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Sunday Morning Roster

Posted on 2011.01.30 at 08:47
Has anyone had trouble logging in to LJ - I couldn't log in for the past half-hour. (Maybe DOUBLECLICK was interfering?). NOTE: I see that I was successfully logged in, but I kept getting the info for someone who was logged out).

Yesterday's post was positively Byzantine. So, when I do a brief PART 2, later, I'll include a tiny re-cap which will clarify what I was trying to get at.

This week is the Oscars! I don't know enough about the movies this year, tho. BUT - what about THE "WOODIES?" Environmental movies - if possible, check out the SHORT, ("The Ancient Forests", Greenpeace UK), where bulldozers take down the house of a family watching Sharks on the Discovery channel... http://www.jhfestival.org/forestfestival/index.htm, (tune into "L.O.E.", great NPR show: http://www.loe.org/where/where.htm).

If you really don't know much about (USA) politics, I thought this radio programme aired a nice understandable summary of recent politics - check it out HERE. (Also this week: "The New Homeless" and "Just Say “No”: Why its so hard for women"). Also see the books: "HERDING DONKEYS"; and the recent book by RICHARD WOLFFE.  Rachel Maddow's recent bit about "The President's" (EISENHOWER'S) Speech was also very revealing - that might be HERE or HERE.

Not many people went to my brds_and_fishes link, so let me emphasize!... There is a claim that the BP oil spill has STOPPED the North Atlantic GULF STREAM - and this will result in an ICE AGE for Europe. And yes, since that claim, there have many deaths, off shore of New England / Atlantic States, of manatees and other species, due to COLD shock. So, I urge everyone to go: HERE !!!

And, if you are concerned about the BP oil Catastrophe; the continuing effects of all oil disasters, and the trouble with oil companies, then please join new community bp_oil_oil_oil .

And, another new community, concerning the coming global food crisis: 123_food_4_food . I'm not crazy about the name, (but it's easy to spot on your profile page). Maybe you can suggest a better name. "food_food_food" was already taken... rrrrr!

Also, this morning means 2 great radio programmes: http://www.ttbook.org, (addiction; graphic art; john waters; religion & science, more), and http://www.onbeing.org, (meditation/stress) ... (Airing on WPR and NPR.  - (And, This American Life aired an interesting bit about an American who lost his memory in India).

I finally placed my order with http://www.mygofer.com - and even THAT took about an hour. Then I found that 1 - they don't delivery here anymore, and 2 - they added a delivery charge of $9. I placed the order anyway, and am going to call about it soon. It included a black $5 fedora.

I hope the order works - cuz it's a good relief to now be able to move on to other projects!!!!!


lifelike_angel at 2011-01-30 16:53 (UTC) (Lien)
Thanks for the add by the way, you enter into a turbulent part of my life, but tis appreciated ^^ Also: dayumn you sure seem on top of things O_o all those groups... looks like a lot of work :P
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2011-01-31 00:16 (UTC) (Lien)
hey - sorry -i hope things work out - i appreciate the add as well

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