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I am the person who will destroy China.


(Mon Nov.1 10:30am): I listened to WBCQ's "Marian's Attic" Halloween Special - oldies from as far back as 1889. It's amazing that spooky Halloween song sounds have been around forever. The same scary flat minor key note at the end of a line or chorus - it's the same sounds as now. One song from 1909 was apparently the origin of "Boogey Man", called "Boogey Boo", and it sounded like it could have been made yesterday. I guess 1909 was a lot more like today - then all the crazy screamy swingy jazzy Charleston songs took over by 1917. 1907 was a lot like 2008 - students of economic history know what I am talking about. But we have yet to experience our Progressive Movement.

Note: See "Inside Job" - on our econ crash(es)...

Last night, there were even less people walking around than on a normal night. I only had three knocks, and two might have been by the same bunch of kids. Anyway, those kids, I gave two bags of candy each, plus two more for their invisible sisters. That was 10 big bags. I still have about 35 left. What a waste of time and money. ha ha - now I have to be Secret Santa wherever I go, giving people big bags of candy. I don't want it - although it rocks. Rock candy baby.

Other topical: That WDC rally. How nice, it further conveys the elitist/media message that Republicans and Democrats are identical, so don't even vote - ergo, Republicans shall win. How snarky and cool - yeah - watch the Baby Boomers rob your future, yet more so.

I admit that the Dems deliberately allowed the Republican FILIBUSTER to succeed at blocking everything of substance. But most people aren't even aware that there has been a perpetual GOP filibuster in effect. They are basing their equivalation on poor information, not sophisticated facts.

The whole TeaBagger marketing fad has been based entirely on STEELING AWAY POPULIST DISSENT, which would have otherwise been expressed through a Progressive movement. Appealing to fears and ambivalence and stupidity, the bought-and-paid-for TeaBagger "Party" FRAUD has completely domineered away the actual Progressive emphasis on FACTS and INTELLIGENCE. Progressives can be so impractical - instead of whining about the latest TeaBagger assaults and insults, why aren't they scaring people about FOREIGN MONEY BUYING OUR ELECTIONS, or IDENTIFYING THE TEABAGGER "PARTY" AS FALSE ADVERTISING, or even HELPING PEOPLE TO HAVE FUN AND CONFIDENCE DURING BAD TIMES?!?!

Why aren't Progressives and Moslems and Blacks, etc., all bringing a class action law suit against Faux News and Clear-the-channel, because the violent rhetoric of Beck, Limbaugh, Cunningham, etc., threatens OUR PHYSICAL SAFETY? Beck: "All you liberals and progressives, etc., need to be TAKEN OUT!" Witness, (google), the anti-TIDES shooter. Witness, the foot-on-head Rand Paul goon: "She should apologise to me. I have a bad back! (Otherwise I would have punched her with my fists. Poor me)."

Limbaugh: "Notice how the Liberals aren't advertising their ACCOMPLISHMENTS - like Obama-Care, like the Jobs Bill, like the Stimulus, LIKE ENDING THE RECESSION?..."

What? (Yes, it's true, Liberals are running from their accomplishments). But Rush Limbaugh JUST ADMITTED THAT LIBERALS HAVE ENDED THE RECESSION?!" Wooooo! Did anyone else catch that?!?!?

"The Republicans DemoKRATz are planning massive voter fraud!" "The Republicans DemoKRATz are engaged in VIOLENT TACTICS!" "The Republicans DemoKRATz WILL SAY AND DO ANYTHING!" "The Republicans DemoKRATz HAVE MASSIVE MONEY FROM MILLIONAIRES!" "The Republicans DemoKRATz DESTROYED THE ECONOMY with T.A.R.P.!" "The Republicans DemoKRATz are LYING TO YOU ABOUT THE TAX CUTS!" - This is sheer, "rank demagoguery", thunder-stealing, FRAUD.

Fighting back against this cowardly crap could be so easy, but it's just not happening. The media is in on it. We see Bill Clinton (allegedly) giving HIS vote to a Republican, (Charlie Crist-sp?), while Limbaugh says this is because Democrats hate blacks - and we see Obama declaring ahead of time that the Republicans would sweep Congress, bending over, like not allowing SINGLE PAYER. These people make as much sense as a bunch of ALIENS to me. But the Dems are NOT as bad as the GOPs! The GOPs have completely lost their minds.

After a truck hits your car, and you're flying through the air, you're not thinking to yourself, "Um, why did that just happen? What does this portend for the future? What should I do next?" No, you stop acting like a progressive liberal, and you become a mindless piece of meat. You don't have a millisecond of time to assess things. So, when your skull crashes into cement, it isn't really much of a bother. Doesn't really hurt, because you have had no reflective consciousness. Nor memory. All you had was meat consiousness, which is just rock consciousness or universal consciousness - like flower-pot dirt, or walking through a tunnel of light when you die, or floating off in infinite pleasure after a stroke. Cuz, you just can't reflect and say, "What has just happened? What is coming next?" Man - you deeead.

When you DO have reflective consciousness, you can imagine that you are in control of your life. Except for occasional errors and superstitions, you can predict what is happening and what will happen next, simply by talking to yourself in your head. "Well, head, we're off to work! Shall we order a burger at the bank, like on the commercial, bla bla bla..." Because of this chatter - or individual flaws in it - people can sometimes pay attention to the wrong info, and ignore the RIGHT info. Add to this: the chatter on a cell phone, operating a car, etc., and we may consider that a large number of people are simply airborne missiles waiting to happen. One day, like nukes, we will all have Chinese circuits in our brains, & so China will be able to punch a button and we will all go flying into the air at the same time. "Huh?"

Until then, we drive along, chattering, and suddenly the WRONG information suddenly comes out of nowhere, in the form of a truck slamming into our car. Well, up until then, we were pretty much in control, predicting what would happen next. Our heart would beat, our body would say, "OK. Beat acomplished. Time for next beat..." and so forth, while our brain says, "OK. Right-turn accomplished. Time to speed through School Zone..." and so on.

But when that truck is slamming into us, all that figuring goes out the window - and so do we. There is no more control. We are no longer one-up on time itself. We are now OBJECTS. Our circuits have been completely overloaded, and we are IN SHOCK. We have now returned to our original state in nature, airborn meatheads.

TeaBaggers are airborne meatheads. They are like dinosaurs with their walnut brains removed.

People just need to feel IN CONTROL in order to get through this bad patch, instead of finding that it's OVER. Lights out. Instead of STILL TRYING TO IGNORE THE DAMN TRUCK, like the intelligent Liberals...

The more people feel IN CONTROL, the more they fear death. That's because being 100% IN CONTROL is impossible - it's an illusion - it's a low-order, elementary chatter circuit running over and over in the brain - full of abstract words like "Me" and "Right" and "God". So, you got these basic words running like basic numeric integers running over and over in a circle - what about all the real FRACTIONS out there in nature? Pretty hard to incorporate them into this scheme, yes? Pretty hard to face REAL FACTS. Pretty hard to deal with all that WRONG INFO when it's finally mowing you down like a MACK TRUCK, yes? That's how reptilian TeaBaggers (Republicans) are dealing with the state of the nation in their lives. To keep the feeling of control going - the circuit - they need to blame blame blame, cuz ME RIGHT ME RIGHT ME RIGHT. It's a circuit accelerated by FEAR - ultimately FEAR OF DEATH. Self-fulfilling, cuz here comes that truck! Here comes THE APOCALYPSE. "I'm RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!" Crash!

Truck hits. Shock occurs. Mindless meatheads are aiming at you and me. But, they feel OH SO GOOD about it. Cuz they be fricken ZOMBIES, speaking in fricken tongues...

We must reunite both hemispheres and readjust our whole chatter circuitry - towards a workably future. This is NOT happening at the moment.

"The Republicans are standing at the side of the ditch, just tellin us to 'Push harder! Push harder!'"






Because Children of the Baby Boomers - http://www.SEVENGENERATIONSAHEAD.com - deserve roads, health care, Social Security, minimum wage, a healthy environment, Medicare, safety standards, good government, jobs, FREE Libraries/INTERNET, privacy, affordable housing, etc., JUST LIKE THE BOOMERS HAD. We don't need no pogrom party...

http://www.trickorvote.com  http://www.jeffersonsmith.com  http://www.blueoregon.com
http://www.calloutthevote.com (http://www.boldprogressives.org)

PS - Ed Schultz is really disturbed about Jon Stewart's message. I don't blame him. The message is more of the same, "Kiss the boot that kicks you." Stewart said that Shultz and Olberman were just as bad as Beck, etc. Simply not true - and not real. He said that more civility on both side would solve the problems in WDC. Nonsense. And, he demanded that people call themselves, "Radical Moderates!" Well, that one gets me - cuz I've been calling myself a "Radical Moderate" for years - both as humour, and to prompt thought. So, I know of what I speak.

But I WILL say that the CROWD at the rally IS the beginning of a good political movement. Why? First of all, I've said we've got until about 2018 until REAL change happens, bottom-up. Until then, there will be even worse crap in WDC - meaning the Republicans may even win the Presidency in 2012, etc. ALSO, what this young crowd wants is to keep feeling good and safe and hopeful. Being young, they feel they are capable of changing things - somehow. They NEED to detach themselves from parents from both Left and Right in order to experience this delusional independence. THAT'S HOW A REALLY REVVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT BEGINS, right or wrong. It begins as counter-generational. So, it's a good thing, in the long run. Just wait until these folks, wanting to drift along, get their skulls kicked in by the TeaBagger Express, and we've got a powerful Progressive movement in the making. Not to worry. So to speak. We ARE capable of changing things. Let's call this the NEW MILLENIUM movement. k? And the MIDDLE DOES have to become RADICAL, yo. so yeah. and Far left and far right need to hook up. like a big brain... not a meathead...

(I love Ed Shultz, but if he wasn't as cloud-headed as these Comedy-Centrallers, he would have rescheduled HIS "One Nation" rally for the day after the Stewart rally. But the whole passion play - it's as good as predetermined. UNLESS YOU VOTE !!!).

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