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I realise I am a self-indulgent bore

But you woudn't say that if you met me. The point of a journal is to download the MIND. MY mind. I'm not necessarily writing for you to read this - although I realise that, just as in my novel, this journal will eventually be read by everyone in Rockford, and then spawn revolution and a new chemical form of water.

Hey, I tried to create a Web page via some free svc, and it turned out totally lame. Like. Then, I was actually able to dig up THIS journal via a web search engine ("madman101 livejournal") for the first time EVER! Although, I thought I had limitted the who's and what's that could read it to just REGISTERED LIVE JOURNAL USERS! Dang - it's really out there for EVERYONE to read!!!!!!

Well, today was less gruelling, healthwise, than yesterday. Went to Meg's and tried to convey to Lindsey that, "I only seem weird because I am ill - and yet, please don't think of me as ill!" ggggggggggg... She was back from Palm Springs, and had just frosted her hair blondish/streaky - just like, hmmmmmmmmm.... Angie's!

Wanted to give dog a flea-bath before I leave for Madison, but once again "PamperedPet" was closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a very empty day of sorts.

Some cute guy driving next to me gave me a honk and a cool wave and a nod - three times! I'm thinking it's someone I know... But what if it WASN'T?!!!!! Am I GAY NOW?!!!!!!!!!

Wedding guests eat victim
cnn.com Tuesday, August 10, 2004 Posted: 7:28 PM EDT (2328 GMT)

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Four members of a family have been arrested and charged with murder for allegedly killing and eating a relative during a wedding reception -- and serving his flesh to unwitting party guests, police have said.

At the July 17 wedding of his daughter, Eladio Baule got angry with his cousin Benjie Ganay who tripped and accidentally touched the bride's bottom, said Senior Police Inspector Perla Bacuel, at Narra town in Palawan province, southwest of Manila.

A few hours later, Baule, his son Gerald, another cousin Junnie Buyot and a nephew, Sabtuari Pique, allegedly confronted Ganay, then drove him to a secluded place where they stabbed him to death, Bacuel said.

Buyot, who surrendered to police and is acting as a witness, told police they then roasted Ganay's body using coconut leaves and kerosene, Bacuel said.

Baule senior later forced Buyot to take a bite of Ganay's flesh, which he claims he threw up but was then forced at knifepoint to swallow, Bacuel said.

Buyot told police that the group returned to the party and served some of Ganay's cooked remains to guests who were still celebrating the wedding, Bacuel said.

"It was perhaps due to their drunkenness. They probably didn't know what they were eating," he said.

Buyot reported the incident several days later to a local village leader who took him to police. Pique also surrendered, and Baule and his son were arrested.

Superintendent Rey Lanada, Palawan provincial police chief, said cannibalism would be treated as an aggravating circumstance in the crime.

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