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shooter - part 2

(Liberal) Society is to Blame

In a state full of guns, where a pro-gun Congresswoman is gunned down by an anti-government gun fanatic, with clips capable of killing many people, made legal by a Republican president, in a country where the mental hospitals were all closed down by Reagan, tell me: Where were all those guns supposedly able to STOP this crime? No, see cuz fear doesn't work in the real world. Guns are carried by cowards, and the first instincts of cowards is to run. Men who think that their fear of a few little Moslem women in shawls far outweighs the fear of normal customers and families at Starbucks, upon seeing a big red-necked white guy walk in with a gun strapped to his waist, they are selfish cowards.

And so is someone who would shoot someone he doesn't even know, over some broken jumble of words and ideology in his head - he's so afraid he is insane.

In a state full of belligerent, far-right-wing radio; with a Governor pushing a law to arrest people for being brown; and a senator who bites anyone who makes him jealous, and pals around with a VP candidate who is nothing but a walking revolver - Swivel Head - where a DEMOCRAT is gunned down, (who is also Jewish and pro-gay), who do you think is holding the gun? A LIBERAL?!?!?

Yes, according to the instant right-wing knee-jerk reaction to the whole tragedy.

Everywhere, they are painting the gunman as a LIBERAL freak. And therefore, let the rhetoric and the hatred ring!  "I knew, the moment I heard about the shooting, that the press was going to make the shooter out to be a TEA-PARTY TRUTHER!!" But it is always THEIR fear painting the lies, setting the agendae. They have been programmed from childhood, from some moment of great fear, to live a mentality of denial. And blame. The more you talk truth to them, the more vehemently they must foist off their shame. Lie.  Deny.  Blame.  Even if it comes to bullets.

Black and white, left and right, day and night - leaves nothing but doubt and fright. Fight or flight. Paint a world in these colours, and everyone outside of the family becomes the enemy, pressing to collapse inwards upon your life.  Every doubt is a death-threat.

Then, there is the necessary little problem of HYPOCRISY - invoked not only by the demands of LOGIC, or of ethics or compassion, but of their own psychological needs. Controllers must secretly submit... Sadists must fall masochistically. The righteous must perish in their own pyre of sinfulness.

It's like, what else is left, on a two-dimensional board of Monopoly, or what have you? To make so INTENSE, nothing but a board game, instead of life, what else is left but to throw that pathetic game into disarray, just to relieve the boredom?! Not realising you are killing people in the process?... What difference would that make to a sociopath? Sad, sad, sociopath.

And, here's something: "The shooter wasn't a 'terrorist'". Because the shooter was a white male, on the right. Oh, but no, the shooter was a deranged satan-worshipper, if they can paint him to the left. If he's on the right, well, then, what he did "Was his own fault", having nothing to do with hate rhetoric, "So don't curb our free speech!" But if they paint him to the left, then he's part of a great conspiracy of the "liberal media", Obama, and so forth.

And if he's CRAZY? Well, if he's crazy and on the right, then great! All the better. So, we are not to blame - and neither is he! But if he's crazy on the left, then that's because everyone on the left is crazy, and so all the more reason to fight the liberal agenda. By, like, destroying Unions, teachers, education, non-corporate trial lawyers, and anything else that funds Democrats - plus, the freedom of speech of THE LEFT must be further curtailed by Supreme Court decisions favouring corporations, and denigrating the rights of women and minorities. When will the greed stop?

It isn't much different from the logic of the Republican-dominated Supreme court: No matter what the contest, whether corporation vs. state, or corporation vs. public - CORPORATION somehow always wins. Go back, it's in the record. Heads we win, tails you lose.

It's an Eminence Front - it's a put-on. It's a huddle of fear, dressed up like legitimacy, and AUTHORITY is the glue. No matter what happens, no matter what question, always run to the defense of authority - for therein resides the strength of the obedient numbers. The family. Dysfunctional, though it may be.

That is the key to this rote reaction to fear and doubt: Always flee to the Authority. It's wired into the Amygdalae of their (collective) brains. Defining enemies, battles, slights and spites and gossips and teases of a thousand cuts - it's a flight from fear to an imagined Authority, and it all exists in their minds, having nothing to do than what is real, other than this: Death is the opposite of life. And, therefore, for their courageous Christian campaign, they somehow will be rewarded from THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY, with life after death - but the contradiction is inevitable, just like the hypocrisy. Score big with Authority by completely fucking with life on earth, and that buys you life in heaven. That's morality.

But I know, and perhaps you do too, that the universe is far more than LIFE vs. DEATH. And if there is hypocrisy to be found, then it is abounding all around us, down to the diffidence of the most alien, ambiguous particle. Holy, holy. But, the added beauty is, that none of us wants to die. So, is it so hard to respect life? Is it so damn hard?!

How can they lose, unleashing the mentally ill, sending jobs overseas, playing minority against minority, siphoning our wealth away to banksters, invoking hatred and xenophobia, encouraging bullying of gays, and so many others, taking away social security, driving wages down????? How can they lose, when they see themselves as children of the affluent AUTHORITIES? Masquerading as "LIBERTY". They don't have room to see. They don't pause to breath. They are locked in a spiral of denial.

As an example of the "LIBERAL pro-violence rhetoric", they cite Alan Grayson's (D) depiction of the Republican "Health Care Plan", which is, according to him, "Have money, or DIE!" Well, turns out, Alan Grayson, as usual, was merely speaking the TRUTH. Because the Governor of Arizona has turned down people who need organ transplants, but who have insufficient funds or insurance, telling them to die, instead. Cuz, how else will we prune away the weak? The weak, whom they, and their bastard parasite elites, have created.

That's all for now. I'll have a PART 3 later. I am SO INCREDIBLY TIRED...

Oh - PS - does this mean I have discounted the possibility of a CONSPIRACY being behind the shooting - even a LIBERAL conspiracy?! NOT AT ALL. And, does this mean that I dismiss, out of hand, the possibility that the shooter was LIBERAL? NO! AND - shooter or not - violence-fomenting, right-wing rhetoric is obvious and pandemic, and it is WRONG.  It needs to stop. It is cutting away AT ALL OF US. And it is being propped up by a systematic denial which is very, very dangerous.

"If words mean nothing, then what is government?"

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