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* - galaxy

The milk is spoilt and so are we...

Posted on 2004.12.21 at 12:31
Humeur actuelle: tiredtired
Musique actuelle: Pixies, Flogging Molly, Depeche Mode, etc.
Yo - I thought I was off to a good start, but me so tired again. And here are all these interesting posts from friends that I want to read, but just can't right now. It would be a disservice - and who knows how I might comment.... It's like I'm on the rag....

My car is freaking me out. Before it decides to stall, it starts shaking violently. I mean - like - sorry you're cold - but it's not THAT cold!

So, I'll be off to the County Clerk to file my non-profit reregistration. Then I'll be at MAry's at CV, and then off to deal with getting documents together so I can eventually get property taxes back form the County.

I'm not in the mood to run into Catherine. ::fingers crossed::

Which reminds me - I'm pretty sure Carrie was crying about "me" - so, more about that saga later...

And, I LOVE WINTER!!!!!!!!!! Esp. JANUARY!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE THAT'S WHEN I WRITE LIKE A MADMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy shortest day of the year - the TRUE Christmas!

........ oh.........http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv

also: add_me_lovely(?????????????????)

and that mix music thing from nocheapthrill.... what was that?!?!??!?

Uh - if you like:

Pirate Music
Irish mx

Then you'll like Flogging Molly, who like to sing about milk. I esp. like song #3 on Within A Mile From Home.

Did you know word "Cajun" is derived from "Acadian" - the area/music in Nova Scotia, where old pirate/celtic music also has survived and evolved in wonderful ways. E.g., Natalie MacMasters. She's way hot.


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