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I am the person who will destroy China.

"WHEEDLERS" - What are they?

I decided to go to bed early, so of course I woke up a few hours later and am 100% awake. This would be fine if it weren't for the fact that it makes my CFS a lot worse tomorrow, etc. It's one of the hidden secrets of cfs - insomnia where you feel great that only serves to destroy you later.

How many of you study/d psychology? There's a lot of you. So, here's a few related yet unrelated yet related thoughts related to psychology and yet not...

Actually, I'm going to cut this short. I just spent a LONG time just logging on, due to a necessary security setting. BTW - I will be updating my firewall today - and this means possible termination of my internet activities for a while, since the worm infection may take over during the transition. In any event, I'll need to reduce time online, since I need to turn to other pressing concerns for a few months.

So, I'm just going to describe a sort of people I used to think about a lot. They are bully-wanna-be's, whom I call, "WHEEDLERS". Wheedlers are superficially pleasant people who like to sneak in and steal away control, if they can. They are like boa constrictors who don't want you to see them as boa constrictors; so every time you exhale, they squeeze a little tighter, without being seen. If you refuse to see this in them, and you love these people, they will give you cancer and you will die - or something to that effect. They may run off with your mate, take over your wealth, or such things. (For example: John Edwards was perhaps a wheedler, and now his wife is dying from the emotion of grief closetted inside her, spawned by his betrayal).

Wheedlers are generally imperceptibly passive-aggressive people who carry a torch for the idea that they are always correct. They often use "bean-counter," or "bean-bagger," [sic], methods of worming their way into control, deflecting their confused victims away from the bigger picture - thus rendering their hope-oriented victims penny-wise but pound-foolish, or such, giving away their fortunes inch by inch, as meanwhile it all sits on a precipace, waiting to collapse.

They seek to insert themselves into every conversation, nicely yet insistently, trying to get the upper hand, divide, and run off with the more popular or useful player. Or, at least, to prevent any further relationship from occurring between the others. Since they are "always correct", (that's their private little secret - their little fetish), they will employ the bully-like logic that, "I am right, therefore, I know that B is evil, and therefore I must protect A from B," - - when in fact B is not evil at all, and the busybody wheedler is nothing more than stark ravingly JEALOUS of B, and of B's influence on A - which they are compelled to control.

As cowards, though - fine outstanding tools of normalistic society - they are too afraid of coming right out into the open, or fighting, about any of this. (And, suddenly, Barack Obama pops into my mind's eye...)

Finally, wheedlers generally like to prey upon a human loophole in others called SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. They like to APE certain aspects of people so as to bring those aspects to people's private attention - making them concerned, worried, self-conscious, and somehow IN DEBT TO, or SUBSERVIENT TO, the wheedler(s). Plus, they will insert all sorts of tiny coughs and huffs and puffs and tisks and sighs, and turn away their eyes at the moment they should be establishing trust - (unless they're well-trained as politicians - well paid liars...)...

They draw attention to self-consciousness, prey upon it, and try to implant their own control. This is why self-actualised people, BEYOND their control, are so despised and/or feared by wheedlers, as by other types of bullies and bully-wanna-be's.

OK, that's all for now... This may be taken up later, on the subject of LIARS, and it won't be entirely what you think. More topics: magic, the odd old guy I met, language, empathy, sex, castration - all condensed into Reader's Digest-like brevity. Ta ta...
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