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NEFARIOUS - What is it?

Nafarious - what is it? Nafarious is extreme evil or notoriety which sneaks about and acts vicariously. To us, the observers, it looks like some kind of odour. It stinks like a smothering little fart. It is preceded by by it's own staleness, announcing it's own arrival inadvertently. And so, poor Nefarious, walking into a room full of scrunched-up, disdainful faces, what's it gonna do but reactive defensively - irritatingly - nefariously?...

...Thinking people hang up on him not because he is an ogre, but because he always breaths loudly into the phone - irritatingly - seemingly passive-aggressively - nefariously? Nefarious, like most screwed-up people, simply doesn't have a clue. And like The Village Idiot, who was raised by a metallic mother instead of an experimental sock-monkey, may be convinced that the proper way to act in society is rudely and destructively, although in a more sheepish, nefarious manner.

We all know what a nefarious character is. He or she simply emits some kind of spiritual STANK, bespeaking any number of underhanded schemes or lascivious inclinations. Although half us us are incorrect, we know it when we smell it. I am going to discard the term "nefarious character" because it is somewhat subjective, and use the term "nefarious agent" to suggest a more objective look not at what Nefarious seems like, but how Nefarious acts without being observed - or caught.

I have written recently that MANY people are capable of great evils, when they harbour primate vendettas and believe they can't get caught. Well, nefarious agents are similar to this, except that their own anti-social habits and life-styles sort of permit their more continuous, low-grade evil, hidden in plain view. Nevertheless, they may be capable of greater crimes in secret, as well, being somewhat sociopathic.

What is a "nefarious agent"? He or she is comparable to WHEEDLERS (sic) - http://madman101.livejournal.com/806092.html - except that they tend to be less outgoing and socially-adept. They are less gregarious or extroverted, and tend MORE to serve some kind of a master, whether that be a real person or company, or some dysfunctional authority/sibling structure or ideology constructed in their otherwise clueless heads. Such a structure may be explained or rationalised as some fundamentalist version of libertarianism, feminism, social activism, religion, communism, etc. But, in fact, the ideology of the nefarious agent is always full of holes - inconsistencies and personal contradictions in reality.

Are Nefarious Agents bullies (sic)? Even though they are often secretly sadist, sometimes masochist, Nefarious Agents are generally not bullies in society. They have a kind of social sophistication and/or meekness compared to bullies. The diabolical evil of Nefarious Agents always seeks to occur under a cloak of secrecy. Nefarious Agents are capable of as-great, or greater, evils as bullies, however.

Are Nefarious Agents Little Baby Bastard Bosses (sic)? It is possible - although most potentially-LBBB Nefarious Agents remain POTENTIALLY so.

Are Nefarious Agents wheedlers? As I said, wheedlers are a little more gregarious. (But not so much as LBBBs or bullies). However, the two types do share a number of traits.

Nefarious Agents tend to have psychologies complicated by personal belief systems that keep them stuck in their habits and behaviour. If they move in one more "successful" direction, some behaviour will arise to self-punish them, and pull them back... AND VICE VERSA. Momentary successes of their nefariousness within society are the main problem for us, the 5 psychologically healthy people on Earth.

Are Nefarious Agents narcissists (sic)? Yes, very often they may be. And they may inhabit clerical-type positions in Churches, law, government, finance, etc., where their small title and their insulation can be used to feed their narcissism. They may generate stories painting themselves as overly-needed, overly-good, and overly-awesome. They may attract weak or innocent people who praise their awesomeness, and then turn on them when the spigot is turned off.

Are Nefarious Agents narcissism-enablers? Yes, they can be - living as proxy narcissists. In love, it is important to, at some point, determine how much is real and healthy and useful love, and how much is a narcissism/enabler relationship. Even if one is not a narcissist, it can be pleasant to have an adoring narcissism-enabler around. But narcissism-enablers are, in my experience, known to be unreliable, fatuous and ultimately fickle - narcissist-wanna-be's living vicarious through the praise they bestow on others.

Name some types of Nefarious Agents... Pedophiles are the most obvious Nefarious Agents. And you will see that may of the traits described above are applicable to pedophile priests. Less gregarious than wheedlers, they do not insert themselves into social arrangements in an obviously controllaholic way, but feed passively off of the narcissistic-enabling of children. A more gregarious example of the Nefarious Agent may be the corrupt cop, who may also be a LBBB or bully. These two criminals are FUNCTIONARIES (agents) of some higher bureaucracy, which their dysfunctional personal belief systems exploit and corrupt into complete personal hypocrisies.

Vandals are another good example of Nefarious Agents. Contrarian gossippers MAY be another example. Vampires are the ultimate example. Hackers are another. Five guys on the Supreme Court, or the "U.S. Chamber of Commerce", are others. They are all up to something extremely wicked - but behind masks.

Nefarious Agents MAY also be SOME politicians, pimps, salesmen, serial-killers, sex addicts, alcoholics... but mostly just odious, passive-aggressive characters. Nefarious Agents may also be non-humans - they may be some animals, infectious agents, altered states, sleep-walking, death-wishes, propaganda, and more. I am describing a very general concept here. All Nefarious Agents contain a few traits in common, most prominently: an oblique parasitic opportunism towards complete control or destruction, often using enticing or Ju-Jitsu-like means.

Part 2 coming later... (And, sorry, the whole discussion of "Evil" is too massive to get into any time soon).
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