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(This post is dedicated to British Petroleum).

(7:30:pm): Do you realise that my life would have been completely different if only I had been circumcised? I'm completely serious. Now, I will leave it to you to conjure up speculations as to why.

This morning, my brain was an armpit. It just couldn't open up fresh and breeeth freeeee and think. So, I'm not 100% sure, but I'm pretty sure that I was thinking about butterflies BEFORE i tuned in to Story #1 of, "To The Best of Our Knowledge". (Definitely before story #2). After thinking about fruit-flies, I thought about the killing of insects - and how incredibly retarded it is for people to kill butterflies and keep them in collections. (I think the snake-catcher bag in last night's movie inspired the thought of a butterfly net). It is so arrogant and wasteful. Because something is pretty, we collect it, claim it as a part of us - stealing spirits away, just to garner self-importance and attention and superstitious awe. In this hubris, there is no real conceptualisation of finite, delicate, intricate ecosystems, or communities. It isn't essentially different to serial-killing.

(But, as babies, we eat bugs. As children, we toy with them. As adults, we exterminate them. It's partly a natural carry-over from our days as small rodent-like creatures. A phase which MANY prefer not to grow out of).

Well, then "To The Best of Our Knowledge" came on, and they started talking about this woman who decorates room interiors with dead insects. Then, story #2 was all about, yep, people who collect butterflies! Story #3 or #4 was about the music of whales.

Now, it seems lame that whales only really gained respect in 1970, when their songs were discovered to have organisation. I mean, they are child-rearing mammals the size of buildings, how could they be regarded as meat, and oil-fields, for so long?! It took us millions of years to grow up about this? And we still aren't there yet?! Anyway, their songs run for a half an hour, then repeat, for hours or days. Sometimes, but not often, an individual whale introduces a new variation on a song, and all the whales in the ocean adapt it and sing it. That's whales in N.Atlantic, or whales in S.Pacific, and such - there is no division between clans or families - as there are in LANGUAGES between humans or smaller Orca whales or Dolphins. So, the scientist on the radio was saying that these extremely organised whale songs apparently did not convey information, as language does. Instead, they were just MUSIC. (Performed by male whales, btw). Follow me here. In addition, there is no evidence that whale songs attracted female mates. They also seem not to be territorial - as one occasion of one male approaching a SINGING male, then the two swam a bit together, then the intruding male swam away.

OK - so - whale songs, "like bird songs", seem to be pure music, not imparting information. (Maybe this is because male whale brains are just so turned on, they HAVE to sing out in joy). I disagree, (although not entirely w/ the second statement). First of all, BIRD songs are ALL ABOUT, if not territoriality, DEFINING LOCATION, (and usually involves attracting mates). (Bird songs are a LOT like local magnetic fields). Human "music" never really conveys linear, logical information, unless it is accompanied by vocal song (stories). Instead, music is 4-dimensional in space and time. Most humans would not be so refined as to understand that this multi-dimensionality DOES IN FACT CONVEY complex information, because it has nothing obvious to do with the left hemisphere of the brain. But, music most certainly DOES convey information, mainly beyond the grasp of our conscious understanding. Instead, music is woven into the universal fabric of BEING itself. Communing through music is one of the best ways to get in touch with the news of the universe, as I have described happening via DREAMS.

We all know about amazing Dolphin brains, yes? Their amazing capities to be both asleep and awake. Wonder, then, about the nature of their dreams, and of the usefulness of their music! We do not have whale or dolphin brains, so it is not place to say that their music does not convey information! We are not, like them, a right-hemisphere-dominant species, associating through space - we are left-hemisphere-dominant, moving forward in our time. Riding a bicycle, driving a car - it becomes second nature, relegated to our subconscious. We don't have to THINK about all the bodily functions and nerve signals going on in our bodies - we may act on feelings, but when push comes to shove, we realise, OR RATIONALISE, everything logically, temporally, and consciously.

Well, that's where the information of MUSIC lies - all in that shadow realm - the realm beneath, where whales are masters. Conductors of symphonies of thought and association we have yet to comprehend. Because true language is not perfectly representational, logical, or digital, it is approximational, symbolic and "creational". It is infused with a wealth of right-hemisphere mathematics we have no "IDEA" is occurring. Music is more like the delightful chaos or dissonance arising where joke meets punch-line - it is a cosmic motivator of ORIGINAL THINKING. It flows like the gay banter on the Stephanie Miller show...

"No, I didn't say that Edie killed the Segway Guy...," says Stephanie.

"And she didn't shoot the deputy, either," says Jim.

See - Jim's remark makes no logical sense, but it makes more than one silly association - including associating "Segway Guy" and "Deputy" simply because they both have 3 syllables. Now, who, in god's name, would make such a silly-associated response? Makes no sense. And therefore, everyone LAUGHS - because their minds are suddenly forced to generate the same silly associations. And this little moment is exactly how music operates; and music prolly uses many of the same areas of the brain. I don't know about you, but I can't listen to music without singing inside, by running my short-term auditory memory loop "in synch" - and that is a completely self-motivated circuit! (Unless it has some OCD or limbic short-circuiting going on).

Music is so chock-full of discrete information, it is impossible for us to sort it out. It's like breathing, or a heart beating. It is like the simple awareness of colourful SMELLS, based upon a vast sensing of the microsopic shapes of molecules, and even atoms, completely unbeknownst to our "thinking mind". But with music, unlike with language, we don't brashly attach some over-aching string of symbolic logic to it, imparting some very basic, obvious meaning. The meanings of music are subliminal, and beneath consciousness.

Now, one other point... If the songs of dolphins and orcas DO involve spatial territoriality, and linguistic/territorial distinction between families and species - then what of the songs of the whales, who are more further evolved, perhaps? Has not the huge whales, now so great as to disgard the petty game of territoriality, evolved from such smaller species as Orcas and Dolphins? Therefore, perhaps, has not their music evolved into a HIGHER STATE OF INFORMATION than the music of Orcas and Dolphins?! (The later certainly being of a higher info-order than the music of humans or Chimps, for sure, though music is music, a communion with nature).

Well, then, of what nature can such a transcendental music BE? What can it mean? What does it SAY?

The music of whales is a music of the Planet.

But, I'll let you drift off and meditate on this. It is a vast ocean for our future explorations.

Extra bonus paragraph! My opinion on elitism: Most elitism is bad - but we NEED elitism - the right kind of elitism. We NEED to rise out of the urban-dog-eat dog ethos, and capitalism/communism-inflicted virtual SCARCITY, which has ever-succeeded in gobbling up free CIVIL-isation. We NEED to aspire to the elite CIVILITY normally only afforded to the UPPER CLASS. It was America's mission to take that civility and make it common FOR ALL. The assumption that we all have a right TO BE ASSHOLES is efficiently destroying this dream. We need to relearn how to together aspire to that scarce, transcendent commodity which may be called empathetic HUMANITY. Not so much Liberty, not so much religious Moralism, not so much Wealth or Ego. Moreso: The ability to act CREATIVELY and GENEROUSLY though a natural, persistent COMPASSION, with abundant joy, humour, intelligence, and chives.

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