into it much, because it has other considerations. (Part of them have to do with Meg's). One thing is, I made such a cool exit from the ERC, I might just stay away and preserve a reputation as an odd, perplexing BAD BOY... And etc. But then I just dunno. Mr. Anderson wanted me to date her, if that isn't sweet. What I'll do is write it all up in story form some time.

And there's a 25% chance that I'm wrong...

But I'm thinking maybe write to Jodi Erickson of Meg's, and address the Lindsay issue. See, she has it in her head that she'll marry a Cubbie one day, and in the mean time, she feels she has the moral right to criticise everyone and their relationships, esp. if she is jealous of them. Well, from day one she's been so sweetly gossipping and back-stabbing me, because she didn't like how nice I was to people. This is stupid.... She'll be part of the story...

Went to County. They want $50 just so I can file my reregistration and change-of-registered-agent. So I'll leave it til next year.

I've been irksome lately, bothered by every little thing - like - WHY CAN'T PEOPLE DO THE SIMPLEST THINGS IN A RATIONAL PRACTICAL MANNER!!!????!!!! But I think this might be because I'm eating too much beef. I hate eating beef, and I keep saying, "Stop buying beef! Stop buying chicken! Stop buying sugar and fat!!!!" But no one listens. I mean - it's also about MY HEALTH! So - beef enchiladas, beef burritos, beef soup. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus ate fish!


Little old lady walks by my car... looking in while I'm sitting there. Looking at my husky doll. "That dog... it looks real!!!"

Oh - my car doesn't seem to stall when it's manually shifted into 2nd. SO maybe it IS the tranny.

uuga boomp

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