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from stone to water

Um - I'm at the library and these two deaf mutes are going at it, signing and slapping and moaning, and arguing, out of their seats now... It's nice how they think they have to try to be just as rude as everybody else.

I spent all day waiting on my car. Which wasn't too bad because I got to watch a lot of King Arthur stuff on the History Channel, and got a wee bit of work done - and also had a mild CFS crash, and then recovered.

Well, remember they put in a new radiator a while back? Well, they removed that one, and found that it was not only leaking, the sides had bloated out like a balloon, bending steel and everything! "First time I ever seen that!" So they put in a new one, and ran some head gasket tests. So, whatever is the deeper prob, it's not the head gaskets. What I fear - it's probably the transmission. Bummeroo. Well, they gave me THIS new radiator free, with free labor on the new hoses, so total cost was about $45.

I've never mentioned this before, but the King Arthur myths are very meaningful and important to me as a writer. Besides peppering my writings with some of the symbolism, I really feel I would like, one day, to write a continuation of the legends. Lot's of thoughts on this subject - but since it's about writing, I don't talk much about them.

(Oh - and a new movie is out? will be out soon? : "King Arthur").

It's like the Aboriginee's in Australia who feel that if you take their pictures, you will be stealing their spirits. That's how I feel about talking about my writing.

And maybe that's why gossip bothers me.

We are spirits in the material world.

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