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Why Germans think we're INSANE

Posted on 2010.12.28 at 14:41
That Sheltie dog showed up again. He/she is very guarded - stays away from people. I don't know if it's a neighbour's dog, or if it lives under a porch, or if it comes around here during garbage time. I approached it. I threw it a turkey frank from a distance, reminding me of my whole life.... Then I quickly fixed my little flag outside, and as soon as I was going inside, it was already sniffing at the frank - and so it barked a little at me. It stays away from this area, prolly cuz it knows my dog is here. The main thing is he knows I gave him food.

Still SO stricken by CFS in brain - can't go anywhere - so I'm ordering groceries, etc., online. Puttering somewhat.

You think I crazy?  I know I am but what are you?  Germans begin to gossip...

This has been madman post #3,000.

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