"a killing field for hypotheses" (madman101) wrote,
"a killing field for hypotheses"

Despite whatever happens... PART ONE

I saw this

cosmates gothic lolita

and suddenly, everything became clear to me...

Well, I had a day where a corkscrew was insisting on popping my eye and celebrating, so I did everything I could to avert a full-onset relapse. And I had fair success, with some grueling consequences, one being the ability to see into the future.

As a tease, I looked at those Cosplay Lolitas up there and I realised that, in a few generations AT THE MOST, we would be walking around dressed like giant Lolitas. As always happens, females are introducing future male trends. And men - the new, elite wanna-be's - will all be dressed like rich Nobility during the French Revolution - or the Three Musqueteers (I have no idea how to spell this) - with the big feathers and hats and tight socks and knickers and so forth, but this time with a much more GOTHIC LOLITA look. Believe me. Japan is setting the trend. It makes perfect sense in so many ways.

But that's not the important thing. I have figured out something so big that I am not going to make it a public post - so big that it's just for my LJ friends to hear. It's conspiracy theory - but this time, where I hope the conspiracy will SUCCEED. So, I'm not going to blow its cover. It has to do with the guy in the previous post. I know what's going on.

But I have to sleep - this whole subject will require a decent post, plus all my impertinent embellishments. I'll fold it into my post about ow everyone is suddenly ZANY - and will continue to be so until Dec. 20. The zaniness has touched me slightly - but I got an email from a friend in Portland which sort of saved my faith in humanity. Only to now be cursed with the great weight of my ominous Lolita prophesies...

But - Despite whatever happens... PART ONE... (cut/paste earlier fragment)...


I believe that people probably exist.


I see things walking around out there.

They kinda look like me...

These may be what are referred to as, "People".

I believe there must be PEOPLE!

And they thrive on... on... on arsenic, as far as I can tell...

Something's in the air tonight. Oh, lard. Lard has been infused into the air. Actually, no - I can sense things happening outside. It is probably related to the crazy austerity budget politics going on. We all know a scam when we see one. And left is riled and right is riled. And suddenly, PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT THINGS become focused in-on. Watched. Ferreted. If you are an outspoken progressive. If you are on Social Security or Medicaid. If you are black or gay. If you make lots of money. If people think you are well-off or free. If you are in charge. If you are a future giant gothic lolita. Then you REPRESENT! - since, you know, our ACTUAL WDC representatives have failed us all. SO fall, now. Fall on the REPRESENTORS. Bring us back "THE PRESENT".

People talking and looking. People operating strange machinery. People stopping in their cars, thinking, moving on. People walking close by as if to collide. All the attention is stirring up, looking for an incident, focusing on the next problem to be REPRESENTED. Looking, not necessarilly for THE problems or answers, but for the SYMBOLS. The straw-men.

Norm says, "Yo! We bein' played here!" Who ya gonna bop? When you can't bop DC?


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