I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

candles in the wind

Who owns all the rivers in Chile? A bankster group in Spain. If you had "Stitcher Radio" ap on your phone, you'd know this, cuz you'd be listening to the best progressive talk on radio, "Ring of Fire." Or goggle, "Chicago's Progressive Talk". There's also some Bluetoothy thing that let's you listen to http://www.normangoldman.com via your phone onto your car radio.

Now - as most of you know, both words "witch" and "wick" are derived from a Native American word, "wika." When one tribe would get together for a discussion of tribe-type issues, the hot young muscular male Indians would form a circle, hand-in-hand, around the females. They did this to allow the females to speak their minds, WITHOUT being intimidated to shut-up by the older males, or their husbands. Thus, they were like flames, being protected from being extinguished. They could speak, vent, accuse, gossip, out in the open - for the good of the tribe's longer-term peace - without being stifled. This regular tradition eventually became known as, "Wikipedia." True story - well - actually, I made up a lot of it. The circle thing is true, though.

I should have added YOGURT to my discussion of confusing food yesterday. The whole point of yogurt is to fight yeast caused by sugars in the stomach. So what do marketers in America do to yogurt? They make it taste like ice-cream and jelly. FULL OF SUGAR... I just don't get it...

So - my eyegraine is pretty much a relapse now, and I'm just posting this and going back to bed. Commenting some later time - and also, I can't read my mail right now, so I can't comment back on some of your comment threads until that's fixed. My head really hurts. Bye.

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