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shooter - 3 - "What are words for?"...

Posted on 2011.01.12 at 18:14
People can't hear you because they are all so consumed by wanting life to go their way.

Thom Hartmann has been discussing a key meme from the O'Sara Bin Palin video, which is that we Americans are SPECIAL - EXCEPTIONAL! - So exceptional, in fact, that we don't have to learn from anyone or anything - we don't have to listen - we have, what I've called, the divine RIGHT TO BE WRONG. And, being wrong is something of a fad, today.

Americans are so exceptional that we don't have to listen to talk rhetoric, we don't have to listen to government, we don't have to believe in the consequences of our words - so long as the so-called EVIL are punished FOR THEIR OWN ACTIONS. THEY must take responsibility, but WE may not! We are special! Only the evil must be punished. I.e., reasonable people, liberals, people who call for mental health hospitals, you know.

There are conspiracies. It is possible that FDR was assassinated. That Truman was FORCED to usher in the NSA, and the National Security State. That NIXON was the favoured agent of this State - but was undermined by CIA offshoots gone corrupt - served by the Bush's, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the Koch's and Hunts and Luntz, and the Heritage Foundation. (Look up the Bush family, or read "Family of Secrets", and see the connections to the German NAZIs).

And it's likely that they have all been played by a NAZIesque elite, with abundant imports from the Third Reich. There are old NAZI's and new NAZI's - but there are also some Zionists, some Kremlin intelligence agents, some Chinese agents, some British Banksters, some Rothschilds and Rockerfellers - the CFR and the Bilderbergs - Masons and WASPS from Scotland and pro-Vaticans - but, mostly, old money and BANKSTERS.

There are, and have been, THOUSANDS - perhaps millions - of people, colluding together, day-to-day, planning, operating, executing, every one on everyone else's corporate boards, world-wide. E.g., The "U.S." Chamber of Commerce. They're fundamentally the same machine that puppetted Hitler, and got us into WWII, to make money from our war machine. It's pretty much a given, as far as I'm concerned.

Interesting that they not only play the poor and white-trash Right through labels and abstractions like LIBERTY, and BLOOD LIBEL, and CHRISTIAN EXCEPTIONALISM, and ANTI-SEMITISM, and FREE-MARKETS, and NO TAXES, when these are words that they themselves espouse, and which mainly only benefit THEIR class. And yet which they flout in their vast hypocrisies.

Interesting that the poor white-trash Right take these labels and abstractions so seriously. ALTHOUGH: A few of them find out, through their own pathologies of unfortunate HYPOCRISIES, (assisted by all things ATF), as well as poverty and inconsistent religious morality, - a few of them discover, just as their bosses have known forever, that words are BULLSHIT. At least, according to all they believe - self, control, privilege, etc...

So, the lower class right-wingers have always been strangely allied with this moneyed NAZIesque conspiracy - the Authoritarians - even though to do so keeps them poor and ignorant. But, it's been going on since the beginning of civilisation: The Banksters, (money-changers), who ultimately are amoral, if not Satanic, rule the religious and political classes, who obediently manipulate and exploit the poor. A primary way of this is via dividing and turning minorities against each other.

Another way of doing this is through bullshit words. So, an ultimate point of this post is that the people who were writing Sarah Palin's speech KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING. So - you know enough by now, to take this thought further, and think about it for yourselves.

Next: the Tucson shooter, schitzo, on Sativa, fairly right-wing, went up to his government Representative and asked, "If words mean nothing, then what is government?"

Well, apperantly the words in her answer were a huge disappointment to him. In fact, they conveyed such MEANING to him, that somehow he felt that they justified HIS response to her later: to come back and shoot her in the head. The hypocrisy is infinite.

He was one of the few right-wingers, who are growing rapidly in numbers, who believed that words are BULLSHIT, and therefore, YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT in advancing your causes, no matter the consequences, just like Limbaugh, Beck, Savitch, Hannity, O'Riley, Levin, AND SARAH PALIN.

Why? Simply because, "WE ARE SPECIAL!" And THAT'S what words are for, as far as they see it. "WE ARE SPECIAL," and anyone who questions this is making us into VICTIMS! Even while we persecute the Jews, it is WE who are like unto the Jewish VICTIMS of genocide through the ages!" This is referred to, in rhetoric, as bait-and switch. This is referred to, in psychology, as "Reaction-Conversion". And, this is referred to, in the animal world, as, "Eating your PREY". Amen.

Reagan was converted, wasn't he? (Once a staunch Liberal, he was frightened and cajolled into becoming an obediently revolutionary Republican. That would have been the BUSH crowd, (CIA corrupt offshoot), pulling the strings. Going so far to stage an apparent assassination attempt on him, to keep him in line).

Reaction-conversion on a personal level betrays the hypocrisies of the wider society, ESPECIALLY of the controlling elites. Since they are anti-rational and anti-justice, they REQUIRE hypocracy and mental illness from others. So, Reagan, thereafter, preached to America about the, "Shining City on a Hill".

"A thousand points of light!"

"We are SPECIAL!"

Well, Sarah Palin is a convert, too. She comes from the white-trash right, essentially. And she adheres to the same labels and abstractions. But her main "conversion" has been in dollars, "selling her soul" for wealth, and even for the presidency.

All of this right-left rhetoric - it is greatly manufactured - by the elites. And they have written Sarah Palin's speech. And, therein, they convert the shooting of a Jewish Congresswoman into Jewish "blood libel" - and into Sarah Palin being the victim.

But Sarah Palin is merely a FRONT. She doesn't know, or care, what she is reading. Her truth or consequences are held in the hands of the almighty. Or, she's an idiot. But, she's a front, like Christine O'Donnell, and she means to tell us, happilly, that, "You are ME!" - So, let's just go along with all this BULLSHIT and CORRUPTION and MISDIRECTION and DYSFUNCTION and DECLINE. Because the NAZI elites - I mean WE - are SPECIAL!

(We always hurt the ones we love)...

Frank Luntz was a GOP political schemer around the 70's-90's. He selected words for GOP campaigners to use in their speeches and commercials, associating liberals with everything evil, nasty and bad. You can goggle about all that. It's part of what got us here.

Then of course, there have been all these vapid labels and abstractions espoused by religious fundamentalists in this country. Ultimately, they have all proved themselves to be ruses - excuses - ploys... BULLSHIT.

And, well, who put the ideas into the Tucson shooter's mentally-ill, reaction-conversion, head, that words were meaningless bullshit? A conservative ideo-preacher, David Wynn Miller.

SO - I want to go back to some things I said in my post, "ON THE DECLINE OF EMPIRE - PART 2".  You see if they are not relevant now...

On the other hand, ya got this warping of words and language... Buzz words, talking points, red flags, labels, ideals... These are used to rationalise the violence - and all manner of abuse.

People become more and more ambiguated - coerced by gossip, by the fear of judgment, by the fear of losing one's home, by divided interests and alliances... There are people's fingers in their private lives, they are out to invade someone else's privacy, they are getting into fights to defend boundaries.... In is out, out is in, down is up, up is down... There's no clear logic. People are frazzled by having to deal with other people who's attention-spans have been filed down to bare bone by TV, video games, impatient diabetic children, alcohol, competitive relatives, everyone fighting for attention, for the last word, for a buck... Everybody fears the bad economy, and so their fear is shifted to the Moslems, and then the Blacks, and then the Hispanics, and then to themselves... Anger is seething, seeking a rational target, failing... They want to seek out reasons to lash out, to act out, to fight back... Of COURSE they're going to want to fall back on the easy words offered by the Fundamentalists: "Liberty" means either you kick ass, or your ass gets kicked. "American" means either you support the war, or you get hunted down.

Are you a Fundamentalist now? Has the fun in your life turned mental? Is that chair over there telling you to mug some dufus? No! Chairs can't talk! What is that cat saying? No! It's not that cat. Is your hand telling you to squeeze a trigger?! No! None of them are allowed to talk to you. But GOD can talk to you! God cannot be disproved - he's better even than a talking chair! He's nothing but a word! Which means whatever you want it to mean! Like "Liberty" or "America"! These WORDS are telling you what to do - whom to target! These mumbly words from your own schitzophrenic lips. They are only words - the only words left, in a sea of cognitive dissonance, unreason, untrustworthy politicians, and paranoia. They are jam-packed with powerful meaning - like the buzzer triggering Pavlov's dogs to run for meat!

We feel uncomfortable! SO: Hey, let's take INVADING PRIVACY to the ultimate extreme! Let's insult another's honour, his dignity, his self-respect! Let's expose him as a subversive! Let's paint his internal, never-ending pain and disability as A DIABOLICAL PLOT TO DESTROY US. Let's colour the GAY BOY Satanic - he's trying to destroy our children! Let's demand papers from the BROWN PEOPLE - cuz if they're not guilty, then WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF? AFRAID! EVERYONE BE VERY AFRAID! Pot-smokers! Same-sex couples! Socialist Liberals! Jews! Because we're invading the walls of your town, and we're invading your right to be in peace, and we're hauling you off to the MIDDLE EAST - and we're INVADING THE PRIVACY OF OTHER COUNTRIES - We're invading so much fricken privacy that it can only be counted in the MILLIONS OF LIVES!!! And we'll blame it all on the Liberals!

See what I'm talking about? And what gives permission to these crimes? Words. Idiot, meaningless words. Completely detached from rationality.

What? Let's chop this guys legs off because why? Because YELLOW!

Here, let's string up this fag, because OSTRICH!

Hey, hey, hey, it's CAN OPENER, so let's all together beat up this homeless guy!

And, why sir, did you and your army march into the Polish town and massacre all it's residents?

Because... um... Because HITLER!

Why don't we remember the killings by the Southerner who shot down all those school-children? He was attacking LIBERALS, (as usual), and there were books of O'Riley and Limbaugh, and so on, found in his car. Why don't we remember? Because the news and info has been EXPUNGED. The words have been erased. The history has been written over. This is happening all the time. The truth is being re-written to support radical conservative and NAZI elite causes and interests. Just like Palin taking down her GUN-SITES campaign ad, on her website, only after the shooting.

They habitually turn words into bullshit. Perhaps it's even why we have no idea who Shakespeare really was. He was a liberal. He was describing the human condition. He was warning, "NEITHER A BORROWER NOR A LENDER BE..." But he was only allowed that, BECAUSE HE WAS MERELY "PLAYING".

The REAL LIFE ACTORS did what they could to snuff him out.

Fox News Reports No Link Between Matches, Gasoline and Fire:

NEW YORK (http://www.borowitzreport.com/) – The Fox News Channel today attempted to bust what it called a “mainstream media myth” by reporting that there was no link between matches, gasoline and fire.

“Gasoline and matches don’t start fires,” said Fox host Glenn Beck. “People start fires.”

Mr. Beck went on to say that there was no link between “oxygen, hydrogen and water.”

Elsewhere, Verizon trumpeted its new iPhone, announcing, “For the first time, consumers will have a choice of which wireless carrier drops their calls.”

"Oh, man! Do Jews really DO that, man?!"

"Part 2: David Icke, The Lizards and The Jews: Jon Ronson follows David Icke as he promotes his theory that "the elite are genetically descended from a race of 12-foot, blood-drinking, shape-shifting lizards". During the film Icke is accused in Canada of antisemitism. Ronson questions whether Icke literally means lizards, as he steadfastly maintains or whether the reptilians are a coded reference to Jews, which Icke denies adamantly. At the end of the documentary, it is shown that one of the members of the Anarchist organization who is used as a main presenter of the idea that David Icke is an anti-semite finally reads the book written by David and admits himself that David Icke obviously means Reptiles and can't justly be claimed as an anti-semite." - Another one of the shooter's hero's, Left-to-Right ideo-preacher, David Icke.

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