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Non-Stick Interior Coating Is Easy To Clean And Allows For Truly "Healthy" Cooking

Posted on 2010.09.16 at 16:35

(Weds 10:30pm): Do you know that in Lithuania, they often use English street signs, etc. But there are sometimes problems. For example, the sign for "Men At Work" is usually, "Men a Work" - borrowing from the French. Similarly, the sign for "Men Taking a Break" is, "Men a Pause". Well, this second sign has caused quite a few medical issues, as you can well imagine. And I totally made this up. ha!

How about this, regarding my new pots and pan - made in China: "Non-Stick Interior Coating Is Easy To Clean And Allows For Truly 'Healthy' Cooking." - Does that make any sense to you? And yes, they put "Healthy" in quotation marks - which make me pretty nervous. Do they mean that you will be healthier because you will not be cooking with pots which have old food stuck on the sides? Or do they REALLY mean, "Yes, the lead-based coating is highly toxic, but please pretend otherwise."

Because, after cleaning one of these pots, I put in on a flame to quickly dry and disinfect. I stepped away and became obsessed with swatting fruit-flies. Meanwhile, the pot cooked itself. And the whole house filled with the most god-awful acrid stench of industrial toxins I have ever smelt - ha, smelt - get it?,,, So I had to run the exhaust fan for a while. Inside the pot, the non-stick coating had become shiny black - and the OUTSIDE of the nice silver-coloured pot had burned to a copper colour. This was only after a few minutes on the stove. Huhhhhhhhhh

Anyway. I am in LOVE - with Whitney, the winner of "Master Chef" - she's wonderful. I want her. Not for her looks, but for her mind - and her food. If she looked like the blonde with the white glasses, that might be better, but I think her $250,000 would be sufficient compensation for not looking hotter. She's just wonderful. I'm so glad she won. I like "Master Chef", and love "Kitchen Nightmares", but I hate "Hell's Kitchen". Why am I so complex?

It seemed apparent to me that Ramsey was favouring her - and he made her nervous by deliberately trying to fight his favouring. The fat guy was also trying to convey to the bald guy THE MEANING of Whitney’s style of cooking. "She's ELEVATING rustic Southern cooking!" - And, btw, I also love her for her whole approach at food. Awesome. Her final competitor reminded me of several people, mostly the young partner on Boston Legal, (was also in "Sex, Lies, & V."), and CS. He was so egotistical - nice enough, I guess - but when he didn't get what he wanted, i.e., when he failed to impress the authority figure (proxy-father) with his beef dish, he started almost balling out loud. It was amazing to to see his ego pop like that. But, listen, how can you expect to impress Gordon Ramsey with the dish Ramsey is an EXPERT at? There's no way Gordon Ramsey is going to set HIS ego aside, and admit that this newcomer made the dish just as well as HE makes it. Anyway, this competitor's break-down reminded me of CS's looking like he wanted to cry when he was asking to use my house for something - it was the exact same psychological phenomenon.

So, yeah, all of today I had a major, prohibitive headache. Not able to do anything of substance. This entry is from YESTERDAY, (Tuesday). I have expunged a chunk of it for now...

(Tues 10:pm): So - I took the bus today - a few - and it takes a minimum of 4 hours & 15 minutes to get anything done. Not at all as much done via computer as I needed to do - so I'm POSTULATING that maybe I can go to the library for the next 2 days, and finish the rest. But my fingers are showing signs of dangerously spreading fungal spread - which means severe CFS is coming. I shouldn't have to be forced to live like this - to be forced to become more and more disabled because I fear homelessness - because of the bullshit in people's brains. I need REST. I need NO STRESS. How can it be so hard for other people to help me accommodate this? Instead it is all moral wrongs and enemies and spite and demands and me me me me me me me....

I saw one Hispanic girl on the bus - I think she was the same girl I thought was too young a few months ago. I think she lost weight, got darker, and put her hair up nice - so her face looked very appealing. I am black-Irish, and tan well, and so I have some subliminal Hispanic in my being. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I think she's a maid. You know how, because they like them burritos, some Hispanic girls look like a sandwich loaf? Yeah - nice face - sandwich loaf. That's about the only worthwhile thing that happened to me today, although too much more has also happened to me, and I'd like to file a complaint.

(Thursday insert): I believe the Hispanic girl is an aid to a disabled person every day - I am posting this Sherlock Holmesian observation for possible future reference. It would be a point in her favour. Because, I am incapable of living my life without a gf who is also a hospice worker. Methinks. Too much...

Although - at the Eyeglass Place - girl with lumpy-boney Anglo-face told me completely fixed "computer glasses" were free, and I panted in ectasy. She watched me in mirror to see if I was un-gay, watching her pulling her short sweater-vest over her awesome hot hips - yes, she has a fabulous hot body - but this lumpy-boney Anglo face I wouldn't know what to do with - unless I loved her - and how could I love anyone who works at Eyeglass Place - and - what's more - appears to take inordinate pleasure in working at Eyeglass Place? A hot body is good enough, but only if you you have the same bra size. And this is was Xiou Zou said, hundreds of years ago.

It's Tuesday night - and I should have been sorting recycleables days ago - it's 10:15pm - and I need to impress myself with 3 containers of recycleables. What's a body to do at this point? I can do it. But do I really WANT to? There comes a point, yo. There comes a point. Where you just want to throw up your hands, have someone take a picture, and become immorialised in some kind of Shakespear play, yo. Cuz you drunnnnnnk....

I can't wait to move West and stop bein so black...

(Thurs Sept 16? 11:am): "Who's the one-out-of-eight people who needs help in YOUR life?" I AM ! !

Quickly recovering from latest relapse. I should be able to go out and get a few things done, in the rain. Well, you know, the BITCH MOON has passed - but something off kilter is in the air. Last night, the radio lady on WGN, (who reminds me of Hank's wife on "King of the Hill"), was in a bubble of irritating silliness. And this morning, Stephanie Miller was in an odd zone, and was towed away. Plus, my dog keeps saying he's expecting a call from Immanuel Kant. A night or two nights ago, I dreamt that I had, and took care of, 4 black cougars - it was difficult. I also dreamt up a whole Seinfeld episode, where Jerry had bad hair - it kept getting worse, more tangled, bigger - until it was about 3 feet in diameter. It was funny. But, obviously, all this means that something odd might happen this month. As you may recall, many months ago, I predicted a large dive in the stock market this month - dip #2 to follow. Entirely possible. And, gold has hit a record high of $1,268 - and silver is around $20. I KEEP TELLING YOU. And, by the end of the year, these will be up significantly. BUY NOW.
Now, I'm including this part cuz I might refer some communities to it. Now that the Senate Dems are in majority, they are the male sex organ of the Senate. Finally. But, instead of being potent, holding sway, extending their authority, they have deflated, out of respect for their lobbiests, and have allowed the Senate Cons to take over the male role. The Senate Dems are gay. While in the clear majority, they have not only handed the virtual majority to the Cons, by upholding the filibuster 60-vote hazard, but they have handed the Con a virtual 60 VOTE MAJORITY. Seriously. It's like their are 60 Cons and 40 Dems in the Senate, when the reverse is actually the case. As the male sex organ of the country, the Senate Dems have let the country down - giving the Liberals a Woody-Allen like complex. American Liberals SEEK to have sex, but their organ no longer works. After a year of this, they have just given up...

AND THAT'S WHERE THE "ENTHUSIASM GAP" COMES FROM. Whereas the functional Liberal-to-Conservative majority was once 60-40, as in the Senate, it has now evapourated into a functional MINORITY of 40-60. So. What do you expect? Plus, there's all this "enthusiasm" going on over in the Republican party, where TeaBaggers are threatening regular Cons and Neo-cons. It is said that the national media is NOT reporting this DIVISIVENESS - this "Civil War", since it does not want to ruin the party. This is TRUE. But the phenomenon needs a little clarification:

Indeed, TeaBaggers are upsetting some in the Republican party. But not others - and not the pro-corporatist groups who are funding them. Because the DESIGN IS, via the TeaBaggers, to move the ENTIRE party further to the right - further to its base - AND IT IS WORKING. It's just that NOT EVERYONE in the party is aware of what is going on. Aware or not, as dutiful, habitual, remunerated Republicans, they are always going to put their money and their support behind whomever wins the GOP nominations - TeaBaggers or not. AND, they will come out and VOTE for them, simply to beat Obama and his "big-government Socialists", etc. So, it is not a division, it is a metastasis. THERE REMAINS DANGER HERE. On the OTHER hand, Democrats and Independent Progressives allow themselves to be deflated when primaries don't go their way, and they tend to FAIL to come out and vote during the primaries. AND, progressives fall away when their primary candidates, THE BASE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY, continue to be emasculated, and lose the primaries. So, unlike the Cons, they fail to come out and vote during the main elections, or instead give their vote to the Green Party, as in the Illinois gubernatorial contest.

I wrote, several months ago, that when TeaBaggers win in the GOP primaries, then Progressives tend to win out over them in the main elections. This was TRUE. But I now retract it. For two reasons. First, it has now become common enough knowledge - such that it is feeding an overconfidence amongst Progressives, which will translate into APATHY when it comes to voting. Second, the GOP is shovelling a good deal of money to TeaBaggers - along with the money from pro-corporatist PACs and companies. So, it is imperative that Progressives get out and vote in November. The thought should be to INCREASE THE ACTUAL MARGIN in the Senate 5 votes BEYOND 60-50. In the same way, we need more people to vote simply to overcome pervasive electronic-voting-machine fraud. Fraud brought us 8 years of GWB, and a full gutting of this country's wealth. Every vote should be considered the CRITICAL VOTE!
(later 2:pm): Hit another dip w/ the CFS. Rushing to get going. Prolly unable to squeeze in going to Eyeglass Place or bank or... hhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Just a political insert: Only blocks of certain affiliations of people would be able to take campaign money from crops., etc. These would be like "voting unions" - they collect moneys from various, then choose to endorse certain candidates. Each candidate can only be supported by as many as 5 voting unions. And if a voting union has a certain agenda, e.g., "liberal" or "conservative", it must state that in the name.

Another idea... Country is divided into 10 regions. Parties choose 1 primary pres candidate in and for each region. Five BIGGER regions contain two-each of the smaller regions, and so 2 candidates fight it out here as well. That leaves 5 national pres candidates per party - selected out via the normal national primaries. That leaves 1 per party. OR - ALL parties' could fight it out in open primaries in the FIVE large regions - i.e., 2 per party - then that would result in a TOTAL of 5 pres candidate of various parties - or by some rare fluke, of only one party, but well...

I also think the unions should get behind a NATIONAL LABOR ASSOCIATION - more like the Sierra Club or whatnot - able to do many more things than regular labour unions...

Apparently, Joe Biden made a good appearance on Maddow last night.


literaryrepose at 2010-09-16 23:28 (UTC) (Lien)
There's a whole blog somewhere about quotation marks in inappropriate places. Can't remember the name of it, but it's pretty funny. It seems like a lot of people just use them for emphasis and don't realize how ""'Healthy' Cooking" looks to other people, haha.

Okay, I googled it and found the link. Unnecessary Quotes. Now I'm reading it and laughing and it's your fault for reminding me of it! =)
"a killing field for hypotheses"
madman101 at 2010-09-18 19:37 (UTC) (Lien)
That's great - pretty funny.

Thank you for blaming me - it feels intimate.

I'll repost the link too.

I wrote a big thing on how fruit flies are sentient - in upcoming post - please don't be offended :o - you inspired "ME"!
literaryrepose at 2010-09-18 20:13 (UTC) (Lien)
LOL, oh no! I'm scared to read your post about fruit flies.. hopefully it won't make me feel like a murderer!
"a killing field for hypotheses"
madman101 at 2010-09-18 20:14 (UTC) (Lien)
Well - sorry - but hell - I feel like I'm being murdered by fruit-flies, so fair is fair - you go right ahead and be bad!
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