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I am the person who will destroy China.

Mubarek! Take a Walk Like An Egyptian!

Bill Press is a pretty good Progressive talker. He has a nice, enjoyable show from WDC. And he has tonnes of inside connections there. But, like many Progressives, he's something of a wishful thinker - and yet he also too-often errs on the side of the Moderate Dems. His view on Obama and Egypt is that Obama is carefully walking a tight-rope between supporting the Egyptian protesters and supporting Mubarek - "but if you read between the lines, clearly Obama is on the side of the people". FAIL!

That isn't what's going on at all. Yes, Obama is walking a tightrope, which is better than bombing the pyramids, but if you read between the lines, HE IS ON THE SIDE OF MUBAREK. He is patronising the people, hedging his bets, and he is advising Mubarek - e.g., to put in National Security peeps into VP and Cabinet positions. Bill Press says he HOPES that Obama is secretly advising Mubarek to STEP DOWN ALREADY. No - Obama is secretly advising Mubarek to MANAGE the protests, coopt them, protect oil interests, etc. - and Hillary Clinton is right in there playing this hand, adhering to decades of Neoliberal "Realpolitiks" strategy. The U.S. strategy in the Middle East is vast and complex, but it wants to keep it's dependable oligarchs in power. It is astonishing to me that anyone who has been studying Obama's entire politics and methodology, could conclude otherwise. What fops they make Progressives appear, and what hypocrites they easily paint Liberals in far-right talkers' eyes.

Past decades of U.S. policy has assumed that either we have friendly oligarchs installed in the Middle East, or else dangerously radical Moslem tyrants will take over. But Egypt isn't black and white. The people there want to get out from under the thumbs of BOTH the West AND the Religious fundamentalists. Just like most americans, they want to be free from both church and state, both right and left, both East and West. AND THEY WANT NO MORE OF THE SAME DOUBLESPEAK EITHER FROM OBAMA OR THEIR LEADERS. They want the bully retards and BS-ers OUT of control, every which way! They just want to live a life which is not a sieve for the rich or powerful or militant. They want a hand in being helped to crawl out of the sieve and onto solid ground. THEY want to be the religious or secular authorities IN THEIR OWN LIVES. They want jobs and food and respect and hope and a future with meaning.

I, on the other hand, would be happy with a big bag of cheese puffs.

Politician, can you listen
To yourself for just once in your life?
Because of something you said,
Teen soldiers are dead,
Because of money you saved,
Seniors are in their graves.
  - Morrissey, "Shame is the name"
Oh - another thing... When they changed the U.S. currency over to BIG FACES, were they trying to make it so that the WHITE MALE founding fathers appeared more important - more powerful - more great? Nah - they COULDN'T be THAT devious. But they are. I've noticed a consistent introduction of ENGLISH people into prominent media positions, TV, movies, etc. Why? Largely, because people in power, like Murdoch, the Kochs, the Waltons, the Hunts, the U.S.C.o.C., the GOPS, the Episcopalian BUSH's, the See-eye-aye splinter cabal, the think-tanks - they are coordinating the elevation of people with English accents and manners into prominent positions in order to convey the idea - whilst they otherwise pit minorities and parties against each other - that our society must see OUR ENGLISH HERITAGE as the true and final authority. Look to the English! Look to the London/NY Banksters! Look to England, who secretly won the REAL battle of 1812! All you good Irishmen - what you really need is to kiss English ass again! I love England, but yo - this is real bullshit going on, and...

Who's going to play the next SUPERMAN? An Englishman, of course. Can you believe it?

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