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I am the person who will destroy China.

BEHIND ECONOMICS: Nature, Absurdity and Fruit-Flies

Note: Additional points will be posted herein later. (For rough notes regarding these points, go to asterisk * at end of post).

Real-time Intro: Walking along, trying to keep a phone number in ma tete, I notice a cedar tree with a burst of bright red plumage spouting at the top. Is this somehow SUMAC? Is it some kind of parasitic Mistletoe? I went to investigate. The leaves looked large, almost like Box Elder, Sumac or some kind of nut – and so did I… Looking deeper, I noticed it was a very old vine, almost at ONE with the actual tree-trunk. Near the base of the vine’s stalk, the leaves were smaller, more acute, more like POISON IVY! OWE! OH NO! OMG! NOoooooooo. I AM ALLERGIC. Then I saw that the Art fair in the park was going on. It looked huge, and so did I. But in fact it was diminutive, and so was I. I once thought this fair was the best possibility of either finding a cool gf, or not getting caught while running around naked in public. I passed a pretty artist woman knitting, and her last name was almost the same as mine. And so was mine. But maybe I’ll return to the fair later. It was rainy today. I have a free ticket to this fair, which makes no sense cuz it’s completely OPEN. In the library, I washed my contaminated hands. Sitting at a computer, I am pelted by giant new fans on the ceiling, which are annoying. A woman behind me snorts constantly like Homer’s sisters with the flu, and the guy in front of me is farting out loud. Now, let us escape to the safety of my queer imagination…

(Fri 1:pm): I made three big omelets. Pretty good. However, they were too liquidy inside, due to the PAN, and the fact that I added too much liquid, (no milk). The surface was great. Too much sage, though. I had a Chicago-style hotdog last night. (Hot-dog relish TIP: To sweet sucralose relish, add some relish juice – a big improvement). I will switch back to vegetarian now - but still will be doing more meat these next months, deliberately. I successfully ratcheted-down inflammatory/dehydrating CFS problem this morning - that was big news FOR ME. Playing with dog put out my lower back a bit, which was adding to the problem. But the change in the spine was in a positive direction, allowing my butt to protrude in amazing offensive angles.

I dreamt that I was staying at a hotel or apartments, and Craig Ferguson was trying to start a Libertarian club. I haven't watched Craig Ferguson since free TV went HD-digital. He made me treasurer. Yesterday, I got a card in the mail for an Ashley sofa and love seat, for $25/mo. Why? I had recently mentioned to the family that I might keep the sofa & love seat here unless anyone wanted them. If one of THEM sent the card, they mispellled my name - ?! Or it was transcribed wrong. But it was ASHLEY furniture. Did Ashley send it? I had these nonsense things. I had something else to say about Ashley, but I forgot what it was. I once taught Ashley how to make an omelet - but I don't think that was it...

FRUIT-FLIES: It has come to my attention that one of my beloved LJ friends does not believe that fruit-flies are sentient beings. But this is incorrect. (In my opinion, void where prohibitted). I believe that all being is sentient. I once posted about a relationship between 2 fruit-flies, which was very human-like, in the sense that we are so often fruit-fly-like. It doesn't mean that we aren't allowed to swat them, though. I've had sex before and was strangely interrupted by a stranger trying to swat me and my partner, and this is a normal part of life. Last night, there was a big centipede on the bathroom wall - it looked male. I smooshed it away with a wad of paper napkin. This morning, what was there, at the EXACT SAME SPOT on the wall? Another centipede, slightly smaller - it looked female. She had come to the spot where her mate had died, and was mourning him. Seriously. I went and got another wad of paper napkin, but she was AWAKE - she saw me coming well ahead of time, AND SHE KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO HER if she stuck around. So she jumped off the wall and ran away. Now, how's that for intelligence and sentience? I try to point out these things as much as possible. But I am very unlucky not to be able to live out with nature. I want that part of my life returned. Anyway, insects, such as fruit-flies, are not that different from us or from pets - they just live in fast motion. They have different forces and more dimensions to deal with. The effects of quantum phenomena and chaos are stronger. Time is different. Enemies are different. They are built quite differently. We get grossed out by seeing worms in fruit, but fruit-flies think that is completely normal. They might look at those worms and think, "Oh boy, there's gonna be some hot sex when those kids are born!" Who knows, maybe they feel it is their work-ethic mission in life to help disintegrate some piece of fruit, or etc., as much, and as efficiently, as possible - as part of their role in Nature. Maybe their god is a god of Recycling! ha ha - in the Third Testament... anyway... A nice LJ girl added me a while back, streamfern , and I wanted to do a few Nature posts for her soon - but unable to get around to that presently. However, once I fix my laptop, I should have an awesome post on "Environmental Civility" coming up. Don't touch that dial.

(Oh - flies and fruit-flies are also extremely smart when it comes to negotiating swatters or enemies in space, and this goes far beyond sensing wind and light changes - it involves predictive capacities. Plus, they aren't so random - they can "communicate" with each other, like lesser monkeys do, at relatively long distances - and so they rapidly congregate around new food. Of course, "smell" is the primary sense driving the discovery of food. And they will seek out new areas together where they feel they won't be swatted).

TORNADOS PREDICT CRASH: So, two tornados seem to have hit the NYC metro area. That's very unusual - which is the new USUAL, these days. Was this the event I sensed was coming? Maybe, but I don't think so. But I'll tell this: It MAY be the precipitating event. If there's one thing I know, the flighty Quants and Bookies and Investors and Agents and businessmen, etc., in NYC have a serious problem in dealing with REAL reality. You only need to look at how idiotically Wall Street responds to impertinent news of each day - it's mainly all nerves and superstition. Our lives are in these poor little rich idiots hands, btw. But I also learnt this when I had a NYC boss, and his wife, in Philli. Most well-off people in that Megalopolis area are bubble-heads - they don't know where or what Nebraska is, and so forth. (Chicago people pride themselves on being more down-to-earth, but they're usually not, and their about as arrogant. The "CHICAGO SCHOOL" has been behind the complete destruction of our economy).

Well, NYC reacts drastically to big negative REAL events. Besides 9/11, this was observable after blackouts and this summer's heat, etc. (I can't recall the event now, but I noticed one strong correlation between a natural event and Wall Street). Anyway, after these tornados, and after the BP oil sheen off the shores of NYC, Wall Streeters are more likely now to allow their creeping fear to dictate their actions, saying to themselves, "Wait a minute? What the HELL is going on? What the HELL are we doing?" They may be talking about numbers and lists and reports and earnings, but they are dictated by their attitude to nature - just as the collapse of 2008 was inspired by Katrina and forest fire and flood effects upon insurance and mortgages, and the drought in Australia. The mechanics surface as Ponsi schemes gone bad, upside-down mortgages, computer errors, and so forth, but no, it's actually nature behind it all. And, with the value of gold silver pushing desperately to rise, there is coming a tipping point for the dollar, and so for bonds and investments. A Wall Street crash soon is very possible - but it would have been far more possible if the BP oil spill had not been "successfully contained". But the BP disaster cannot be ruled out as a cause of Wall Street instability, because the effects are far more devastating than imagined, and leaks may return via the ocean floor - the latter could be devastating. But I don't know. I can't predict this. An earthquake in the Gulf area could be precipitous.

The full moon is coming up. But it doesn't now FEEL like the big shock to the economy, (or to the social psyche), will happen then - although it might. It feels like, if this is going to happen (soon), it will happen more like 7-10 after thee full moon - or at the end of the month when bad economic reports roll in.

Well, we have the tornados, the summer heat, the BP oil sheen, the Toronto earthquake, the insistence of gold, and even the Mosque controversy, all contributing to the fraying of the NYC psyche, predisposing for a crash, or something similar. The well-buried respect for nature - in ignorance and hubris - always surfaces by giant eruptions, in fully-blind fear. Grasping for reason, the limbic mind turns to it's own deities and devils, and directs its helplessness or counter-attacks upon those tools of civilisations with which it is familiar. It does not, cannot, address nature appropriately. Instead, it reacts on Wall Street, and so forth. Those who have come to be known as the NWO, lords of the U.S.C.of C., etc., know enough to redirect these fears into politically useful targets. Thus, after 9/11, GWB was in gear to focus us on an enemy called Iraq - urging us to SHOP in the mean time. And, during the BP crisis, a political conflict with North Korea was concocted, as well as media stories of serial killers, etc., to siphon away attention. But what will happen this time around. Has "Obama" selected a target when the market crashes this second time? Will it be IRAN? Do they elite have another sucker-scheme contrived to transfer wealth from our taxes to them, under the protection of our fear? Well, even if so, it wouldn't be enough. Because the fall would be too deep. Why?

ECONOMICS / CRASH #2 : Well, first look at gold. In the past, presidents who have sought to return our currency to be based on the value of gold, by being printed by the government, backed by Fort Knox - and/or who has similarly resisted the destructive influence of the bankster Fed and the Military-Industrial Complex, have been assassinated. Various other degrees of assault have been suffered by other good presidents and officials. But, ever since Nixon took us fully off the gold/silver standards, SOMEONE has been eating away the gold in Fort Knox. Those who GUARD Fort Knox apparently carry no ammunition - and have instructed to allow robbers to enter the fort, where they will be trapped like rats, and exterminated. Thus: No incidents. Thus: No one coming out and shouting that, "There's no gold in there!" This story of scarcity-by-theft aside, so many other factors have been increasing the TRUE value of gold, vis-a-vis the dollar. Banks have been over-reporting the gold they are holding, by as much as 50%. AND, in conspiracy with them, the government and others have been SHORT-SELLING gold on the commodities markets. These paper fabrications of LOWER gold value are tied up in hedge funds, etc., and although they influence the value of gold coins, the actual reality is that GOLD COINS ARE DISAPPEARING RAPIDLY. Gold bullion is also being bought away by India and China. The lie is that there is abundant gold, The reality, WHICH MUST ULTIMATELY TAKE THE DAY, is that gold is becoming more rare - MORE VALUABLE. Once this reality dominates, the value of the dollar will drop, and borrowing from China will become virtually impossible, and business will be completely helpless without the inflation of prices.

We are currently in a time where merchants and other businesses are failing to make rent on the malls and building which they occupy. They are not making their leases, they are not making their mortgages, because the cost of renting, as in the home market earlier, is relatively too high compared to the value of income. The value of income is low because it is based on credit and non-productive activity and investment, rather than upon gold and manufacturing. This is PARTLY a natural consequence of switching to a green, lower-manufacturing economy - but it is more a consequence of handing over our productive wealth to China, basing the currency on BS, bleeding the economy via the FED, etc. The cost of renting is also high because the cost of ownership is kept high by, for one thing, inappropriately high property taxes. Taxes are high because the government isn't pulling in enough value via manufacturing, trade tariffs, or taxes on the rich, which HAD been the NORM which brought wealth in the 1950's. OK - here we have a creeping COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE CRISIS, on the heels of the HOME mortgage crisis - the latter of which is now making a double-dip. The worse the home crisis gets, the worse the commercial problem will get... meaning a further loss of jobs in the commercial sector...

The double dip in the home mortgage crisis is mainly occurring because the neo-jobless can not afford their mortgages. The depression wave of unemployment is continuing the small bank and business recession. This would have been significantly corrected had Bush's TARP and Obama's STIMULUS both addressed unemployment and fed credit into small businesses, as well as forgiving broken mortgages and reigning in bundled mortgages taking the form of securitised debts.

But here's the rub, not being talked about, or resolved... Because the trillions of dollars in naked shorts, phony securities insurance, bundled mortgages, and all manner of artificial "assets" in the form of securitised debts - all completely VALUELESS "instruments of value" - all a result of 30 years of the Reagan-Clinton-Gramm deregulation of Wall Street... BECAUSE ALL THIS CRAP STILL EXISTS: Whenever mortgages start becoming more affordable again, the BANKS start selling more bundled mortgages, and SO mortgages start becoming LESS affordable, again.

The same happens in all other debt/credit markets. That means that, while gold value is being kept artificially low, credit is being kept artificially high. That affects everything else - the price of land, the price of goods... Mortgages are kept too high, land is kept too high, compared to income - and income can't be supplemented by easy credit. Prices NEED to rise. Which makes no sense, because people are less and less able to buy. THAT MEANS: Another collapse. BUT, once the REALITY of this forces it's way into dominance, then all those fake securities, including bundled mortgages, will take a major dive. This will happen INSTEAD of being gradually stepped down via the government, namely the Senate. Most politicians abhorring even considering structural corrections, because they are dependent on the bribes from their lobbiests - on the elites involved in the long-term whoring-away of America. But you can't have an economy function productively where people can't afford to rent or own - there needs to be a readjustment of the relationship of income and property values, and it is set to come too SWIFTLY.

When this propping up of mortgage and debt costs, (based not on the consumer market but on banks buying and selling debt and associated false securities on the commodities markets, and corporations riding along on investments via Wall Street), FINALLY relents, there is going to be a crash. And if you are not prepared with gold or silver bullion, then you are screwed.

And what is another reason why banks won't free up credit, (our tax money), which would allow businesses and jobs to survive, if not grow? Well, putting aside the fact that they are working off of far less gold, value, equity, liquidity, (and far more leverage), than they claim to have; and the fact that most investments and debt-sales are already tenuous, THEY ARE AFRAID MORE MORTGAGES WILL FAIL.

It's already a spiral, and we don't even see it.

(Sat Sept 18? 10:am): Since the econ discussion in this post might be classified under, "Why There Will Prolly Be A Second Dip", I'll say a little more on that subject, but first:

"Another" reason why banks aren't freeing up credit is because they feel they need the money - to keep up the whole false-securities game - i.e., trading and betting on bundled mortgages, naked shorts, credit default swaps, etc., which amounts in trillions upon trillions of dollars. Even though this is false wealth - ultimately unredeemable bets - it sucks away wealth from the real economy. It only benefits the elites who use money to "make" money. All the leveraged money which banks would be handing out to small business as loans and credit, and use to refinance mortgages, and make homes more relatively affordable, and create jobs, is instead reserved to float this top-heavy economic juggernaut. Every time the real economy eases up, they invest more into the juggernaut. Pretty much the same game as Wall Street, CEO salaries/bonuses, government pork, etc.

Even though homes have become less expensive, they remain relatively TOO expensive, compared to needed savings, mortgage rates, available credit, unemployment, and risk-aversion. And to land valuation and property taxes. It is all pushing and pushing for readjustment, but the banks aren't allowing this to happen. (The only people who are buying are those upper-middle-class who managed to escape the crash. They get a real deal. And once again, wealth is moved upwards to the richer, through no fault of the poorer). As this push finally breaks through, whether directly or via an exogenous disruption elsewhere in the economy, as in trade and the dollar, then the slow spiral becomes a crash.

If banks would move that credit into the real economy, circulating it through small business, real wealth would be created, and money would be available to spend on goods currently too relatively high - thus "naturally" modulating inflation. Yes, economic activity would push prices higher, but there would be a moderating MARKET FOR THE GOODS. Instead, with all the credit choked off, the fear is that everything might collapse into a price depression, since there really is scant market occurring for goods. But that's actually a dangerously naive scenario, because there are bigger boulders tilting and ready to tip and fall, producing a massive collapse accompanied by an inflation of despair. The approach maintained is to allow big corporations and the elite to continue to be bailed out - on the dole - next via inflation. When the Fed pours more money into the economy to avoid a feared price recession, those at the top get the free money first, and use it to pay off their debts. But they, such as the banks, do not transfer the wealth to their CUSTOMERS - they don't, for example, LOWER FEES or MORTGAGE RATES. Thus small business is pretty much as bad off as it always was. And what choice does smaller business have but to RAISE PRICES? In despair? Consequently, it is THE POORER who end up paying higher prices - paying for the Fed's printing of free money. INFLATION IS A TAX ON THE POOR.

The main reason I have been giving that a second dip is coming is that MINDS HAVE NOT CHANGED. You can go back in my journal and read much on this. Just this morning, I heard an author, of "Too Big Too Fail", lamenting that corporations, investors, and other, have absolutely no appreciation of how much worse off they could have been by now. Recently, Senate Minority Fool, Mitch McConnell actually said that the people who have been hurt MOST by the crash HAVE BEEN THE RICH. You may have noticed that for the past 6 months, an improvement of the economy has been perpetually predicted, and yet it never actually occurs. This is because no one knows what they are talking about. But it's very easy to figure out: Massive (under-reported) unemployment and low manufacturing will not revive a "recessed" economy. People can't buy things. Only credit will provide adrenalin and fuel the next reality-postponing BUBBLE. But credit is squeezed away, into China and into the false securities Juggernaut. And into the military-industrial complex. China is downgrading their "credit-rating" on our bonds, holding its currency artificially low, and making anti-free-market demands on our companies, in China and IN AMERICA. For example, China is now demanding that Detroit provide them with its green energy manufacturing secrets if it wants to keep selling cars to China, so that China will be able to dominate the green energy market, including cars, in coming years. We're screwed, because we've allowed our economy to go overseas, become reliant on foreign buyers and clients, and done nothing but downsized and raided corporations and invested in scams and higher CEO salaries.

Other major reasons why we are probably headed for a second crash is due to government policies. There have been some policies enacted which have a little buffering effect. But virtually nothing has changed. For example, Obama's nomination of Elizabeth Warren to the Consumer Protection Financial Bureau, (a stupid name), was an excellent, progressive move. But this bureau only has as much power as administrations, and THE FED, (which IS NOT THE GOVERNMENT), allow it to have. Ms. Warren may mean well, but how independent will she be - something like the guy "overseeing" BP's sham $20 billion assistance fund? (And is she related to The Warren Commission?) Also, this bureau does nothing to address the serious structural economic problems.

The REAL problems are in the continuing permission of dis-regulation of stock and commodities trading and of corporations. The SHERMAN ANTI-TRUST ACT has not been enforced since Reagan flouted it. Bush/CLINTON allowed the enactment of the Commodities Trading 'Modernisation' Act, (name?), which has severely retarded our economy. In 1999, Phil Gramm pushed through further Wall Street deregulation legislation, and the Glass-Stiegel Act was REPEALED. There has been no regulation of naked shorts, credit default swaps, mortgage-bundling, high-speed preferential trading by the likes of Goldman-Sachs, computer trading based on “epherial”, (ethereal + ephemeral), quant algorithms, on hedge fund raidings, on corporate raids, and so on and so on. It is only a matter of time before ANOTHER 2008-type crash occurs. There is a huge "bubble" out there, waiting to be popped, but traders are, as of yet, not identifying it. (Why? Well, go back to my discussion on how traders, basically, make their decisions).

The other government policies stoking a second dip are TAX POLICIES and TARIFF POLICIES. Despite what the Republicans are saying, ECONOMIC EXPERTS AS THEY HAVE PROVED THEMSELVES TO BE, lowering taxes during a recession IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Through the 40's and 50's, taxes on the rich went up to 95% - now we are at a FRACTION of that. INDEED, taxing the rich HELPS the national economy, AND ARGUABLY HELPS THE RICH. Also, we are pulling in very little revenue via TARIFFS and taxes on imports, use or value. Historically, we had MUCH higher tariffs. NAFTA, and other trade agreements, have not only been destroying jobs and the environment and health safety, they have been hurting the economies of the very countries which "experts" claim they have been helping. (Todd Tucker, Public Citizen, On NAFTA lies: "Lies, Damn Lies, and Export Statistics," at http://www.citizen.org)

I'll get deeper into tax policies one day, clarifying why these statements are true, etc. Not really interested in doing that right now. Also see Thom Hartmann. However, the overall result is that we have less tax moneys to deal with such things as enforcement of market regulations, of encouragement of investment in the infrastructure and of the green economy, of research in science and technology, and in creating programmes to assist the poor, the middle class, and small businesses who are unfairly devastated in economic crashes, rather than soley upon bailing out bankster, Wall Street, and too-big-to-fails through increasing the deficit, based on the same old games of borrowing from China and playing the false securities Juggernaut game - AND IN HAVING THE FED PRINT FREE MONEY FOR THE RICH.

There are many more reasons for a probable second crash, but I am DONE for now.

My dog woke me up last night at 3:30:am. I let him out. Nothing. He gave out little barks until 5:30:am, at which point I threw up my hands and ate an omelet. Maybe it was thunder rolling in from Wisconsin. But, this is prime time for idiot behaviour in the neighbourhood: Pre-full-moon, and Pre-thunderstorm. My back has needed rest and attention, so I've been dealing with that. Later. Phone is ringing. Please advocate support of Obama's SMALL BUSINESS BILL!

This entry is from EARLIER:

ETC.: (Thurs Sept 16 8:30pm): Olivia just smashed herself (Donna) in the head with a trophy or something. I like Fringe. And yet, not in a twatty sci-fi nerd way. Like I said, it's as good as having a B movie to watch, and less time-consuming. And tonight, they have Leonard Nemoy, who should be dead by now. It's so distracting tying to figure out what his dentures are saying. And he moves around and you just keep saying to yourself, "That's Leonard Nemoy - that's Spock at 80 years old, with a weird Michigan accent." And still, it rocks that they have him, and this is a pretty good show.

This whole taking a bus to the library thing is not paying off. It's not worth it. I get there and someone sits down next to me and so my computer slows down. Some cute girls were next to me and I told them this and so they left. Yay! But then - some old fart got on right after them. I was interested in some long-haired gothy brunette walking around - she walked into Meg's, and the stank of coffee then exploded into every crevice of the library. Who was that girl?

Black low-cut hikers, dark maroon/purple socks, awesome dark cargo shorts, a dark blue T saying "Sidney", covered by a forest green windbreaker vest - and a green-and-black shoulder bag. I was specifically dressed to attract black Birkenstock gays, but instead attracted a busload of hot white mama babes. It's nice to turn heads. And in the supermarket, a girl at the inside-bank was eyeing me slowly, interested. I don't know who she was - unless she was that ONE girl, and went and got her hair done did. Then I walked to the Eyeglass place, and the lady who was a black version of Rosie Perez was helping me. We talked about how she was the black version of Rosie Perez. Really, it went well. And Vanessa was sitting over there, and I asked Rosie if Vanessa was Iranian, and this got broadcast, so now I was asking Vanessa if she was Iranian, and she said no, but I said she was very attractive. Vanessa likes money. She laughed when I told Rosie she could make a lot of money if she came up with a glasses idea I just now mentioned. And then she gasped when I went looking for small change, but only had $400 in $20s. So, forget Vanessa.

On the way there, I think my doctor drove by, looking at me. I need to shoot him an email. Also, whilst waiting for the bus to the library, the crazy gay guy on the corner made faces at me as he drove by in the passenger seat of a pick-up. He looked like a retarded monkey. Later that day, I was walking home, and he was alone in his truck, driving past. He feared my retaliation. He didn't turn his truck where he should have. Then, when I was home, playing with my dog out back, his truck was parked less prominently. This is an evil coward. He has vandalised the property here, he has tailgated me, threatened to send me to the hospital, threatened to charge me with assault, glared at my city workers, thrown bags of crap in my yard, bla bla bla. (Soon, he will be predictably reacting to his own fear by creeping around with his territorial leaf-blower and weed-whacker, "defiantly". It's the full moon, you see, and this pathetic 4th-grade control freak doesn't have the independent will of a cockroach. He's like a sociopathic serial killer, who lusts to commit crimes of "power", but is dreadfully afraid of being caught, or having THE SHIT KICKED OUT OF HIM).

Poor bus driver lady on the bus. Before I got on, there was a couple cussing and swearing. Then the weird shaky guy got on. He was really strange. He was yelling stuff at me when we waited, "Here it comes right on time!" I told him he was looking at a school bus - but whatever, they come on time, (I was trying to save his face - but he just pushed forward acting like an idiot). The REAL bus came, and so he said, "See, right on time!" - then he made his weird growls and sayings. What a freak. But he meant well. He saw some lady fall and hit her head on the counter at a nearby supermarket so he called 911, and so a fire-truck showed up. Yes, fire-trucks show up on medical calls. Because we LOVE our government here, cuz we be fucktard idiots.

Return to beginning of this post to see all that happened the next morning! Oh, how exciting!


*  -  Rough notes, to be expounded later:

- Notes: May 6 Flash Crash as Wall Street warning.
- Banksters/corps. witholding credit/investment as political ploy vs. Obama. 
- Need to sink economy for quick profit - raiding.
Certainty of funded TeaBaggers based on certainty of planned collapse.
Won't give out credit, instead waiting for Fed to monitise debt., (inflate currency), buy bonds, make banks money.
The Fed is now beginning the inflation by printing free money with which to buy bonds, because China doesn't want to anymore. 
- (Real wealth transfers to China. China, & WalMart, can then afford to raise prices to pay higher wages to it's expanding middle class). 
- Inflation goes up, AND SO DOES THE VALUE OF GOLD.
(The dollar goes down, unless propped up by military impositions, or related agreements - flimsy.
- Presently-dipping dollar ironically makes Wall Street stocks seem STRONGER because they are denominated in dollars! The realisation HAS to come!).
- Admin. trying to drive down dollar to prop up trade! Encourages the inflationary crash.

- TARP and STIMULUS bills have been petering out.  That's another reason to beware of possible second dip.  Also, the banks are now buying up gold, as are the Asians, and coin collectors in Europe - so the price of gold is still pushing upwards, as predicted.  I have two other things I have to remind us about, but I see that the class is ended... 


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