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Hmmm. I wrote up my LJ on my laptop at the ABC, but the public library comp. won't read mys disc - so I'll post it tomorrow. It was mostly about Pulp Fiction.

I was at a mobile gas station, and my Mobile card there was "INVALID" even though it works fine at another Mobile station.

And my Riverside Community Bank card wouldn't go through at Hilander, although it works fine everywhere else.

Took my car to Lube Pros for a chat. I probably need a new tranny, for like hey what $2500?!?!?!?! If I could get one from a junk yard, it be more like $1000, but my car is so unusual - who's gonna have an Eagle Summit tranny? And, the only real prob that tends to go wrong with this type of car is the tranny, so all the Summits at the junkyards are probably there because they lost their trannys!!! Sometimes I just feel so Jewish. Huh?

And what tranny shop will take my mobile credit card, even it IS valid?!?!?!?

And I wish Doris Day would shut the hell up!

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