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War is a gateway drug...

Posted on 2010.12.11 at 14:58
I heard a song and poem about a war vet being alone and forgotten, with his injury or PTSD. Now, I have supported vets, vets w/ Gulf War Syndrome, etc. (And, believe it or not, when you oppose war, you support vets - by not creating more of them). Yes, it's important they put their life on the line for us, even when it's actually for oil. I honour them cuz I realise that the world is full of crap people who will take your land and your women and your dignity of they could, plus there are also good reasons why they should get these things, ha.

But at what point do we just drop the fact that a suffering man is a vet, and simply turn our compassion to all men who are suffering. I mean, men who were patriots because they stood up for peace; men who were patriots because they helped neighbours, and so forth? I mean, I'm stuck here with a hell of a lot of pain, and possibly PTSD for a while, and I kinda don't appreciate all the attention for vets, et al. Basically, nobody knows or gives a damn I'm here, or that I exist. Instead, I'm besieged by The Ferret, and for why? Hugghhhhhh...  What about the jobless "99'ers" or the Neuveau Homeless - it's time to turn our patriotism TO THE GREATER PART OF THIS NATION!

Lots of poor guys become soldiers cuz they're poor guys. Plus they are uneducated and naive. Or hyper religious. Or feeling they need to prove their masculinity. Or honourable. Fine. Most of our fighters - other than these actual TRUE soldiers - are actually hired corporate mercenaries anyway - basically sociopaths who kill for money, setting a nice example for all our true soldiers. Which is one reason why the altruistic TRUE soldiers end up committing suicide. While we need soldiers to defend our country and empire, ahem, look at it another way: It's kind of a scam...

What better way to perpetuate nationalism than by taking millions of young men, scaring the bejesus out of them or else extinguishing them, then hauling them back home where they become treated worse than blacks, and for the rest of their lives they completely support the state and it's nefarious follies. What a deal - millions of men who support nationalism, right or wrong, because how could they not - they put their life on the line for it, although they have subsequently been shafted like 9/11 workers.

Back in the olde days, (even though Pearl Harbor was a set-up, a false-flag, and WWII was played out for Western corporations and elites), soldiers would fight and be rewarded, and it was basically a reasonable and ethical thing to spport our country for the rest of their lives. But now? Now it's more like this whole social phenomenon of war, and soldier-worship/abuse, is an opiate of the masses - a scheme to perpetuate national perversions and abuses. Or, at the very least, to hide DECLINE, or the scoundrels who profit through the decline.

Poor men, sent to defend an idea that is constantly flouted by whores centered in WDC and Beijing and London, to taste the fear, and become addicted upon the THRILL OF DESTRUCTION. What good is this for us? It's not helping me much at all, I can say. To see Social Security being in sure danger of becoming slashed, because we dare not step down from two illegal wars and a massive military-industrially-established DEFICIT. Well, at least, here now, my dog says the MAILMAN is here! Yay! Hi mailman!

When a bowman or archer hunts deer, he can wait for hours, up in his tree, gearing for the right shot. He wants his arrow to exit near the ground, so a trail of blood will run along the ground when they dear pushes off. And when he shoots his arrow, the arrow may go straight through the dear, without the dear even noticing. But the dear wanders off and bleeds to death, and pretty soon his head is surrounded by frozen boxes of Eggo Waffles.

We are being bled to death. But not by one fell swoop. By a thousand cuts. Each hacker, each little corporateer, each pompous and sheltered bureaucrat, adds another cut. The blood lets, dollar by dollar. The jobs flow, multitudinous incarnadine, to the wanton and the newest dupes and recruits overseas. We fall like Gulliver surrounded by Yahoo's. Like King Kong, surrounded by mass-produced aliens. Death by a thousand cuts, because always the knife has been bequeathed to the selfish.

You know how, in many countries, you can get a college education AT NO FINANCIAL EXPENSE TO YOU? Because it is covered by the general commonwealth interest, like health-care, and all that. Well, after lots of effort and strain, and humiliation I suppose, I finally got my $$$ student loans forgiven. Well, I went out to pick up my mail, just now, and there's a letter from The University of XXXXXXXXX. What? I thought all that was behind me? You mean: MORE CUTS? You mean, more bleeding?!!!....

This is how the letter starts: "Dear madman101, This letter is to inform you of a computer security incident at the The University of XXXXXXXXXX that may have exposed records containing your name and social security number..."

Why do I have a Social Security number anyway? - Social Security will be taken away in 10 years. But the identifying NUMBER will remain, won't it? Anyway, their computers got hacked several times, and they don't know who did it. I can tell you who did it. THE SAME RAG-TAG BUNCH OF CRAPS WHO ARE HACKING EVERYONE ELSE'S COMPUTERS. They're all on a mission of high-ego, and making their own little cuts here or there, but in the end, it all flows into the same pot, and it ain't watering no damn corn in Iowa.

There's a war going on. A war of a billion cuts. Jobs. Dignity. Mortgages. Social Security. The dollar. Wages. Life-span. Food. Pretty soon, we'll all be up in trees with our bows and arrows, and that's called progress.


PS - I suppose I should add this sentiment. It occurred to me that I have felt alone ever since K-dog died, June 2009, even though I have a wonderful dog. When she died, so died a mutual promise or hope, of recovery, of future, of progress. We kept that alive for each other, but I became too sick to care for her as she deserved. And the later days were kind of sad. I also realised that I kind of made a choice between jealous K-dog and Ashley, and K-dog won. I chose K-dog because I realised I was too ill for Ashley and her future - I needed stability with K-dog. So, since Ashley was my favourite gf, and I chose a dog over her, that means my favourite gf, in all my life, was a Siberian Husky. And, probably, when I die, this dog will walk out of a cloud, give me her paw and say, "OK, come with me, lover-boy... We have so much to catch up on!"

"OH wait!  A SQUIRREL!!!..."

me in a future life

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