where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

spinach goes with everything, except plaid

Had a little trouble (CFS) getting into gear. Prob won't go to ERC, cause if it was about me then its way weird and it can wait, and if it wasn't, then blah.

My car also has some gear or head gasket probs, so I'm taking it into shop in a few minutes.

At P Library... REPORT: 1 - Cute black girl. 2 - Girl who looks like Lindsay emailing w/ some dude here who got to her first. 3 - Other assorted faces.

So - what is happening to me? Why am I eating cookies, ice-cream bars, and now - lemonaid - in the middle of the night? Is my inner child taking over my life?

I HAD to have lemonaid the other night. But all we had was a lemon slice - but that didn't stop me... "Make lemonaid", right?

So I squeezed the slice, poured in about 2" of Sprite, 2" of OJ, 1" of apple juice, 1" of water, and a little spinach water and, voila!, perfect lemonaid!

But I don't understand the whole concept of white chocolate. It sounds like a rapper or a wigger. And how is it even possible? Yet someone gave me a bar of white chocolate made with coconut powder, and it was pretty good! Although I consider it in no way chocolate, and not at all part of my daily chocolate quota.

bye bye
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