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I am the person who will destroy China.

What the SHASTA ?

(Oct 1 10:pm): Well, hellow folks. Sha sha shakin?? I've come out of a 3.5 day relapse. Went to super-store. Came back, had my three beers - what? - I've only had two!

Three of my fingers are telling me that I am on the edge of danger. They peel with some fungal problem similar to ringworm, but far more discrete. It's always a sign that I've been pushing my CFS far beyond the limits, and I'll be in deep shit soon. Because the same thing is happening in my intestines. Letting out proteins like gluten. And when THAT gets out, my whole immune system goes haywire. And when THAT happens, there is no hope - it becomes an uncontrollable race to the bottom. There was one a race to my bottom held in Madison, but that's another story. Oh, those were the days. Little did I know that, when I did snort up cocaine with those rich college buddies, and buddies they were... When I did jello shots and broke into the zoo and ended up freeing one of us from police CUSTODY... When I partied like a fool and compromised my sweet cherry countless times... Little did I know, according to Alex Jones, that I was buying into the over-arching, corrupt NEW WORLD ORDER - and if I had only given it a little more time, I would be selling mercury-contaminated flu shots and depleted uranium golf clubs to drug-runners and pedophiles, all Masons. ha ha oh god.... Ya gotta fish out what's real and what's crap, folks. What was I talking about?

Damn. I can blast my music up to notch eleven because nobody lives on either side anymore, and no one lives across the street. I am the sole survivor. Which I thought was weird, earlier today. There used to be good guys and bad guys around here. People trying to raise sweet little pig-faced brats, people desperate for mom and dad in the shape of some derelict drunken fool neighbour, people selling DVDs as a gateway to invading homes. People across the street, turning the place into a drug house. People fighting and drinking and whoring and people getting shot and killed. It's all quiet now, and I am the sole survival. It's weird and sad and surrealistic. Shame. Is the name. And yet, the damn fool monkey-butt-face crazy gay guy on the corner continues to patrol my house, thinking himself the policeman of my soul, still convinced that I am the downfall of the neighbourhood. Why does he think this? Because he wanted to tear down OUR back wall so he could put in a garage - and since I didn't let him have this - and I stopped him from cutting down innocent trees in lots he didn't own - he blamed EVERYTHING on me - fires, fights, drugs, etc., and he set to spreading gossip against me in every way possible. And yet, he is a complete moronic coward.

I'm going to try some pot now... OK - this joint is burning like tobacco, and maybe it is tobacco. I'm getting a rush, but you can also get a rush off of tobacco right away. I don't even know yet. But yes. The answer to yesterday's contest is this : I found a JOINT at the library. And I have been wanting to do pot again to see if it helps my CFS. This is prolly just tobacco. I feels menthol. The last time I did pot was when a woman and her boyfriend took me into the back of their store for pot and sex. I clammed up. I get quiet - sometimes paranoid. But sex on pot is the best. I did pot a lot in High School. I was once a star in a HS play. I went on-stage before 600 people, smoking my tobacco pipe. Unbeknownst to the audience, it was half-full of pot. Because I am the coolest person you will ever meet. But, yeah - this damn thing was just tobacco. I hope I don't get herpes now. I'll have another beer, thank you.

Can you imagine, I was walking around today with what could have been a pot spliff and $650 in cash?

I hope I am entertaining you. OK, today, I tried to rouse myself from my CFS slumber by listening to a disco mix I made for Ashley - and it rocks so hard, yo. Meanwhile, I wrote a long letter to my "millionaire" relative, adding 2 pages of excerpts from my journal, describing how difficult it was to move when I have CFS. Mind you, I have lost 3 days to CFS. This was day 4. At about 4:30:pm, I felt I could still at least make it to the library, send the letter, and then take a bus to the grocery store. So, that's what I did. After the library, and the bus, I stopped through Taco Bell, behind a gigantic line. Had a little thing with the black girl at the counter. Saw a man whom, I think, was a former neighbour - who was interested in the fact that I was now up and about. Went to the supermarket. The bank there had just closed. I slighted the teller who had just been slightly disrespectful to me, and for that, another teller at least gave me a deposit envelope for their nearby branch. Found out a bag-boy whom I slightly know had his birthday today. So, while I was waiting for a bus, and he came by picking up carts outside, I told him "Happy Birthday!" and he couldn't figure out how I knew, but he appreciated it.

So, yeah - going back in time - on Tuesday, after the library, I had to wait about 45 minutes for a bus to go get bones for my dog, as promised, to said dog. But when I finally got there, they didn't have bones - so I am now only RARELY shopping at that Hispanic meat market. Waited for another bus. Got off in seedy district. Walked many blocks up a major urban thoroughfare. I was scoping for a living place. Many, many car repair and parts places - from Auto Zone to shops with graffiti for signs. This was good - cuz I need to repair my car. Derelict. Traffic. Fowl air. Cough cough. About 5 good pizza places. A Catholic Church. A community Center. A good supermarket. K-Mart. MY bank. A library. Two McDonalds. RadioShack. At least two "Oriental" restaurants. A Hispanic-American restaurant which offers $2.50 breakfasts - and for lunch: A sandwich, soup and fries FOR $3.50!!! A Taco Bell. It's all here. So, I asked around for directions to the apartments. I got two responses to two dif places. Then I asked an elderly cashier at a CVS, and SHE knew - cuz I'm looking for the apartments for ELDERLY PEOPLE. I told them, "But no, ALSO for disabled people - which is what I am - see, really, I am..."

So I went looking for them, in pitch black darkness. I must say, I was in the land of atomistic anonymity - and I like that. If I can't have community that I like, then I want as much anonymity as possible. That's what I liked about Phili - and yet, creepy peeps kept peeping in and eating meh!

Dogs barked. Faces looked out of mobile homes. Cars coming-out-loud with apoplectic rap music. People scratching and sniffing, shifting, and being off about their insubstantial business. Oh - yeah - lots of doable girls around here. As if. You know what I fear? I fear walking into a place where I want to be anonymous, and, by sheer habit, charming the sox off of girls - ooo! feet!!!! - and then waking all these poor loser zombie rednecks up to the POSSIBILITIES in their lives, simply by the power of my relentlessly cheerful and attractively witty personality. Then, they will all swarm around me and want to elect me into some damn thing - and meanwhile all these hundreds of jealous-dog boys and men will want to kill me, and the girls will therefore want me even more! I swear to god! Because my whole Madison Progressive thing is completely alien to these people - and since I can't CONTROL it, I totally fear that if I moved to this place, it would, very soon, lead to my complete undoing!

So - I should be forced to be extra careful and extra quiet, and live amongst quiet elderly people, like the sweet lady who came hobbling after me in the night, "Young Man! Young Man! Did you leave this note? Young Man?!..." She was so sweet - and sad. My whole fucking life is represented by her sad existence. Poor sad lady, soon to die, seeing in me something so special, being so devoted to being so polite, so considerate. I lament what this society has become, bitches. Poor sad emblem of what we were - what we hoped to be...

I slip in and out of cracks, in and out of the shadows - in and out of the backstabbers of today, and the giving souls of the past, clenching their jaws about you in rapacious need - I slip about, seeking anonymity, seeking to save another hundred here, another hundred there, so I can finally get myself to some bear-free glade in some forgotten forest, internet-ready, where I can - somehow now free from CFS - write the book that will set all these pathetic bastards free.

After catching some Mexican tossing out a bin of some restaurant food, and grilling him about the so-called neighbourhood, I waited for a bus back home. The busses all go through seediness. Which is totally different from sardines. Unfortunately, they don't connect to better busses on the east side. And parks or forest preserves aren't nearby. And the air would kill me - so I'd need an air purifier. See, all that traffic, and all those car places, and the deisel airport right next door, with planes taking off right overhead... that's crappy air. Plus, after an airplane engine lands on my apartment, it will be made into a Mosque, and I shall be worshipped as Maha Jaha Bahahahaaaaaaa.

I got home and watched the Seinfeld gang waiting for a table at the Chinese restaurant. I thought that this was apropos, of all of my waiting that day. You ever notice about that Seinfeld episode: When the maître d’ seeks to take the order, the Seinfeld gang first takes a few moments to talk amongst themselves? It's there. But no attention is drawn to this - but in fact, it is rude and inconsiderate - and it brought forth all of the stalling and spite from the maître d’ - but this is never at all indicated. But it's there. Anyone in NYC knows, though, East Coast Chinese are not to be slighted - they are, like everyone else, petulant twats. Believe me, I have found out these things to be true. Amen. Everyone rise, and smoke a doobie.

I write all of this tonight because I am good for nothing better, and I am pretty damn sure I'll be off to the library tomorrow, with bright red lips, and a kink in my grey matter, and slight dehydration, and perhaps some vertigo - possibly dim visions of ambulance lights and doctors penises - and, my dears, I know I owe you something at least halfway pathetically entertaining. Especially after that last load, eh? OMG - if you didn't read it, then that means you're not in my filter, and you are as unto a flake of skin, falling off a befungalled finger, verily. Because.

A decent skin is all I am.

Ta da! da da da da daaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooh, but meanwhile.........

Can you imagine - gold was at $1250 when I posted you about it on August 31 - and now it's passing $1315 - what are you people, stupid? None of you has boasted to me of how you are buying gold. It's already gone up $20 in the last three days - that means that the fees you spend to buy an ounce, or half-ounce of gold, will be paid back to you in a week or two at the most - after that it's all profit. I predicted it would go to $1500 at the end of the year. Silver is already at $21/oz. I bought mine at $14/oz., and that wasn't long ago. I'm telling you, you NEED to do this. How can you read my economic posts and not realise you need to do this? I love you all, don't you understand?

One thing I'll never understand - maybe it's just an Irish thing - you drink beer and reach a plateau - beyond which you can get no drunker - unless you introduce isopropyl alcohol...

And what's left for me? At one time the future did stretch out before me. But now it stretches behind. And what's left for me? My life has been an endless recession...

Of people...


"Thank God that's not me."

(Sat Oct 2, 11:pm insert): Caught two mice. Cooked up 10 pounds of chicken leg quarters for dog. Saving, as usual, the thick "soup" to make future dog-food. Same soup was used to boil other chicken & pork last week. Fatigued all day. This post was the main accomplishment. Watched episode of "Curb" where Larry has a run of bad luck and meets Shack O'Neil, etc. This resembles my life, and so do the sudden runs of good luck. I have the same attitude as he - I encourage some people to ignore me by talking rings around them - because this brings me a great deal of peace and quiet - and immunity from contamination by a city full of idiots. I relish unpopularity. What the hell am I going to do about candy for the Tricksters this year? I'm stretching my budget to the bone right now, if that analogy makes any sense whatsoever.

(Monday insert): People who don't know how to talk also have this Achilles heal, where they carry around the need to be quick to judge in a moralistic fashion. They have little moralistic templates they fit people into, for their convenience and self-congratulations. (People who don't know how to talk also tend to walk around with ulterior motives stuffed in their crotches). So, if I want such people not to bother me, I talk my delightful rings around them - while they say to themselves, "What do I say? What was I going to say? How do I think? Is it me or is it him? He won't let me talk! Wait - he's pausing. What does he WANT?! Why is he talking to me? I wanted his driveway. I wanted his yard. I want some ice-cream now. I want him to go away. He's too nice! People AREN'T THAT NICE! He means trouble! What can I do to HATE him?! What can I do to HATE him?!" Then they grab one little thing I say, and use it to hate me. Victory is THEIRS!

For example: The Crazy Christian Landlord, who was seeking to gain our driveway so he could have MORE tenants, in the service of God, immediately paused in an odd gaze when I pointed to a large tree stump, which had sprouted a tangle of new bushy branches, (which I subsequently killed), and said, "Yep. I killed this baby!"

"Killed? A BABY?! He KILLED a BABY? (Of course, it was just a tree, but if he could, he would probably) KILL A BABY! He is PRO-ABORTION!!! Evil! Evil! S A T A N ! Baby-Killer!!!!! Must evacuate unholy driveway! beep! beep! beep!"

This has occurred so many times, I'll have to make it a separate post. It's funny, though, isn't it? (end of Monday insert)

Well - a virtual media black-out of the WDC "One Nation" rally today. Not only do people NOT watch TV news on Saturdays, there was no TV news, due to football games. I'll bet Ed Shultz chose Oct. 2 for the rally cuz he wanted to get to some other football game somewhere the next day - but come on, WHEN will Progressives learn how to work the media, fgs!!! I only saw pics of the rally on Fox. Someone held a sign that said, "Abolish the Fed!" Now, that was either impressive, or else Fox was using video from the Glenn Beck rally. BTW: There may only be a DAY or two left TO REGISTER TO VOTE!!! Please - remember, your count votes MORE now, cuz less people are voting during midterms. We need to stop playing defense and instead go for a TOUCHDOWN - 5 more seats in the Senate, etc.... THINK POSITIVE!!! ACT AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Because it will, one day. And that day is NOW.

(Sun Oct 3, 10:30am insert): It's interesting that a recently posted dream sort-of predicted reality. About a week or so ago, I had a fun conversation with a cute bank teller, but she was not up to my snuff. (What do I care, if she's cute, she laughs, and she's near money?) The bank is inside the supermarket. When I was at the bank again recently, I stopped by and she was now bland and diffident, (as I also posted) - not that I was looking for anything, she was just not returning my common pleasantry. This is a sure sign that she had fallen into the gossip trap. She had obviously been gossiping with various people, and the habitually jealous or spiteful ones influenced her.

That's one problem with gossip - it creates an atmosphere where people can't move freely, originality gets sucked away, good cheer turns into toenail fungus - all because the bad apples in the crowd, who seek to gossip the MOST, bring everything down to a sad common denominator, through their negativity. I feel the dead claws of this vampiracy most everywhere I go in this town, and so I don't stick around - I leave - I refuse to encourage it. What it does is demand that you now start STRUGGLING like a caught fish to regain the pleasantry, the fun, the respect, the naturalness - by competing with assholes, and spending more and more money, and joining in with the rest of the yahoos with their primary mission of becoming very fat. All because their whole self-destructing psychology goes completely against the grain of nature.

I don't elevate competition and gossip into some sacred ideal or goal, as was the way of the Romans and Nazi's, who were never satisfied with sex unless it was homosexual. That's another subject... Anyway, I walked away from this girl, without saying thank-you or even looking at her. Slap! Why? Because I was conveying to her that she had blown any chance with me so don't even think about it - just as the dream had prophesied!

Well - the homosexual thing: Women are around to sooth men after they compete with each other - to bring them into the home, give them sex and food, and enlighten them as to the whole other REAL world of cooperation, family, caring, empathy, etc. Males, naturally-wired to be childish and incomplete, need constant reassurance, or else perpetual monkdom, in order to de-stress and come back down to reality. But societies which elevate male competition into an ideal compel men and their addictive sex-drives into worshipping other males for that ideal - worshiping their competitive body machines - worshipping their POWER to SMASH weak cooperators. It is total narcissism, and it always falls apart after a few years. Very tragic. NOW, don't get me wrong, I also believe that at least 50% of homosexuality is genetic, and most gays are not into this whole fascist, Randian male-worship mindset or addiction. But there are some - like the crazy control-aholic gay guy on the corner. I honestly don't know, but such people MAY be gay by choice or addiction - as an outgrowth of their need to control - as rapists are addicted to sex crimes not for the sex but for the power. (For those who don't know me well: I am very pro-gay. I've worked for gay rights. I'm as pro-gay as they come!) Be sure to look out for the awesome upcoming post on COOPERATION and on COMPETITIVE MALE PARANOIA.

Competition which does not benefit society is not competition. It is perversion.

Getting back to the subject of DREAMS: Last night, I dreamt that I was at some social benefit for some liberal cause I now forget. It was interesting. I was called to the phone and had a conversation with a black fellow who was also devoted to the cause. I could barely hear him, (cuz my real-life radio was turned off, I guess). He was saying that he disagreed with our progressive approach, and was discussing why we should be more radical. He said that as we went about our activities, we continued to partake in the evil systems of capitalism. Thus we were being hypocrites. I've been hounded by that argument for so long, and I reject it. He said we were thus SUPPORTING TYRANNY. But I told him that REACTING to tyranny, in a violent manner, is ALSO Tyranny. It is certainly a tyranny for poor people like me, who mainly want to sleep on the couch. And, witness what happened to the French Revolution - it somehow became fascist, in a sense. I'd say the majority of revolutions end up as a new Tyranny. However, I am not fundamentally opposed to sensible revolutions.

This dream was partly inspired by listening to WPR's "To The Best of Our Knowledge", http://www.ttbook.org. I suggest you check out their recent show on music and nationhood. In this show, a Mennonite woman was describing her dilemma of somehow being forced to support the military-industrial complex, as when having to sing the violent National Anthem at sports games. This is a wonderful, weekly radio show. One segment discussed Beethoven's 9th Symphony - a progressive anthem for some future era of joyous brotherhood. Another segment discussed the amazing interplay and influence of International Arabic and Jewish musicians in Moorish Spain in the 1400's. Not only do I love hybrids of Arabic music - modern Arabic-funk/pop/house, Bulgarian, etc. - I am also a lover of Spanish history during the 1500-1600's.

In Moorish Spain, famous and rad musicians were brought in from such places as Baghdad, Morocco, the Middle East, etc., and they created musics which blended together with European and Romanesque and local musics to influence music in Spain. There flourished a high culture of diversity, gardens, love poetry, etc. - all very different from the trends of the Medieval post-Holy Roman Empire. Songs of romantic love, bordering on intercourse, may have had the same words as Sofi RELIGIOUS songs - so you could hear a religious song worshipping God as if he were a lover. Now - that is like the tables were turned: Here was "decadent" Moslem culture "corrupting" conservative Western culture. Today, it is the opposite - so very interesting.

Well, Roman Spain overtook Moorish Spain and put an end to this. Jews were interrogated and killed. Moslems were "allowed to practice freely forever", and 10 years later were asked to LEAVE, or else CONVERT. If the choice was to exit, you had to leave your gold and silver behind, leave your CHILDREN to be Christianised, and get out with whatever you could carry ON YOUR BACK. Thus, most Moors "decided" to convert to Christianity - and today Spain is a strongly Catholic country.

After Christopher Columbus was turned down by the Italians - the Vatican?? - who were already pretty far up their own butts by now, and who could only envision trade as coming directly from the East, he went to the Queen of Spain. The Queen put him on hold for a while, but at least she recognised that the world was ROUND, based on a map from Lisbon. It wasn't until the Queen conquered the Moorish stronghold of Grenada in 1492, and amassed all this Moorish GOLD, that the Queen decided to give Columbus a little gold for his mission to the WEST. And all of this is why most of the Western Hemisphere is now Catholic.

In Americaland, Columbus encountered "Indians" who showered tonnes of GOLD upon him. He took this back to the Queen, and thus began the Conquest of the New World, mostly to bring in more gold. All of this gold made Spain extremely powerful - but it wasn't long before it fed an 'inflationary bubble', and turned Spain MEAN. (Gold dropped in value relative to goods. Comparable to Weimar inflation preceding Nazis). Industrious England, always sitting safely by playing one mega-power against another, began to step in. When Spain lost its Armada, the great Power of Spain plumitted. She suddenly lost her vast territories in North America. The U.S.A., a secret buddy of England, continued to pick off Florida, California, Texas, etc. - and, in the war at the end of the 1800s, begrudgingly took the Philippines and major Islands in the Caribbean.

Let that be a lesson about inflation - it kills. I would conjecture that Holland would have been a stronger presence in North America were it not for their ridiculous TULIP BULB BUBBLE. Not a joke. The biggest thing that Holland ended up giving us were Calvinists, Quakers, and Mennonites - people who don't like war, technology, and Sofi love songs. Dam it. Oh, don't forget the New World Order - based over there. Onward, Christian soldiers.

(Sun Oct 3, 2:30:pm insert): COOKING: I have been slowly rising out of this long CFS relapse - maybe good tomorrow, but I am dealing with cumulative problems due to all the exertion. I I could decide if I wanted a salad, so I decided to make my salad into an omelet. I wanted the fresh spinach to cook, but I couldn't mix it in with the raw eggs, cuz that would make the finished omlet fall apart. Solution, 1/8 cup oil in small pot - fry spinach, a tiny bit of shrooms, diced grape tomatoes, boiled onion, green peps, and I accidentally threw in some cinnamon - which was OK. Now, with a little watered-down V8, I had a substitute for milk, which I never use anyway. Added three eggs, about 2 T of flour mix, a little spice/salt, a little BS. Made 2 large omelets - which held together very well - even after adding cheese. This was because of the proteins, etc., brought out from the veggies - but the liquid was kept low w/ flour. Pretty good spinach and cheese omelets! I hope this meal won't set me back - esp. my heart. Settling down to hopefully-relaxing day with my boyfriend, Morrissey, and his Swords. And his methadone.

(Mon Oct 4 9:30pm insert): I took 1/4th of a Benadryl last night to get better sleep, and soon I became extremely hungry with a small "virtual diabetes" crash. So I munched on corn chips and sunfl seeds at 1:am - a very BAD thing for me to do. Surprisingly, I am in fairly good shape this morning - so far. Letting my dog out back at 8:am, and turning off the front light, I noticed two legs in front of my house, sunlight shining through. Suddenly, the loud buzzing began. It was the City, responding to my call to cut away the overhanging Sunburst Locust tree, (which is not a tree but, in fact, a legume), from the front of the house. I went out and talked to him. He said he was cutting THIS and he was cutting THAT - all street stuff. "And that's abou it." And I mentioned the over-the-house stuff, which is why he was THERE. "Oh, she said something about that..." This is totally the City mentality - everything they do is designed to punish you for some code - branches too low to the street. Even though they were so eager to help when I first CALLED. And, this is totally why you need to TALK to them, or else they will do it wrong. (Witness: the City clean-up crew who blithely chopped my lilac bush in half). He was a good enough guy, delighted by my early morning demeanor, with the green Irish, "'Tis Himself", wrought large across my sweatshirt. So, I swayed him to not only do the job I called about, but to take away a bunch of old branches I had accumulated, even though he was not allowed to do this. I'm telling you, NOTHING would get done in Northern Illinois if it weren't for the divine intercession of people of Irish decent. "Well, yeah," I says, "Some of the branches ARE from a STREET tree..." "Well, since you said they were from a STREET tree, ha ha, OK then..." I'm so Daley.

It's a MIRACLE! It's cool and dry in the house. Fruit-flies are moping about in a Gothic manner. In order to manage the Desenex and Tinactin and Hand Cream I am ingesting, and should not be ingesting, I began my little regimen of taking anti-oxidants and anti-inflamatories, such as turmeric and tomato powder. My tomato powder goes it's own way and does what it wants to. It enjoys sopping up moisture and caking up, making the lid into some kind of tractor tire. It gets all chunky, etc., because it's dry and acidic and sticky - a natural desiccant. Having established the context: I took the little black plastic Tack Bell spoon (spork) and choppied choppied, and then took out a half a spoonful of tomato powder to consume. And what did I observe on the spoon?!?

Magnetic lines of force!

That's right. The adhesive particles of tomato powder arranged themselves in a crystalline fashion, emanating outwards from the bottom of the spoon, in the pattern of a magnetic field! They fell into order in the same way iron shavings arrange at one pole of a magnet! Isn't that fantastic?! This was static electricity arranging itself into a magnet, via the powder - apparently. I really don't see a plastic spoon as having any sustainable magnetic properties. But the acidic tomato powder could. And perhaps the tomato powder contains metals - and even heavy metals - or even benzene or strontium - taken up from the rich alluvial, volcanic soil, where the magical tomatoes had been grown, at the big feet of Mount Hood, and other such former-volcanoes in the Cascades - like the great queer King called "Mount Shasta"...

(Sat Oct 2, 5:pm): What's going on with Mount Shasta ?   ...............
First of all, the UFO-watcher community claims that it is infested with underground aliens. Because there are strange lights flying around and disappearing underground. Other people claim that a great Egyptian civilisation around now-dry Lake Bonneville 10,000 years ago, and during the Ice Age, is now stationed beneath Mount Shasta - which is quite a distance away. (Lake Bonneville was located somewhere around New Mexico. There is similar lore associated with the Grand Canyon). This ancient society also included a large amount of Native Americans, and supposedly has billions of dollars worth of buried treasure somewhere. And, somehow, this has a lot to do with BigFoot. Mount Shasta has always been a popular vacation resort for BigFeet, all the way up beyond Klamath Falls to Crater Lake. Finally, there are reports that jets are dispersing vast amounts of chemicals over the area, from Los Angeles to Southern Oregon, (and elsewhere). These chem-trails are said to contain a large amount of aluminum nano-particles, as well as barium and strontium, (all oxides and hydroxides). They are supposedly designed by the NWO to block sunlight, and so to mitigate global warming.

I once thought the U.S. government should be completely revamped to include a Congress of Scientists, and of Economists, and such - because politicians don't do much to solve the really serious problems. Now, I don't have to worry, because the NWO is taking care of all the science and the economics, in secret. Phew! I am so relieved! But wait, these chem-trails are causing health problems, hurting wildlife, raising the soil's alkalinity by 1.5 pH, and all that stuff. Gardens are failing. Tomatoes don't want to live around Mount Shasta anymore. The snow on Mount Shasta is 50 times more toxic than minimum daily allowances. Is this whole chem-trail issue something cooked up by the many right-wing crazies who happen to LIVE around Mount Shasta, & who happen to believe that global warming is a conspiracy of the NWO to control we the masses? Please, Madman101, reveal to us the meaning of these things!

Well, it is possible that chem trails are being dumped on us. I do not claim that this is actually happening, or that Tomatoes don't like Mount Shasta. But, I would not put this past the NWO - when many other reports have circulated across the country; and the incidence of Alzheimer’s, which is associated with aluminum, (as well as Autism), has been rising significantly. Also, the strange case of "insect-leg-like" metal hairs growing out of people's skins - called something like "Morgan's Syndrome" (search) - could be linked to aerosol dispersions of nano-particles into nature - if not climate-controlling, possibly self-organising nano-machines. All of this is possible. And when elites come up with new science, you can be sure they'll be testing it irresponsibly. All of this technology is completely current. And, as far as irresponsibility goes, look at how vets, Gulf War Syndrome, and 9/11 responders have been treated - 10% of the latter are now dead.

It is also true that not only MIGHT depleted uranium (DU) be released into every facet of our environment, it is actually occurring with a vengeance - widely documented. DU is being mixed into metals to make them more rigid and strong - going into golf clubs, fork-lifts, bomb shell-casings, and so on. The problem is that when these metals shatter, they really shatter, dispersing the DU as a fine dust in all directions. Ergo GWS (Iraq), and many vets of the Kosovo/etc. actions dying from radiation exposure. There is nowhere to store spent uranium from the world's nuke plants, and so private corps and governments are seeking sneaky and profitable ways of getting rid of it - DU is also going into regular steel, cement, and about any other thing you can imagine. It has a half-life of about 5.4 billion years! Similarly, a great deal of toxic waste from coal plants and sewage plants is being slipped into concrete, fertilizer, agricultural soil, and so on. (No wonder the toxicity of the WTC debris - even if flammable accelerators were NOT added!)

So long as Wall Street does well, then - well - the consequences are kinda moot. All the better for Wall Street when Medical Corporations, etc., etc., have to clean up after all the destruction.

I mention DU because the problems at Shasta, and elsewhere, are probably, as usual, multi-factoral. The soil, etc., might not only be dying because of climate-modifiers, but also by DU. ALSO, the rain in western Oregon has a lot of MERCURY in it. This is scientifically true, and the mercury is said to be coming from China, mainly via coal-burning. China is putting one new coal plant on line at a minimum rate of ONE per WEEK, all the way until about 2040. (I may be wrong, it might actually be one a day). This is also reliable info. However, mercury, as well as other toxic metals, may (ALSO) be coming from a Nevada incinerator of chemical and nuclear weapons. I posted about this earlier this year. The fallout from this mercury and other heavy metals, etc., may (ALSO) be the cause of the epidemic of Autism in more northerly U.S. states. So, all of this may be coming into play along with chem-trails. As mentioned, the so-called chem-trail dust also contains barium, a radioactive element, and strontium, associated with nuke plants and explosions. These might have been released by jets, or by both jets and other sources, or only by other sources. There is virtually no peer-reviewed published evidence of climate-controlling chem-trails occurring. There IS evidence of everything else.

Did you know that Monsanto has developed an aluminum-tolerant seed? What does that say? (Did you know that, supposedly, the Gates Foundation funds both Monsanto and chem-trails?) Aluminum neutralises soil - if your soil is acidic, it lowers the acidity. Here in the Midwest, it generally lowers the alkalinity. So, aluminum is often used by farmers to modify their soils. Thus the Monsanto seed may have nothing to do with chem-trails. (Nevertheless, Monsanto is a seriously evil corporation). Also, aluminum has not been found to CAUSE or to trigger Alzheimer’s or Autism - it just tends to be closely correlated. However, aluminum is also great at reflecting sunlight - so there remains a fair possibility that is is being used or tested in climate-controlling chem-trails. WHAT barium and strontium might have to do with climate, I simply don't know.

OK - that's the whole TOXINS discussion out of the way. What about the OTHER Shasta weirdnesses? Have they been dropping plane-loads of BigFeet there? My guess is that this is probably unlikely. My theory is that Republicans become BigFeet when they die, and they all go and haunt Mount Shasta together, in a kind of spiritual Witness-Protection Program. Actually, I do believe that BigFoot possibly exists - but I think he's irrelevant to our discussion. But what about UFOs at Shasta? Well, this might be true - I don't believe that UFOs - i.e. aliens or time-travellers - are impossible. If they are indeed invading Shasta, then this reflects a reported trend of UFO's to visit planetary hotspots, like war zones, nuke plants, nuke weapons, military bases, and sites of upcoming disasters - like volcanoes before they erupt. (They also seem to visit historically & symbolically significant places, and also predict winners of presidential races. In addition, they frequently visit my kitchen disguised as fruit-flies). This is all because they have a thriving tourist industry, or else because, coming from an alternate world-line, they are profoundly fascinated by how history, or time, unfolds within our own world-line. It might also be due to a lot of drunk guys with binoculars and small-penis-complex.

But you don't need UFOs to explain the reported balls of lights roaming about Mount Shasta. They may simply be due to the wonderful geological phenomenon called, "the piezoelectric effect". This effect was named after King Piezo who emitted an orange globe of light when his electric blanket short-circuited, and who then immediately became a lounge-singer named, "Rhonda". Not really. As many of you know, the still somewhat mysterious piezoelectric effect occurs above-land when pressure, such as conflicting tectonic plates, occur below-land. We also know that a change in the nature of nearby lines of magnetism also occurs. So, it is no wonder that other animals, who have a better sense of magnetic fields than do we, can feel earthquakes coming. The effect shows itself as colourful balls or arrangements of light, approaching the form of ball lightening. These are not to be confused with UFOs, balloons containing small candles, "Happy Valentine's Day" metal heart balloons, or plastic Wal-Mart bags wandering the globe in search of a proper burial.

The globe is currently undergoing a disruption of its magnetic lines off force, which is in association with galactic processes. It is indirectly related to global warming. It is correlated with if not causative of, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. This is theory, but quite obvious to me. Associated with upcoming earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are displays of piezoelectric lights around or near related volcanoes and/or mountains. It is theoretically possible that all this activity may also change soil, and air ions. AND, this activity might also not only affect animal, but human, behaviour and perception. SO, my conclusion is that, with all the increase of such geological and crazy-human activity, there is a pending eruption of Mount Shasta emerging, or at least a significant earthquake. This does not eliminate the other possibilities of Shasta intoxications via chem-trails, etc. Indeed, it increases the likelihood that humans will do more stupid things in the area, including spreading chem-trails. Now, the whole thing about an ancient Egyptian civilisation being stationed there is just impossible. It's like a creation myth, basically.

NOW - finally, we move to the big picture. And I find this the most interesting. Did you know that the "sphere" surrounding our SOLAR SYSTEM, produced by the sun, is thinning quickly? Nobody knows why. Of course nobody knows why, because there are cosmic limits to scientific experimentation - so it is up to larger-brained primates to speculate as to what is going on. And the thing that is going on is this: The sun is depressed because it is no longer receiving as many TV signals from Earth featuring Pee Wee Herman, which it really enjoyed. Actually, the sun HAS been depressed - only recently has it come out of a VERY unusual low-sunspot phase - or has it? And do you know what is simultaneously happening here on Earth, besides global warming? Less NORTHERN LIGHTS displays, (Aurora Borealis and Australis, in the Ionosphere {Thermosphere}). Now, if that doesn't make you crap your pants then you have no feelings. This is big news, and probably big trouble. The same thing that is frying TeaBaggers' brains like the Martians in "Mars Invades", is apparently disrupting our Ionosphere. And I do believe that I have also heard that our MAGNETOSPHERE is also weakening considerably.

The solar halo that surrounds our solar system, which is thinning, protects us against cosmic radiation. The Earth's Ionosphere, (like the sometimes-thinning Stratospheric Ozone Layer protecting us from UV radiation), ALSO protects us from cosmic radiation. That mainly means Gamma Rays. We are dead meat without these things. Free of e-coli.

Whether it is the sun, or global warming, or both - including the galaxy - the upper reaches of our atmosphere are changing significantly. Possibly thinning. That not only affects weather, it increases our chances of having sex with animals AND may threaten life itself on Earth. Meanwhile, the atmosphere nearer to us, what I will call the "carbon-sphere", because it is a combo of the upper Troposphere and the lower/mid Stratosphere, is thickening with CO2 and methane. All sorts of changes are occurring.

So, the crazy men who say that when they were boys, they never saw jets making cloud trails that stuck around all day, spreading outwards and outwards - they are probably correct. But this does not HAVE to mean that jets are today dispersing aluminum, radioactive metals, gels, nano-machines, or anything else. So-called "chem-trails" MAY simply be caused by our upper stratosphere getting colder, (fact), and/or interacting differently with the warmer carbon-sphere below, and/or the changing Mesosphere and Ionospheres above. AND, jets today may be flying higher. ALSO, there IS a gel added to jet fuel these days, AND jet fuel is often deliberately dumped in-air.

-VAN ALEN BELT - errant space debris, asteroids, crumbs / SPACE - satellites
MAGNETOSPHERE - begins at 560 miles - magnetic fields, deflect most of charged solar particles - ends far out in space with the bendable MAGNETOPAUSE
EXOSPHERE - begins at 280 miles - virtual space, has a few "exit" gas particles from below
THERMOSPHERE - begins at 53 miles - Ionosphere (begins here, upwards) - auroras - slightly warmed by ionized charges - deflects cosmic Gamma Rays
MESOSPHERE - begins at 31 miles - cold, minus 173 degrees at outer limit - only contains tiny amount of water vapour as "nocti-lucent clouds" near the poles
STRATOSPHERE - begins at 9 miles - contains ozone layer which absorbs UV rays and becomes warmer - upper levels are now becoming colder - contains nacreous clouds - very high altitude jets
"CARBON-SPHERE" - my term, comprises most of below and above, (2-20 miles), contains global warming gas concentrations - high altitude jets, weather balloons, cigar-smoking angels
TROPOSPHERE - 0-9 miles - dense layer, 80 percent of atmosphere's mass, where our weather occurs, including water vapour and dust - jets and planes


So, you can make your own conjectures about chem-trails. But I'd like to emphasize that:

1 - There ARE terrible toxins being dumped into our environment, causing many negative effects.

2 - Huge Earth-changes are occurring, involving human effects upon the climate, global warming, and strong solar and galactic influences. Oh, and yes, the beautiful snow on Mount Shasta is melting away...

chem-trails: http://news.thehumanfoodfactor.com/     http://www.carnicom.com/morgobs7.htm

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