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LINKS GALOUR ! (he said as he crossed the street through a funeral procession...)

I was thinking about my funeral last night. After all the well-meaning effort I've put into my life so far, and after not much coming of it, I deserve a big funeral, at least. I should start planning a big funeral now. If I don't, it will be a depressing and pathetic little Catholic funeral with a few relatives and some good friends from the past, and that's it. I started thinking WHOM I'd like to see at my funeral. Of course, relatives and friends - but I'd like to have a lot of people there whom I feel I may have influenced in some positive, meaningful, or useful way - even if they're pretty-much strangers. I started thinking - like the Library Girl - I feel she gained from our brief encounters. Past roommates. Some girlfriends. People I like or respect. And, of course, I think many of YOU deserve to be at my funeral.

I'm going to make another LJ for this. Over time, I will tell people I like, "Please come to my funeral," and then I will invite them to sign up. Of course, nobody has to keep their word. But if I make a lot of money, you will be on my will. And If I actually have a LIFE before I die, then I will invite you to my weddings and sleazy Hollywood parties, giving away cars like Oprah, and asking Bill Gates to be nice to you. So, you can leave a screened comment here, and I will invite you to my funeral, once I start working on this.   Obama thanks you.

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