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Sports and Revolution: The Conflation of Play and Prey

Ed Shultz, on the left, is wondering, "Maybe I should start being all racist, too!", - "maybe I'll get ratings like Limbaugh." And on the right they're screaming, "GAY!" and "LIBERALS!" and etc. The main topic of discussion is Willow's "GAY!" and "FAGGOT" comments on Facebook. This all inspired me to write a little bit about how PLAY can go a little awry, and PREY upon others. Etc....

This isn't really a comprehensive thematic post - more an informal introduction... as usual...

When does gay become GAY? When does play become PREY? Maybe about the age of Willow Palin?...

My dog woke me up after only 4 hours of sleep - (although recovering from relapse well) - and was all excited about running around and trying to catch a damn mouse. He was so revved up. Even after I convinced him to go back to bed, and we were drifting off again, my stomach rumbled a little, and he was off running around again, looking for that damn mouse. And he sleeps in a DIFFERENT ROOM to my stomach! As do I...

When that old FIGHT-OR-FIGHT mechanism is all revved up, who's gonna sleep? Tell me about it...

When my dog plays around with me on the front porch, he'll refuse to come past me, sitting there, if the passage is too narrow - even if it's to get to his favourite window. All revved up, he is highly suspicious that THIS IS SOME KIND OF A TRAP. And what a wonderful thing that is - that he has retained that wolfish fear of Neanderthals corralling him into the Vet's cave. Instead, he'll run inside and start playing around with his bone, perchance to find me coming in to join him. How would one explain such a rise in real suspicion - DURING HARMLESS PLAYTIME??!!!

Is he playing or fighting? Learning or hunting? well, it's always a bit of both. And dogs, esp., can turn on a dime - on YOU, l'estrange. If my dog see some men show up to do some work on the house next door, he'll look out the window at them, with a little sob-cry, like he wants to go play with them. Next thing you know, there this earth-rumbling growl coming from his direction.

If my dog sees a cat outside, he does the same thing - but more so - it's a big deal. If Ilet him out, he'd CHARGE at the cat, and the cat would get away. Is that play? Or prey? Dogs do the same thing with squirrels or opossums, and show up at your door with them in their mouths... Like Orcas using seals as volleyballs, or cats toying with mice before they eat them, this is all natural behaviour.

It's all a matter of whether or not you appear to cross over the thinning line from SAME to STRANGE - from friend to prey. But that's all subjective, isn't it? AND RELATIVE. The problem is, a dog can have a strange master, and he ends up biting you cuz you're actually NORMAL. As long as the primal, political rules of the PACK are maintained. Fight-or-flight is the essence of all politics. But, the jumping-off point here is that: you can have a dog conflating play and prey, based on wrong thinking - based on false ideology, and such. Based on superstitions, whereby rewards become punishments, and punishment rewards...

Similarly, playing around and calling someone "gay", can turn into calling someone a "(worthless faggot) GAY" - and the latter can be not because of smart pack politics, but because of errant thinking, superstition, false ideology. As when "jew" became "JEW!"... What to do, what to do...

Dog's are great at learning. They learn positively in two ways: while positively motivated in play, or while cpletely relaxed and trusting. In the latter case, it'smainly via recognitive mechanisms - no need for rewards and punishment ... i.e., empathy, mostly. The learn NEGATIVELY when either of these go south real fast. And much of that is up to how they perceive or expect things. They learn almost as well as humans, but they have a greater "flaw", built in by survival, which is:

The problem with dogs is that they generalise their fears. If you tap their nose for eating cheetos in the kitchen, they'll become suspicious of the kitchen. If you raise your voice inside, they'll eventually respect your raised voice outside, (if you work it right). There are infinite examples of this. It's good in that it reinforces pack bonds, it's bad when it has them snapping at someone laughing outside, merely eating cheetos. And it worse when play and prey are conflated by mental disorders, such as fear-based anxieties, which is very destructive to the definition of where the pack(s) begins and ends - or territorial boundaries and mores, ("civility").

The other problem with dogs is that dogs just want to have fun. Unless they been beat down for years, like dis low-down back-water town, Armpitville, (see upcoming post, eventually).

So far, I've looked at this conflation via the example of a "social predator" - (how's THAT for conflation, ha ha!). But innocent bunnies have similar problems. Name me a game and I'll reveal to you a player. That's right. Little prey like squirrels, cats, birds - oh birds are the worst - these all are in PLAY while being chased, as well as running for their lives. Both waving and drowning - that is the game of survival. And they, too, can have mental illnesses and disorders which really distort the whole damn order of things...

Like that little mouse, last night. Why, that little Buster Brown was under my night table, deliberately banging on those rustling Cheeto's bags like nobody's business, squeeking loudly, "I am here. I am here I am HEEEEEEEEER!!! ah, ha ha ha haaaaa!! Bastards! Ha - haaaaaaaa!"

And doggie was going out of his mind. And dog generalised mousie to my discretely rumbling stomach, Ferdi.

That's what happens when two incidental strangers meet up and find themselves locked in a game - of play... of prey... They both rev up, and they hurl nonsense at each other, both being so REVVED UP, and each focussing in like a tunnel-vision on the other ... making your problems my problems and my problems your problems... At what point is this fun, or survival, and at what point is this madness, or the decline of western civilisation? Eat another bagel, and think about this for a while...

Ready again? OK...

(Sometimes, all you have to do is live next-door to someone, to suddenly find yourself in such a war between the Hatfields and the Jones').

But, yes, this is as it is. Little animals can carry on like utter pests. Always pestering - pushing the envelope - making uninsured deposits. Squirrels will leave out nuts or English muffins they have been working on, in provocative places - are they leaving these as gifts, or challenging doggie to a spar? Both. Cats will sit outside the fence, waiting for dog to be let outside, only to have themselves be chased away - but with a 95% guarantee of not being caught. Dog falls for it every time - cuz it's fun, like war-games. And I don't even need to get into how crafty and prankish birds can be. Homogenised humanoids will look at this and say, "You are a skitzo - paranoid over little animals!" But it's true! Little animals never miss a chance to "undermine", (and so, "understand"), if only symbolically. And therein lies the rub...

Say the little Buster Brown mousie is under the night table at one end of a large room. At the other end is a piece of cheese. In the middle is BIG DOG. What will mousy do? Fixated on the cheese, he will think of a few ways of getting it. He won't think of building a bridge, or asking the government for help, because he's still only a mouse. Not Einstein. Fun being checked by fear, Buster exhausts his strategies - but he still WANTS that cheese, almost as if by SEEING IT, he had a right to it. (Almost as if he had some frickin INALIENABLE RIGHTS, if only Tyrants would get out of their way! - Mouse as Ugly American...) What does he do? He FANTASISES about getting that cheese. He imagines himself, skirting past the jaws of Big Dog, grabbing the cheese, and, ohhhhhh, LAUGHING SO HARD! And so, still under the table, he laughs! He scorns the dog! "Hey, dog! I GOT the cheese - in MY HEAD! ha ha... I don't neeeeeed the cheese, ha ha! Look, I'm still alive, taunting you, and you can't even get me! I AM HEEEEEEER!!!!!!! ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaa!"

That's a little weird, now, isn't it? But that's life, everywhere. (And, most predominantly, in 4th grade). It is both a gauntlet and a white handkerchief. It just locks up the game, revs up the players even more. But it can get perverse, retarded, even tragic. When mousie puts too much stock in this fantasy ideology of his, so much as to walk out and strut around vainly, mousie dies. But, before that, it can screw up BOTH game players IN DA HEAD, and lead to nuclear war.

The conflation of play and prey an easilly lead to superstition, magical thinking which can lead to mental illness, mob psychology, war, whatever. "See, I have that cheese right here under the table!"... "No you don't!... wait... um..." And what is deception and what is self-delusion? It's always a muddle. And the magical thinking has a little to do with the elevation of meditative states into stages of PRAYER which have nothing to do with PREYING, or even PLAYING, but that's for some other post. (Prayer should always be a pleasure, ideally).

So - TAHT's why nutsy Roadrunner, etc., cartoons are so entertaining to kids - and to adults. Because it's all true. It's not mere anthropomorphicalisationalism. And that's why most of our children's books are written by Commies.

We call it, "Juvenile Behaviour", because it's KIDDISH. Until someone puts an eye out. Kids play their games, and act our their dramatic fantasies. (The winners play, the losers fight - see previous post). Oh, leave them alone, they're only playing! They're just working out their pecking order! They're only setting fire to the basement!

When adults act like kids, their children grow up to be impish mutants, intent upon destroying the foundations of civil society - cuz they don't realise you can't apply magical thinking to REALITY and still survive forever.

Likewise, when options run out for kid's futures, and adults offer them inappropriate guidance, kids go from calling each other "gay" to "GAY!" They get mean. They tussle about in gangs over fantasised turf. The rules of the game are ill-defined. It's all about the pack, the gang, the mob,and the turf - but then it's all about TAKING ADVANTAGE, moving in, taking territory...

Adults who failed to give up this GAMISH, property-oriented thinking, especially if it is mentally ill, grow up to be sociopaths, controlling serial killers, politicians, and the like. It's all about the TERRITORY of the self-described PACK, however magically, superstitiously, or paranoidly that is painted.

Take for example my insane neighbour. Fantastically, because he SEES a vacant lot, he assumes it's his. Fantastically, because he prowls the area with an angry leaf-blower, he has ownership of the area. So, in his head, when someone seeks to legally BUY the lot and turn it into a PUBLIC park, then that person has thrown down some gauntlet - and crazy guy locks himself into a GAMISH struggle with the buyer, whom he scant knows. Hatfield and Jones. All because he never grew out of the juvenile dog-eat-dog phase. In his head, since he owns the area, there is nothing wrong with him vandalising private property, harrassment, etc., to his own distorted ends).

This sociopathy is a kind of, "singular mob behaviour". It has the same fight-or-flight revving up and locking in, or targetting of enemies. It has the same suspension of proper boundaries for morality, behaviour, territory, "pack", reward/punishment, etc.

When adolescent juveniles, or retarded adults, get together in such a state, they can produce mobs and mob ideology. Like conceptual bullies, these ideologies appeal to the fears and security of the wider mass of civilised, uninvolved people - drawing them in, locking them in, to the same revved-up, fight-or-flight political game - passing around their problems like the flu.

Pack behaviour is about bonds and territory. Mob behaviour is about COMMANDS and TAKING territory, without perceived culpability. When kids are between 8 and 16, they are concretising their magical thinking - they are NOT able to see natural or human boundaries clearly, without adult guidance. So, in this age group, they have no control over whether or not their PEER behaviour is PACK or MOB behaviour. The same is true of sociopaths.

Kids dancing in the street? They're only playing! Or are they a mob on behalf of their parents? Are they enjoying themselves or are they CLAIMING TERRITORY?! This question is not answerable - the adults are responsible. THEY, the kids, fer sure, know not what they do.

Nor does a country, when it gets worked up into a fascist state.

AND NOW, last night's email to Mr. http://www.norman.goldman.com:

"Hellya, Norm,

I'm your #1 supporter, (anticipating a VP spot on your ticket, I s'pose), but I have to chew a bone with you, dawg...

Right or wrong is not so relevant to any 16 year old as is the feeling of being on the defensive against a large group of critics - esp. peers. So, whatever Willow said, I'd say she carried on about par for the course - considering the courseness of many kids her age these days. Really, a great many teens and tweens are rough-and-tumble dirt-slingers because they are all headed into a possibly terrible or unshareable future. So, let's not attack Willow - since she represents a LOT of young people who could be powerful, energetic and fighting Progressive voters in the future.

Yes, this throng of wrongful little bully twats is not a politically correct or laudible phenomenon, and it is greatly responsible for the bullying of gays, etc. - something that must be confronted and mended. They need adult guidance more than anything. So, wehn you DO throw light on S. Palin's family values hypocrisies, etc., then you're back in a fair game again.


OK - That's all for now. It's time for me to turn up the radio and do some more cleaning....

madman101 on LJ" (end of email).....

REVOLUTIONS are a queer business. They may start as sport, but they end up as a lot of disorganised, bickering, back-stabbing peeps, who align themselves with thugs and bullies. (You draw analogies to today...) Then,they align them with some INTELIGENCIA, which gives them the ideology which rationalises their taking of territory and their breaking of laws. For the most part, the greater part of society is lulled or stunned into a perpetual, uncomfortable resignation. The American Revolution had a great silent majority of peace-nics and opt-outers and MYOBers and pro-Loyalists and Loyalists and Royalists and ceramic Toilets - none of them wanted to get ivolved. It almost always takes some ends-before-means false-flag - and co-optive persuasion by the mob, now "revolutionaries", to draw in the sheepish masses, to venture a serious play.

Most of the time, revolutions are so choked up with thugs and derilects and convicts to establish any PEACEFUL and revolutionary/progressive social psychology and system, other than for the elites, new elites and/or the inteligencia.

I'm not really too confident in revolutions, myself. I think religions, economics, and/or UNLEARNING THE STRANGENESS have better chances of success in creating societal progresses.

Finally, LJ oddities...

[deleted] - Who CHOOSES to live like that? Some people just plain CHOOSE to be angry, and need to call up talk-show hosts, e.g., to unload whatever BS ideological magical thinking. (Remember this point for a future post).

Oddity #2... A DIF LJ friend's boyfriend's FRIEND, (a 32 y/o male), whines and cries about the gf taking his buddy away from him. They don't get to hang out anymore. Like a little mob, he intrudes, he draws people in, he paints an ideology of being VICTIMISED by the terrible GIRLFRIEND! "Dude... I'm your buddy! - But, she's... SHE'S JUST THE GIRLFRIEND!!!"


How would YOU deal with someone like that? Hmmmmm? Esp., if you were the GF?

And what about those TeaBaggers, eh?... Are they Lolitas? l o l ...

oh - Link i tried to give you: http://www.ecototesgifts.com (coming soon) SOY CANDLES!
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