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Earthquake In Diana. What do you expect from a blood moon and all this climate change? Do you know there is flooding covering area the size of Germany/France in NE Australia? A lot of this nonsense seems to be happening nearer to oceans, giving me pause...

Well, OK... Having lived in Madison, I would occasionally meet someone who believed pyramids had special powers, simply because they were shaped like pyramids. And I would think, "What the FUCK is wrong with this person?!"

Next topic: I have always felt strongly that it is important to remember your dreams. If your adrenalin-aroused body gets too revved up in the morning, this info is quickly lost. Having CFS REALLY intensifies this problem. But I have learnt a method that can help others remember their dreams, and so proceed with health and wholeness into a healthy day filled with lots of "H" sounds...

First, put a pillow over your head. You will be tempted to die, but don't do this. A blanket works just as well. Instead, relax as fully as possible, as if you are falling asleep again. Breath as slowly or as quickly as necessary, but do NOT get overtaken by the feeling of losing your breath. (If this occurs, let in more air). Don't think about anything, just relax towards sleep. However, in the back of your mind, envision yourself - or someone - diving down to the bottom of an ocean, swimming about, picking up sticks. These sticks are not your dreams. They are the sticks of your lingering fatigue. When they are removed, there will be less stress and less adrenalin and less forgetting. Remain in a meditative state,and the images in your dreams will come back to you. Nitric oxide is doing it's thing.

This will also help you lose weight, (speaking of shape-shifting).

Next: We think that sound is frequencies in the air. It isn't. It is our PROCESSING of these frequencies, wherein we set them in the context or configuration of other frequencies and/or memories. But it's even more than this. The frequencies we hear and process are, yes, statistical NORMS of the diverse and chaotic activities of zillions of air molecules. But we also hear on a deeper, Zen level - we can LISTEN actively, and hear what REALLY composes the frequencies: A discrete, subtle interference pattern of all those molecules, WITHIN each wave of any frequency. This is a form of discretionary, psychic or "knowing" listening, which is not unrelated to swimming down and picking up sticks.

As a wave of noise proceeds, it must bargain with the space it is entering. All of it's molecules must haggle with their neighbours for permission to move in, or rearrange the molecular furniture. Eventually, some agreement is reached, and a normative wave is created. But soon, the conservatives coem into power, and ya get another trough.

The peaks and valleys of an interference pattern are, yes, orderly, normative, statistical averages of certain frequencies. But on a deeper level, they are functionaries of chaos. And this is what we tune to, as when we dream. We stop sorting through integers and fractions, and begin calculating by surprise and divination. We start sorting through subatomic quanta and photons, just as those haggling molecules do.

Like unto a molecule, we haggle even as we walk down the street, hoping to fit in, to gain permission to pass. Who knows WHAT might happen. And, I may sit and ponder alone in my illustrious study, but far off on the edge of the horizon of my existence, my singularity, there are molecules and quanta representing MY time-line haggling with molecules and quanta of some other person's time-line. And they're trying to come to some agreement on what the "REAL" time actually is - who has better claim on it, where is the greatest possible agreement?

Ultimately, this is a losing battle, and the molecules in our own bodies can't even come to a productive decision. And we lose out to all other time-lines in the universe... Even a brash atom in Siberia, once breathed by Socrates, compels me to surrender.

Molecules and atoms are like little clubs, where chaotic quanta got together and said, "OK. There's this BIG BANG going on, and things are pretty scary out there. But if we pool our energies in the right way, in the right shape, we can live forever. It's true. They know the secret of immortality. In a universe where vacant space is rife with virtual particles all wanting to pop into existence, molecules and atoms have treaties not allowing this, and molecules and atoms proceed to live forever. At least, the elemental ones do.

Actually, most elements were created in stars, not in the big bang. And I believe that stars are like nodes in an interference pattern of normalised chaotic frequencies, (similar to above). They pop out of nowhere, along galactic planes spiraling around black holes. Think of it. Of all the billions of places, they mainly only arise there - not as a full global lot, but only as one single plane circling. That's NOT a lot of space. A mere PLANE? Are you kidding me?

The great EYE of Jupiter is a storm. It is many many many times larger than the size of the earth, and it has existed for hundreds, thousands, possibly millions of years. But it is a freak of nature. An accident. It popped completely out of CHAOS, and it stays with it is because some normative, self-perpetuating agreement was reached with its environment. And that's what the galactic planes around black holes are. And that's what stars are. That that, as well, is the air we breath and the music we love. the music of the spheres...

Notice something in common, here? These are all SHAPES. They are all configurations in, or of, SPACE. We do not give space enough credit. We look and walk about in it, as if it just kinda THERE - and always wil be. Always has been. But space is, in fact, a conspiracy - a near impossibility - a realm of pure magic. Ancient societies, in all their superstition, did have a sense of the godliness - or emptiness - of space. Take, for example, the dream-walkers. The Australian Aboriginees. Their concepts of space and direction were deeply different to ours. But that's something you can goggle on your own.

I have always been fascinated by radio antennae. Their receptiveness depends upon their SHAPES - and this is relative to where they are placed in SPACE, to the transmitter frequency and shape and location and relation to the atmosphere, etc.

Do you think it is possible that a mere pyramid shape could transmit energy? Based only on it's SHAPE? Insane, perhaps. But not insane? Maybe. Because once you see a receiving radio antenna as a RESONATOR, you begin to wonder if shape itself can have properties we simply do not yet comprehend - because we are looking at norms, and not at chaos or quantum-dynamics. These sorts of thoughts occur to only occasional savants, such as, Tesla, or the ancients... And, perhaps, conspiracies of our own, who won't let us in on their magic, because then we'd learn about perpetual energy, and we'd stop buying oil and gas...

After all, in the insane phenomenon of quantum entanglement, a subatomic particle on one side of the planet may know, and respond to, exactly what another particle is doing, on the OTHER side of the planet - instantaneously - AND FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Talk about revolutionary...

I'm getting tired again, so this post will stand as part ONE. I have some VERY interesting things to say in part TWO.

It's curious. Yesterday, I went to an old LJ friend's journal to see what ever happened to him - (it was his birthday). He lived in Australia. Suddenly, he stopped posting, and moved to America. To work at the Australian Embassy in WDC. I once corresponded with an upper-echelons person at that Embassy, back when I was trying to flee the country. Now, obviously, those two people know each other. So curious.

And I know it. I just know it. Somehow, they are haggling over my ultimate demise...

Future topics in Part Two: Mostly recent human archeological discoveries; also, religion, pyramids, civilisation is "a shell", Neandertals, slaughtering albinos in the name of Animistic Shamanism, sentence three-months-probation to a man who killed a neighbour walking his dog...

Here's some interesting reading, in the mean-time!...

African elephant is two species, researchers say - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12054343

Theories of human ancestry get an overhaul - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12093345 (Many links to other great related).

Is there a lost civilization under the Persian Gulf? - http://www.csmonitor.com/Science/2010/1210/Is-there-a-lost-civilization-under-the-Persian-Gulf

Celtic noble's tomb discovery is a 'milestone of archaeology' - http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/301882

Experts find evidence of Bosnia pyramid - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/12402157/

Pyramid in Bosnia: Huge Hoax or Colossal Find? - http://www.news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/05/pyramid-bosnia-1.html

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