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words to freak out by

Posted on 2004.12.20 at 12:18
Humeur actuelle: coldcold
Musique actuelle: I am too cold to change my music
"Why," you ask, "Why do you call for the execution of all people with wisdom teeth?"

Well, I didn't say that - I said all people with PAINFUL wisdom teeth, but I guess it could be ALL people with wisdom teeth.

"But WHY?"

Mainly, just a whim. I think that wisdom teeth are a mistake, and if we wish to evolve, and become a stronger race WITHOUT wisdom teeth, then we should execute all people with wisdom teeth, so they don't keep passing on the mistake. Just PULLING wisdom teeth IS NOT THE ANSWER! Well, I suppose it would be kinder and gentler if we just told them not to have sex - but they're probably all so attracted to each other's wisdom teeth, they're going to have sex no matter what we say.

Eventually, we should just have a few teeth at the front, and our mouths would be like sunken drains into our heads. This would be hastened by eating processed food.

And really, I had a true enlightenment from this thinking about wisdom teeth, but I won't get into it at the moment.

But, at least by writing this, I'll remember it later.

Having one of those manly days.

Going around dealing with my car's tranny prob. I can't cope with the fact that it won't be able to be fixed til after xmas.

So what if it dies in the mean time and it's sitting in the driveway and another relative comes by and tries to bight my finger off. And I swear to God he'd succeed this time, because all my relatives still have their fucking wisdom teeth!


emerald_snow at 2004-12-21 02:33 (UTC) (Lien)
::pouts:: I got my wisdom teeth removed. I wanna reproduce though..XD

::hides:: please don't kill me.
where hypotheses come to die
madman101 at 2004-12-21 18:00 (UTC) (Lien)

i'll consider not killing you

Send me your wisdom teeth and all subsequent children.
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