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I am the person who will destroy China.

SLAUGHTER-HOUSE 10 - (part one)

It is with a heavy heart that I speak to you, my fellow Ethiopians. Cuz that's where I'm moving to...

Well, it seems what the T-GOPs did right was to run TeaBaggers against Progressives, and run more-moderates against Blue Dogs - except when you run both, as in FL and Alaska. I run through a list of Dem defeats tomorrow. Oh - another thing they did right: They ran Christine O'Donnell - bad choice locally, but maybe no one could have won locally - GREAT choice nationally, cuz "THE YEAR OF THE WOMAN," inspired many women to switch and vote pro-TeaBagger nationwide, AND THAT'S WHAT LOST THE ELECTION FOR THE DEMS. See - cuz all the T-GOPshad to do was to rerun the Hillary Clinton vs Obama 2008 contest, and milk it. It worked. And the OTHER things was: The "youth vote" was 9% lower than 2008. That means that most of the LARGE turn-out was a bunch of old people, and they'll be dead soon, so.

The biggest thing the T-GOPs - I mean, THE PRO-CHINA PARTY, did was dump millions of dollars into their candidate's campaigns, esp. at the last minute.

What did the Dems do wrong? Um, all of 2009 and 2010. The worst politics I've seen in my entire life. (insert): And special thanks go to Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Rahm Immanuel, Harry Reid, all the Blue Dogs, and that Senator who turned away SINGLE PAYER, (Max Baucus?). The Dems also CONTINUE to make the mistake of not seeing that PEOPLE are SCARED and ANGRY - so you cash in on that, not common sense or rationality or "let's just get along!" Now that you've helped students by changing STUDENT LOANS (a wee bit), what do you do NOW, e.g.? YOU SCARE THEM ABOUT STUDENT LOANS, AGAIN! Or tell them that the Republicans will require that they LEARN CHINESE - I dunno - it's pretty damn easy stuff to do, to scare people into voting when they're already scared. All you do is transform that fear into ANGER, baby - fight fire with fire.

The Dems still haven't internalised that The Republicans Mean Business!

And the business of Republicans is: MEAN BUSINESS. They are, as a class, expert at screwing people for profit. (end of insert)

It's amazing how this CFS can cut right in
to my brain and topple me like a bullet, even as I'm all ready to go out and do stuff. It's so like MS sometimes. So - that happened about 1:30pm and it's 11:pm now, still a ways to go before I recovery, perchance to sleep.

Anyway - the good news is that many T-GOP winners are just straight-up idiots. When their egos get big enough, and they feel like they can stand up against their handlers and benefactors, they'll make a bunch of legislative decisions that can be described, philosophically, as completely random. But maybe that's too much to hope for, cuz now that infinite anonymous foreign corporate money will be pouring in to them, they'll be in campaign mode through out their entire terms. And this is precisely what our corporate media wants, too.

Watching local news announcers and talking heads - such a joke. And Bob Segal(?) on NPR is senile as hell. And what's this I hear one commentator saying?...

"I've seen John Boehner be moved on a number of occasions.... I've seen him tearing up, uh, speaking of growing up in his father's, eh, tavern, mopping the floor.... He's tended bar for so many years, he can deal with just about anything..."

Yyyyeahhh - He's a fucking drunk!

But, Obama is a smoker, which is even worse, since he's black.

Oh - A few of my millions of readers have complained about me using the term "TeaBaggers", which is not politically correct, I s'pose - so now I shall be referring to the TeaBaggers as THE ANGER BABIES.

And I'm starting four or five new political movements in a day or so - keep an eye out at communities101

10:30am OK - more on the elections - even though I, personally, am not into rehashing politics.

I dreamt that I was back in HS, enjoying the simple pleasures of skipping class. I got in trouble, but ended up making out with the hottest girl in school during Detention. I woke up to discover that I was eating a dead squirrel. Before that, I dreamt that - I forget - it was all high-intrigue, like James Bond. I woke up to find that Rahm Immanuel was standing over me, dressed in leather. "Can I count on your vote?"

eh - I can't concentrate - I'll do another post later...

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