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I am the person who will destroy China.


I love you all even though you're a bunch of jive turkeys so Happy Thanksgiving!

If I ever would have had important influence in the worlds of science and philosophy, it would have been my introduction of the concept of WILL/observation to evolution and cosmology. Plus the logic of memory/consciousness processing in physics. These are big ideas I've developed over the course of my lonely thought. They were pretty much dashed by my CFS - and I'll be content just to put out a few novels and books of poems, if I'm lucky.

So, it was with bittersweet appreciation that I read the latest post in ontd_science on BIOCENTRISM as an explanation as to why we are all here - we essentially created our own PAST via our own OBSERVATION. Well, as you know from reading about my thoughts about PSYCHIC PHENOMENA, physics, etc., there is a lot more to it than that. But, I'd like you to go check out that post, "Why You Are Here...", to further appreciate ideas which I deem extremely important. They are ideas which have the potential to save us from our own self-destruction - like the UK now seeking to move from a GDP as a measure of economic progress to a HAPPINESS INDEX - or like the Carbon Credit Trading idea - (a rough idea, but offers insight into possible new economics).

Be sure to read my comment there - because just believing that OUR MIND creates the universe is a very DANGEROUS concept indeed - as bad as any religion ever justifying imperialism or genocide. And, as I mention, it was odd that I had been thinking the same thoughts just last night. WHY ARE WE HERE? Look around you. It's completely startling. Unsettling. Impossible. Indeed, impossible - unless you own and love the magic inside of you. As well as the paradox and the human frailty.

This post could segway off into two other topics, but I'm not really interested doing that right now. First topic would be: WHY ARE WE EVEN DISCUSSING THESE THINGS: Like tax cuts for the rich? Like naked body scanners? Like depriving the unemployed - or pulling Social Security? Put these things into perspective: WHY ARE WE HERE - EVEN TALKING ABOUT THESE THINGS?!?!?! Something has gone terribly wrong, and we don't seem to appreciate the danger.

Second topic would be: If it weren't for our greed for profit, cockpits would have been hardened, 9/11 wouldn't have happened, false-flag underwear bomber would never have sold us naked body scanners, we'd never have exported our jobs and wealth to China, and so on and so forth. It's all our separate selfishnesses which is destroying us all together - or, more appropriately, the selfishness of the elites whom we support retardedly. And this would have touched on my basic ideas for some kind of new economics - because we may be losing manufacturing - which is tragic - but the climate abhors manufacturing. We've got some big contradictions that aren't even close to being addressed. 7 billion and counting. But this might post after I create my new LJ community about transcending MONEY.

So, bear these in mind, and ruminate and mull and mill about, as you thankfully digest, won't you?

I had a fine, relaxed day eating nuts and Fritos, which were named cuz they smell like feetos. And don't get me started talking about the true history of Thanksgiving - which was accidentally deleted after I wrote it. Because God is a cruel, angry God, with big carbon footprints, he is. I have stuffing mix and veggies, but had no gumption to make it today.

I just found out that I make as much money as a black migrant worker in 1960, (adjusted for inflation). Since inflation is officially under-estimated, I actually MAKE LESS than said migrant worker. This is called Social Security (Disability). I do this because I am a lazy no-good bum, like all the millions who are unemployed and don't deserve any more unemployment comp., even though that would STIMULATE the economy successfully. On the other hand, rich people deserve to continue having the lowest taxes in 100 years, bleeding our economy dry like parasitic whores. Forgive them as we are nailed to a cross, yo. Love ya, really. Take care. Oh - a female who got me high and tried to have sex was bitten up by pit-bulls yesterday - it's even on the Chicago news.

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