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* - galaxy

they can't take your teeth but they can't take your wisdom....

Posted on 2004.12.16 at 18:44
Humeur actuelle: bothered
Musique actuelle: ska

Do you know that I spent most of yesterday in bed? My LJ is a happy illusion for y'all, and therapy for me. I MUST BE HAPPY! I MUST CREATE!

So, I guess the girl at Hot Topic likes me a little - I can be amusing sometimes. I keep asking her if they have bumper stickers when I know they do. And so forth...

So, the Beatles hate me. I've been saving a central spot on my bumper for a Beatles sticker. I finally bought one - an OFFICIAL one - at Waterfront for $6 - about a million dollars less than the Beatles Corp. would charge.

I was waiting to lose my Kerry/Obama stickers before putting it up. But I must have accidentally thrown it out.

So I bought one at HT some time back, and left it on my seat outside SB!

Then I bought another one recently - red - then I went back inside and replaced it with a white one...

So I've been trying to put this white Beatle's decal on my car for the last few days - even when it's not FREEZING outside. IT WON'T STICK!

So I returned it today and got my money back.

uh boo hooo hoo

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