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GOLD $$$ (Possibly the MOST IMPORTANT POST you will ever read!) $$$ CRASH


(Tues Oct 5 11:30pm): INCONSITENCY ALERT! - The more a body writes, the more a body contradicts a body. The more I write, the more I lose LJ friends. This is a simple fact of Entropy. And, one more truism: If you don't make enemies, you aren't making progress.

It has come to my attention that I seem to have contradicted myself on a few subjects. On the one hand, gossip, (as language), empowered women to learn, and to put the overlording males of the tribe in their place - encouraging social justice, education, sharing, invention... On the other hand, gossip can subjugate people to a collective "state" paranoia, stifling creativity, bringing everyone down to a sad, boring common denominator, and encouraging people to fight against each other.

Another one: Gays are good, caring, creative people who just want to live their lives in a decent, intimate way. On the other hand, some gays can be controlling Nazi's, competing, glorifying war and power, etc. Well, in the latter case, I was saying that homosexuality could be a byproduct of becoming addicted to the idealisation of competition, and so masculinity - a byproduct of the need to control, practiced by jackasses who rise up to become the elite in dysfunctional societies. Well, such dysfunction can also attract ANYONE: heteros, people who get into sadism, masochism, pedophilia, rape, etc., etc. - anything to break the boredom that the flight from natural intimacy has created. So long as they are hungering for POWER.

Scientifically, roughly 50% of homosexuality is genetic, and 50% is environmental or chosen. Folks, that's the way it is with EVERYTHING in life, like psychic "reality", genetic predispositions for diseases, voting in this country, and so on. 50 / 50. And it will always be impossible to tease out which is which - thank goodness. And this is because, ultimately, humans do not have brains that truly understand nature - they don't know what the hell they are doing. Never have.

Second point: It's not just a matter of gay vs non-gay, or nature vs nurture, or good people vs controlaholics, etc. There are always MANY factors or vectors involved in EVERYTHING. But, we can reduce the Gay Nazi question down to a simple example or metaphor, with only 4 factors. More vs less gay AND more vs less Nazi. Gay and Nazi are two completely different axes. Now, lets reduce these even further to 4 basic factors of human existence: More or less pleasure-seeking, and more or less control seeking... If you are gay, you want to enjoy being gay. Same for heteros. Same for people who like food, sleep, music, etc.

Our mission in life is to enjoy ourselves. To eat, have sex, commune in society, create art, wonder at nature, invent things, accomplish things, satisfy our souls, sleep in peace, not fear monsters, imagine, play, cooperate, etc. In order to achieve such pleasures, we necessarilly have, built into us, the need to CONTROL, so as to assure, maintain, or obtain these pleasures. Both pleasure and control have a measure of each other within themselves. But sometimes, in screwed-up environments, where fear takes over, CONTROL can go too far, and fuck up and pervert pleasure-seeking, and vice versa. There can arise a dissonance or perturbation between the two, such that elites in society become completely anti-natural and sociopathic, now addicted to the pleasure/control perversion and its mores and expectations and demands.

When hyper-controlism leads to a worship of competition, and so of male-worship, then pleasure could tend to rush to the greatest "sin": homosexuality. But there would also be parallel female-worship, ergo the taboo fad of lesbianism. Conformity-worship, ergo sadism. Sadism-worship, ergo masochism. I am not talking about natural genetic or chosen homosexuality here, I am talking about options screwed-up Nazi people might take privately, and screwed-up people that dysfunctional elites attract. It is all about control corrupting pleasure, destroying natural intimacy, true pleasure, and true security or control. See what I'm saying. There are good gays and bad gays, good jews and bad jews, good whites and bad whites, etc. I do not at all say that corruption in society CREATES true homosexuality, or anything else.

In dysfunctional times, the elites become filled up with the very "sinful" people who had once "threatened" the comfortable pleasures and security, or control, of the society back when that society was actually adequately functional. It gets filled up with the "subversives" and the "competitors" and the duplicitous, envious, vengeful, corrupt, selfish, sociopathic. And that is what makes it so lustfully attractive to those who seek authoritarian control. THUS, it fills up with gays, Jews, blacks, sadists, masochists, pedophiles, philanderers, morons, Satanists, WITCHES - all the formerly "bad" people. And they generally ARE bad people not because of this, and not because of any group they belong to, but because they - a small minority - tend to want to CONTROL EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING. THAT is the problem. Gay has nothing to do with it, other than Gay tends to be a major "sin" these people pursue, among many other "sins".

HOW do these people rise to the top? Well, I've written about "Little Baby Bastard Bosses," and people falling in behind bullies, and so forth. But so much more can be written and explored. When the elite become so corrupted, filled with self-contradiction and dysfunction in their own psychologies, they enact programmes, rules and manipulations which are precisely THE OPPOSITE of what is needed to keep the society healthy - and yet they are incapable of seeing this, and continue to believe that they are, instead, doing the world a favour - by pleasuring themselves by controlling it. (See post on "Behind Economics - Igby Goes Down"). And, of course, they control it by pitting gay against Jew against black against white, etc., etc. And the liberals are happy to put minorities into office, and the conservatives are happy to put whores into office, but they're all corrupt, for some reason - and impotent, compared to their corporate masters.

(Weds insert: I did not add to my recent post - I think the Igby post - about "WHY WOULD THE RICH WANT TO SCREW US?" - i meant to add that, as the elite divides and conquers US, they are not in perfect collusion. Many of them, except the ultra-elites, are still nicely competing with each other for better profits. So, they will continue to slash and burn - jobs, homes, environment, quality, free speech, privacy, health, etc. - if it means they can predominate. It's not (always) that they all get together and PLAN to destroy us - it is just the habit of seeking power at any cost. - Also, I heard right-wing privacy-advocate talk show host Dr. Catherine Albrecht say, quite correctly, that the elites, “The assume they are better for you, and that they know what is best for you, because they have more money or a degree. They say, “We only want to HELP you. And THIS is how we are going to go about helping you: BY HURTING PEOPLE” – They don’t know any better!).

Here's where we can get back into GOSSIP, and the seeming contradiction. Is gossip good, or is gossip bad? Well, for one thing gossip very much becomes a major component of a society becoming dysfunction. Gossip is a major factor in why people move towards making the dysfunctional, controlaholic, or pleasure-perverting choices they make, in a dysfunctional society. But it's the same deal as mentioned above...

Gossip serves both the more/less PLEASURE of a society, as well as its more/less CONTROL. Gossip can range from being greatly serving a functional society's pleasure and security, all the way to completly screwing up its pleasure and security. Perversely, it may publically champion security and control, while privately advocating debauchery and weakness. It may become the currency of a gaggle of bullying controlaholics and sex addicts. It can go all over the map. All because there are AT LEAST 4 factors involved in its equation - not EVEN to get into the 2 ADDITIONAL factors of public vs private. AND, gossip is also an INDIVIDUAL affair - it serves INDIVIDUAL needs for pleasure-vs-control, VS more-vs-less. Thus, we are not even discussing 2 MORE factors: Individual vs society.

Question: What do you get when you include ALL factors, provided by the universe, into any formula of any uncontrolled environment? Answer: 50 / 50.

So, there will ALWAYS be contradictions - apparent or real or whatever - in anything I write, just as their are in life.

(later, 9:pm): I have been so down with CFS brain-strain & fatigue today. Yesterday, I moved a lot of metal out of house and these guys kept picking it up. It was serious exertion, but not the only reason I'm down now - worse tomorrow (?).

OK - Today, gold is at $1,339 - even with today's 195 rise in the stock market - cuz the dollar is dropping as predicted. (This is at a time when Las Vegas' water supply, Lake Mead, has dropped BY 125 FEET). Want to know some interesting stuff - MORE info GUARANTEEING you that gold will keep rising in a gonzoid manner. There is real gold - gold in people's hands and boxes and banks. There is gold that banks and governments have, and some they CLAIM to have, but don't. In the latter case, there is, lets suppose, (including the former), that there is only 80% of the gold that banks and governments SAY they have. That means that the REAL value of gold is actually a bit HIGHER than people say it is, (25% higher). But banks and governments secretly know this, and they work things, like the price of gold, to their advantage, in collusion. But, when the lie is eventually exposed, as it must be, then the value of your gold shoots up. Simple equation. (Kind of like discovering that collateralised securities are all a bunch of nothingness, in which case the value of credit shoots up).

BUT, let's just pretend that banks and governments aren't lying, and this area is all just fine. That's a conservative assumption which can't harm you, and can only benefit you if it's wrong, (which it is). Let's just pretend this whole area can be classified with REAL GOLD - actual, solid gold in the country or world. Now, we have real, physical gold, and we have INVESTMENTS and BETS on the value of gold, made mainly on commodities exchanges like NASDAC; (but also existing in mutual funds, retirement funds, hedge funds, etc., in corporate coffers, all on Wall Street; as well as in other exchanges or bets).

This is all gold ON PAPER. It is an estimation of the future price of gold. And it is CLAIMS, on paper, of purchases of real gold at estimated future prices. This is all "PAPER" gold. There are far more CLAIMS of purchases, on paper, than actually EXIST as REAL gold. That is to say, that agents in the economy are claiming that there is far more gold than actually exists in reality, (very similar to the previous example of banks and governments), thus keeping the REAL value extremely LOW. The low PAPER value of gold keeps the REAL value of coins and ingots low as well, which is bizarre, but true. In fact, for every 50 ounces claimed to exist, only FIVE ounces of gold exist in reality. The TRUE value of gold is actually, therefore, 45 times higher than that claimed! If you held an ounce of gold today, at $1,339, it's TRUE value is - get this: OVER $60,000!

Now, this "paper bubble" eventually has to "pop" - but you know that banks and governments aren't going to let it fully deflate. But it has to come down. Even if it came down a small bit, the value of your ounce of gold at the very least will double or triple.

To help deflate the bubble, and bring up the value of gold closer to its true level, (which helps stabilize global exchange), the value of the DOLLAR must go down. Seeing no crash last month on Wall Street, that's exactly what the Fed is doing - by increasing INFLATION, of the price of goods, just as I told you they would. They do this by printing paper money, which is used to buy bonds, the interest of which pumps money into banks, which is used to pay of their debts and the debts of big corporations and the elite. We get stuck with a lot of paper which buys less and less, cuz those at the top are able to raise their prices higher and higher, and still we throw them more and more paper. It's a money trap. But, if NOT if you own gold.

Another thing being done to bring real gold back into circulation, and therefore correct paper gold a bit, and therefore bring UP the value of real gold, is the installation of ATM machines which dispense GOLD. No lie. In a time of scarce gold, they would not be doing this unless the plan was to bring UP the price of gold, and send the price of the dollar down.

(Weds 1:pm insert): I am bunching together a few important points here, cuz I don't have time to insert them precisely in the above. First: More reasons why gold is headed nowhere but up... Warren Buffet has just now advocated for higher taxes on the RICH. That scares the rich, and also, in their eyes, threatens the economy. So, they start buying, and investing in gold, as a safety hedge. Less available gold = gold's value rises. But they are also buying up gold - a fact - because they see inflation coming, the value of the dollar dropping, and so the value of their other holdings dropping. They rush to safety in gold. Inflation, & the falling dollar, are coming because the Fed is printing money so they and others, can easier buy up US bonds - i.e., LOAN MORE MONEY to the gov't - and make a profit off it. (Etc.) ALSO because the "paper gold bubble" HAS to deflate, meaning the dollar falls vis-a-vis gold. SEVERAL other reasons - see previous posts. Reminder: Inflation is a tax by the rich upon the poorer. Summary: The rich are buying up gold - out of stocks - EVEN OUT OF PAPER GOLD - and into physical gold. Not only the rich, but the FED itself is doing this! (The FED is not only buying up real gold, but gov’t and corporate debt, via “quantitative easing”). You need no further proof.

How does inflation, and a falling dollar, help the rich? Not only do they get to pay off their debts before anyone else, they OWE LESS in purchasing power. This is most true of the gov't, who is producing inflation so that it doesn't have to pay back as much IN REAL PURCHASING POWER. For example, say the government owes $10 trillion - that debt is mainly in the form of US Bonds, mostly bought by China. But, if you can cut the purchasing power, THE REAL VALUE, of the dollar by 50%, then you still may owe "$10 trillion", and have to pay that many dollars, but you'd only be paying back HALF THE REAL VALUE. Ain't THAT a nifty trick? (This has been up their sleeves for years). Same for the rich elites. But the poorer middle class has less credit, and has to deal more in paying directly the actual inflationary prices for their groceries, etc. Interest rates pretty soon kick in, go up, and the poorer and up paying those costs - (taxes).

So, it can basically be seen this way: Symbolically "basing" the dollar on gold, the US (and elites) no longer owes China $10 trillion "worth of gold" - they soon only owe China HALF AS MUCH gold - the equivalent of $5 trillion in today's (pre-inflated) dollars.

Another thing the slipping dollar does is make Wall Street look like it's booming, at least for a while. Why? Dollars are worth less, so dividends and stock prices go up - and that makes it look like there is is more value circulating, when really it's only more dollars of lesser value. But this inspires investment none the less. Or at least modulates it.

A final visual. The presently bloated "paper gold bubble", which needs to deflate, so that the value of REAL gold comes up, and the value of the dollar falls - this paper bubble is like a ballast, or counter-weight to the present "artificialisation" of Wall Street and the investment economy. To explain my insight here: Stocks are over-rated. The hyperspace of collateralised securities is a bunch of worthless paper - impossible risks and pay-offs. These things continue the likelihood of a crash, "too-big-to-fail", calls for (now unlikely bail-outs), rabid hedge-funds, bankrupting countries, and so forth. Wall Street is, itself, one big bubble, and it has to be brought down - through a shrinking dollar. By deflating the paper gold bubble, you EVENTUALLY bring down Wall Street - and, given the right trigger, that can accidentally trip into a brisk collapse. Because when the paper gold shrinks - the real commodity they so imprecisely described, REAL GOLD, increases in value And, in the same way, when paper financial instruments in hyperspace plummet, then the value of the commodity which they so imprecisely described - mortgages or CREDIT - goes up in real value. Because of THAT 2007-2008 collapse, it is now virtually impossible to get a loan, yes? Credit is now very valuable - so valuable that the FED has the prime interest rate down at 0%, and still nobody's lending out.

In the same way, when the paper investments on NASDAC and on Wall Street diminish in power, then the true value of the goods, machines, land, food - these REAL things, go UP. Their prices INCREASE, because their real value increases. When that happens, we may be selling more goods to China, but China will have greater means to come in and buy up these things - land, agriculture, gold, minerals, food - and then rent it back to us, if we're lucky, at a profit.

The PAPER dollar falls, the cost of goods and services GO UP. (Unless you own gold).

Paper gold goes down, real gold goes up - the paper dollar goes down, it's real products cost more.

See how it works, now? Buy gold! (End of Weds insert). When it comes to gold, I have never contradicted myself. For I am not a witch - I am an ALCHEMIST!

However, some of you may remember that I predicted a strong possibility of a Wall Street, or similar, crash in the economy sometime in September. Didn't really happen, did it? So, you may be wondering - what does madman say about this now, huh? Where's your messiah now? Well, at the moment, he's going to bed, cuz he's very tired. But I'll provide you a little discussion on this topic soon. Hopefully, in the mean time, the sky doesn't fall.

(Weds Oct 6 10:30am): Well, it's late, and I'm hope to go out and do stuff, and I'm still pulling out of relapse, which might dip again later - a double dip! Plus, I have a bunch of notes on GOLD to add to the above! So, I'm not going to go deep into a discussion as to why the stock market didn't crash. I'm just jotting down cursory points. Such as: "Yet!" Next point - The government(s) can do things to delay or sidestep a crash - such as releasing positive reports at certain times, short-selling gold, decided to print money soon, announcing terrorism watch alerts for Europe, etc.

Finally, A major factor in my prediction, and a major economic worry of the gov't, was the BP oil disaster. I did not foresee that it would be so extensively, and so viley, swept under the rug - out of sight/mind - although the severe consequences are yet to come, from 1-20 years. Now that the worries of a crash have passed, the gov't and Obama are switching their econ policy "safely" towards inflation, removing Summers, etc. However, it was only a day or two into October, even during the stock market rise, that worries of a currency crisis were everywhere, and people in the know started buying gold.

I thought the dollar would drop SOONER - but it will still drop, inflation will rise, unemployment will stifle commerce and production for another year, the mortgage problem will simmer and the commercial real estate problem will worsen - and we still have done nothing to avert another hair-trigger crash caused in the hyperspace of collateralised securities such as bundled mortgages and credit default swaps. Europe has not stabilised. I am saying a crash can still occur soon or within 2 years. I also underestimated that Obama's government would choose to stimulate the economy through trade via sinking the dollar (via INFLATION/monitisation), rather than through robust measure like increasing trade/production fees, tariffs, RAISING THE MINIMUM WAGE, and circulating cash and credit from the grassroots UP. By encouraging trade via inflation (monitising the debt) and A FALLING DOLLAR, we only transfer our wealth, and eventual production capacity, TO CHINA.

I want to be out of here by 1:30!!!! Last night, I dreamt I was in line to buy a British coin, possibly called the silver "Leaf Links" - showing two leaves. I was ready to grab the last coin off the wall, and some other guy was trying to step in and grab it - but a buddy grabbed it for me. I bought mine for 2.4 Quid, or some English amount, but it was already worth 7.5 at the end of the sale. It also had the desired pink-blue tint, (depending on how the light hit it). So, I woke up and realised that some gold coins should be LASER-ETCHED - why not? You could laser-etch a coin and say it's value is $50,000, and it can't be counterfeited (much). If they want to bring up gold's value, I predict that they will be doing this!

(Weds 1:30pm insert): My heart is in pain. Delaying some non-economic fun observations, and letter to Ed Shultz / Thom Hartmann, until next time.

now-LATE breaking news (google):

- Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000.
- Repeal of the Glas-Stiegal Act in 1999.
- Warren Buffit - "we need to tax the rich - like ME"
- Christine O'Donnell - "I'm not a witch, silly! I'm YOU!" (a whore!)
- Obama puts solar cells on white house - (not associated w/ Jimmy Carter)
- Tom Daschle - "PUBLIC OPTION was never considered, due to secret Obama agreement"
- Gulf Stream shrinks by ½. Coldest winter in 1000 years coming for Russia.
- How Harmad Karzai’s driver was killed.

x- US Chamber of Commerce (USCOC) launders Foreign Money to fight progressive candidates!
- firemen let house burn down in OBION TN - exemplifying depraved republican philosophy
- google "HUGE EXPLOSION" - (joe watson article)
- Newt Gingrich - GA (R) - "Libs = party of food-stamps vs GOP = the party of paychecks"...
- Joe Miller - AK (R) teabagger candidate - "no more minimum wage!"...
- Jim Diment - SC (R) - "gays and single moms should NOT BE ALLOWED TO TEACH"...
- Limbaugh - "Obama is our O-mam child / Jackass! / Ignoramus! / Economic illiterate!"
- Obama depicted with "bone in nose"...
- Senate LAW to prohibit singing of national anthem TOO SLOWLY...
- Joe the SELFISH BASTARD Plumber wants no Puppy Mill improvements / puppy rights
... (Don't you see what's happening here? It's called FASCISM).
- Ed Schultz: "Republicans are EVIL!"
- "In the end-days, the hearts of men will grow cold."
- "Atheists and agnostics found to be the least trusted group in America."
- "Atheists and agnostics found to be the most knowledgable of the Bible."
- "Atheists and agnostics found to be the most trustworthy and moral when reality is taken into account."

In twenty years, we will all be living in rags - including your children. That's because, at the very moment, this election is being BOUGHT by the US Chamber of Commerce, (no longer beholden to the USA), and others. The Supreme Court is taking away your voting rights and free speech and giving it all to corporations, including Chinese. See "x", above and below. (Gold is now at $1350!) Please vote!

x- http://www.sciu.org - (anti-USCOC)
x- http://www.chamber.com - (USCOC)

x- * http://www.whoisartrobinson.com - USCOC $ vs dick defasio of eugene OR congress candidate
* http://www.votevets.org
* http://www.crooksandliars.com - nicole bell - lies in media, etc.

http://www.joesestak.com - PA progressive running for congress vs USCOC $
http://www.boldprogressives.org - PROGRESSIVE candidates! - public option loses to secret
http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com - public option loses to secret
http://www.powerofnightmares.com – (“THEpower…”???) – adam curtis
http://www.ricepasta.com - http://www.Tinkyada.com GF rice pasta, Canada 1-888/323-2388
http://www.heartlandpasta.com - Heartland GF corn/rice pasta, Italy (wheat facility) 877/eat-pasta
http://www.amys.com - Organic - great veggie refried beans - POB 449, Petaluma CA 94953
http://www.echoes.org - NPR "Echoes" new age, electronic, etc., music
http://www.radioornot.com - progressive talk show hostess
http://www.freepress.net - pro-net-neutrality
http://www.pdamerica.org - progressive dems of america
http://www.feedthepig.org - how to save money
http://www.ceda.org - federal food assistance, etc.
http://www.priceline.com - online shopping
http://www.overstock.com - online shopping
http://www.downtownoakpark.com - oak park, il
http://www.savemybutt.com - computer/security assistance
http://www.choices.com - $
http://www - Richard greene (prog talk) email = hollywoodclout@gmail.com
http://www.herbalhealer.com - herbs

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