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"I'M DROWNING IN LOSERS": The Economics of "Igby Goes Down"

(Sun 4:40pm insert): OMG - NPR's "All Things Considered" is interviewing Kristen Hearsh, of "The Throwing Muses"! (Pixies, Breeders, Belly). She's written a memoire, "Rag-Girl". She's bipolar. She's saying that she'd pick up ambient sounds and turn them into songs, and in her mania, the songs began to write her. And now I know that ambient noise was the secret ingredient which makes me love Muses, etc.

CHAOS = MUSIC: And: I hate most Classic Rock - although there are some groups I love, like Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Led Zeplin, George Harrison, Abba, Duran Duran, etc. I hate the Eagles, but I think both Joe Walsh, and that other guy...???... are pretty good - like Neil Young... I've always wondered what it was that I liked about Joe Walsh - and now I know the answer. Even before Joe Walsh was a guitar-player, he was a HAM RADIO OPERATOR. Now, you might know that I am a giant RADIO-HEAD - I've been into Shortwave Radio ever since I was a three-inch fetus. There is a joy and an art to actively listening, and filtering, through all the noise and hums and buzzes and whistles, and catching a radio wave like a surfer, and riding it to catch specific information, or to learn things from far corners of the planet. I think that Joe Walsh has folded that appreciation of radio chaos into his sound. I believe that this is also one reason why I like Wilco and ELO - ELO did some cool stuff with their recording techniques, etc., to make their songs sound like eternally golden oldies. Similarly, I used to be into music from the 20's, 30's and 40's, where there was a lot of noise, and poor recording, that had to be filtered through - plus there were those old-tme radio shows. So, yeah. On the other hand, I wasted a hell of a lot of time on shortwave listening.

JOHNNY CASH: I am loving Johnny Cash more and more. Yesterday, NPR's (PRI's?) "American Roots" did a whole show on Johnny Cash. JC had the sad sweetness of Roy Orbison; the rough voice of Lou Reed, whom I hate, and John Wayne; the starkness of John Lennon, Willy Nelson, and some other guy - I forgot. He is the white-folk-blues side of rock and roll, being a faithful follower of the Grand Olde Operi's CARTER FAMILY, also including the wonderful Dolly Parton, Iris Diment, and Lucinda Williams. I've always wondered how Rock & Roll developed in the 1950's - and earlier. Texas Swings, and the Blues had a lot to do with it. But I think all of the pop social-change stuff in the 1960's, being born from the Beats and R&R, had deeper roots in THE DISENFRANCHISED following WWII. For example: The soldiers with PTSD; the blacks; the now-idled female factory workers and Hispanics; those Socialists not satisfied after the depression; the libertarian doubters of federal programmes; the distopians; the drug-experimenters = the PRISONERS. Well, as early as 1952, Johnny Cash released a song about being in prison, based on an older jazz-blues song, called "Folsum Prison Blues". Right there, you see a milestone in the creation of the sound of R&R, but also of the social activism of R&R. This song would later be made into a concert album, LIVE at Folsum Prison. So, Johnny Cash was doing this stuff long before Willie, Dylan or Lennon. Johnny, "The Man in Black", wrote that he wore black as a flag for all the disenfranchised - but he never said that he FELT black inside, until, "Hurt" came along. (Conversely, Morrissey never dared to say that he wore black not just cuz that's how he felt, but also for all the disenfranchised - but we know it's so...) Likewise, with electric guitarist Luther Perkins, (brother of Rockabilly genius, Carl Perkins), Cash was electric even before Dylan. Interestingly, Cash also made famous Shell Silvertein's "A Boy Named Sue," which links him right into the liberal white-folk-blues movement of the 60's - (see CD review in a previous post).

"what is truth?" - http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/j/johnny_cash/what_is_truth.html

"the man in black" - http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/j/johnny_cash/man_in_black.html

"friday mourning" - http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/Friday-Mourning-lyrics-Morrissey/1819E4559640117C48256F7C000AFB28

"unloveable" - http://www.sing365.com/music/lyric.nsf/UNLOVEABLE-lyrics-The-Smiths/98C90CA06A635FC4482568AB00291BA9

And, speaking of A RING OF FIRE...

(Sun Noon):
PROGRESSIVE RADIO UPDATE: BTW - A.Huffington's book is #1 on Amazon. This Saturday, the "Ring Of Fire" Radio show was worth listening to podcast - Robert Kennedy Junior, one of my most esteemed heroes, gave a great commentary for most of the first hour - check it out. He was also given an hour a few months ago, wherein a great speech of his was replayed. Go to http://www.ringoffireradio.com or go to http://www.chicagoprogressiveradio.com

CONSPIRACY TOUR UPDATE: Add this to the conspiracy tour, posted in previous entry: http://www.coasttocoastam.com last night (Sat.) replayed an Ian Punet show from May 11, 2008, wherein the first two hours are given to a fellow who's Toy Store was taken over by an Iran-Contra operation, (known to the See-I-Aye, Bush 1, and Clinton), and to the claim that Sonny Bono was in fact murdered because he was preparing Senate hearings revealing the corruption behind Iran-Contra, and, I believe, the fact that the Oklahoma Federal Building was bombed to destroy documents revealing the Bush-Clinton-approved drug-smuggling through Mena, Arkansas. In the second and third hours of the show, the author of "DR. MARY'S MONKEY" was featured, talking about monkey viruses in the polio vaccine, subsequent epidemics, and all the crime and corruption associated with this, including a strong link to the JFK assassination. Highly recommended. (Note: In the tour, posted in the last entry, I said the conspiracy theory stuff was in the 2-3 hours of http://www.coasttocoastam.com, when in fact it was in the 3-4 hours - info is being corrected).

IGBY GOES DOWN BEGINS HERE: Ater a day of intense and bizarre pain, I recovered enough to watch "Igby Goes Down". As you know, I love this movie. It is an ultimate "East Coast Relationship Movie" - these are near-Indie movies that usually aren't highest quality production, background noises are too loud, they occur in New England, they are not well known to the rest of the country, and they are about relationships - usually liberal and coming-of-age, or brief holiday relationships. I adore these kinds of movies. Sometimes, they are about 70% boring, but they also have a wealth of these absolutely genuine jokes, insights into people, and moments of sweetness. Igby Goes Down is one of these, although it is a mega-movie from Hollywood - with many of my fav actors, Claire Dane, Amanda Peet, Jeff Goldblum.

One theme of Igby Goes Down is that well-Moneyed NYC elites are vile, cold people who subjugate innocent, nice, naive, creative, liberal people. They are LOSERS - WITH MONEY. They use money to suck people in, and compel them into psychological or actual dependency. This movie is a nice supplement to the rants in my last 2 posts about the creepy way that backwards-moving conservatives, and mainly the parasitic elite, seek to suck every last atom of air, hope, and independence out of their hosts. The victims are cynicalised, and rendered subservient to a dog-eat-dog law of the jungle, over which the rich rule, judge, and subsidise.

But, see, the thing is this: It is the constant DRAIN of all available wealth from the masses - the draining away of just compensation to labor; the draining away of value from savings and mortgage future real capacities; the draining away of every drop of profit, every tax loophole benefit, every potential competitor in the market - and every false credit or risk-insurance in false securities, which ultimately rape the wealth of society en masse - all of this parasitic draining away IS WHAT CREATES THE SO-CALLED LAW OF THE JUNGLE IN SOCIETY, WHERE ONLY THE RICH DECIDE: LIVE OR LET DIE. It disgusts me. Because they themselves are trouble-free, amoral puff-cakes who forever whine for tax-breaks, and they are sucking the blood out of people who are actually forced to toil because they are GOOD. Being GOOD, those people deserve NOT to be cast helpless into the unnecessary dog-eat-dog "reality" which is but a consequence of exploitation - and further, of the rich PLAYING ONE GROUP AGAINST ANOTHER, IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THEIR POWER. They maintain their power, especially in backwardsing times like these, by preserving an environment of competition and fear - when only cooperation throughout society can bring true progress and true wealth. The rich don't care, because they deal in derivatives, credit, insurance, profits - and the bogus bonuses of monitising debt and inflating the currency. Money - they only know money - when money is indeed an illusion.

In so far as we also believe money is real, and the ultimate value, then we will continue subsidising mega-stores and China, which undercut local business, and send our jobs overseas.

WHAT IS MONEY?: Well, that's a fascinating question for future, lengthy posts. But, briefly, money is actually debt. Paper money originated as IOUs - promises to pay back the banks for assuming the use of some set value of gold or silver. Dollar bills are IOUs to the Fed - and the Fed is a cabal of international banksters. Today, no longer representing a virtual borrowing of gold or silver, dollar bills are now more like fake securities - (bundled mortgages bought and sold, insured, bet upon, the bets being insured, the insurance being bet upon: fake instruments amounting in trillions of trillions of absolutely hollow "wealth") - dollar bills, i.e., really have no other value than that "values" haphazardly discovered by the markets of consumption and credit, and the deliberate manipulations by the Fed, Bankster elites, and concerted inter-governmental agreements. Shocks to the economy, to Wall Street, to the value of the dollar, etc., now make the dollar bill's value far more volatile. Goods and services have far less of a modulating role. If the corporatist elites want to set inflation into motion, there is little to thwart them. And, they WILL do this, as this allows them to pay off their bills - which are demanding steeper repayment because less and less true wealth is being created from the social economy. With perpetual inflation, this becomes a vicious cycle, rapidly IMPOVERISHING the masses, though increasing the MONEY wealth of the rich RELATIVE to them.

Don't get me wrong - money is a good thing. Money increases choice, in theory. But there are problems with money, which have to do with institutions and policies involving banks, trade and taxation. And there are bigger problems with paper money, IOU dollar bills, or FIAT money, based on no value other than those that the market powers that be dictate. The siphoning of money up into capital creates a need within the elite, and with the economy, to reinvest or spend this money, so as to uphold its value or meaning. If this were not done, the solidity or liquidity of the economy would fail. Thus money can be invested into useful things, or, so commonly, it can be invested into dot.com, real-estate, fake-securities, tulip, etc., BUBBLES. Money flows into bubbles partly because people are idiots, and partly because the economy is so ACTUALLY unproductive, that it MUST go ANYWHERE where money can continue making money. It therefore flows into LIES. The profligate elite essentially have one purpose, and that is to take all the money flowing upwards, and throw it somewhere, thus making more money for themselves, or else their status will fall. Most often, the profligate elite throw their money into investments or projects which have absolutely no productive use for society, other than to feed social envy, such as yachts, a permanent military-industrial complex, fake securities, bubbles, corruption, Ponsi scams, and so forth. (Policy note: when taxes are RAISED, the corporate elite actually spend money on HIRING MORE PEOPLE, and invest a great deal BACK INTO THEIR COMPANIES, rather than into their selfish dissolutions).

I think, by now, you are very aware that BUBBLES suck. For everyone but the ultra-elite, who can swiftly move their money around to other places. Spending trillions upon a war economy that merely basically goes nowhere except into holes in the ground ALSO sucks. But, the masses in society are indoctrinated into a competitive-based moralism which see these things as being useful and good.

But let's step backwards: Let's not look at paper money. Let's look at the very basis of paper money, usually: GOLD. Let's say that, instead of dollars, people in a community have things called "gold-specks". They use gold-specks to buy things, trade things, buy services, pool into projects, etc. This is nice, cuz gold specks means you get more freedom in what you may choose to buy. If you were stuck BARTERING, there is much difficulty in coordinating in time, over distance, and in fair-evaluating, trading, e.g., two horses for an ox. With gold specks, you have more degrees of freedom - you can even arrange it that an ox is brought in from some other community. Let's call gold-specks "basic money". Basic money is good because it is not intrinsically an instrument of DEBT which can be manipulated, or called in, by controlling banksters. It also increases choice in time and space. It can be pooled into "capital" investments into wealth-enhancing, labour-reducing technologies. But it has some problems:

Basic money is heavy. It is localised, and requires fortification for protection.

By increasing choice, basic money can switch much of society from exchanging to suit NEEDS, to buying/selling to fill wants and desires. Thus, it can - does - turn from an value of use, to a value of desire - it becomes something to be DESIRED in and of itself. People seek to horde basic money. Thus, the social economy becomes disrupted, shifting further into rich-vs.poor. Also, the psychological switch from bartering to shopping imparts an increase of selfishness or egoism - and this becomes no more obvious than amongst the emerging elite. Basic money is NOT immune from the problems of paper or fiat capitalism, it is just slower, more cumbersome, and less capable of quick adaptations or of careening society in and out of destructive bubbles, and such. Communist societies based on hard currency, a facsimile of basic money, are not adept at building up their wealth when also having to compete with credit-based economies, though the latter may ultimately be more fundamentally flawed. It all depends upon what "future" the latter are putting their money on - possible or impossible?

MORE ON CORRUPT ELITES: So, basic money economies also have the problem of elites, institutions, lords, money-changers, traders, even banksters also emerging to covet away gold-bits from the rest of society - and these are made into institutions, requiring, by LAW, respect from the citizenry. Unfortunately, what becomes forgotten is that TRUE value does not emerge from MONEY, but from the INDEPENDENCE, CHOICE, CREATIVITY and LABOUR of all the people in the community. Resources derived from such were once, virtually, goods of the commons, to be shared, or at least justly appropriated. But when comandeered by MONEY, they become commodities, with their human values being SHORN once through buying/selling, and fully by manipulation and exploitation by the market elites. The parasites. Today, the same parasites are trying to privatise every inch of our commerce and our government, controlling our every inch of privacy, now that they have successfully diminished our true wealth and our valid self-governance. The rise of institutions which emerge to exploit, manipulate, and bleed dry the values and enterprise within economies, (since even before the money-changing banksters of Jerusalem usurped a fee for exchanging the gold of Rome for the silver of China, along the silk/porcelain/jade/opal/spice trade routes), ALWAYS feeds a hemhorraging of true wealth OUT of society, up into the vanity and profligacy of the elite, and into TRUE uselessness - and, in so doing, installs and reinforces a social mentality of scarcity, dog-eat-dog, envy for money, and competition with one's neighbour.

The elite bleed out the true values of a nation. They are an open jugular. They side with the power of lies, trickery, undercutting, false promises, duplicity, and all that. Proles who envy them, privately dream of being better able to execute the same bullshit - they side with the very bullies who would destroy them. They romanticise over their kidnappers. They rush in for more abuse. The bigger the lie - the more often it is repeated - the more willing they are to BELIEVE. And so, they remain transfixed by the magic show presented by the priests in service of the status quo. You need only to understand this to understand the paradoxical ignorance of the Tea Baggers, and the like.

But the profligate elite - and now I am shifting the subject back to psychology/sociology - they need not endanger themselves by overtly showing themselves as the back-stabbing sociopaths which they are. They have other people to do that. They have so much money that so many other agents are paid to execute their dog-eat-dog corruptions. They have corporate executives, managers, investors, theologians, politicians, think tanks, PACS, armies, covert operators, propagandists, security agents, spokesmen, PR execs., lawyers, judges, and so on, and so on. All this, that the profligate elite may maintain a smile, appear above it all, sleep in comfort, and just seem so darned nice and holy and popular. They're not. They're after your skin. They are, on the whole, pompous, weak, unholy people.

In a counterproductive economy, the greater part of money is invested in LIES. Just look at how the GDP is tallied - or how unemployment is figured - or how Wall Street does NOT represent employment or social wealth - or how crap derivatives are considered valuable - or how so much of our wealth are exported into completely insane wars that mainly benefit BP, The Carlisle Group, Haliburton, Black Water, and such. On the other side of this coin, the profligate elite get to where they are by seeing a value in wasting money - in destroying social value. They advance an ethic of dog-eat-dog DIVISIVENESS in society, and sit on the top of the pack(s) in all their illustrious duplicity, pretending to be everybody's friends. In Igby Goes Down, Igby's father goes crazy because he does not deal with all the "pressure" put upon him, in his high society.

What "pressure" is this? They are RICH. How could they have pressure? Well, after $75,000-a-year, happiness does not go up. I would wager that: after a few million, happiness, like Igby, and his dad, GOES DOWN. UNLESS you learn to deal with THE PRESSURE. I am referring to the pressure to make immoral decisions. Decisions which completely contradict your naturally human - your HUMANE - heart. And we are, though deft, not born to lie, to steal, to harm, to hate. Amongst the elite - in corporations, in high society, in politics - the pressure is to HARM OTHERS, and then get rewarded with MILLIONS of dollars. You are at the top of a pyramid scheme, which can afford to dole you MILLIONS of dollars, for mere decisions, because those decisions so vastly affect so much of society - extract SO MUCH MORE money for everyone at the top. Decisions we have seen made by BP, if we were paying attention, or even by the President. It starts with such rationalisations as, "It's a trade-off for the greater good," "If I don't do it, then someone else will," "The end justifies the means," "I really need the money for my family," then, "Might makes right," and so on, down the spires of hell, on earth.

WE really need to be saying these things, but not in opposition to each other. We need to re-empower ourselves. But not for a new version of the status quo.

So, anyway, the only way the elite overcome the pressure of inhumane choices - the cognitive dissonance - is by adapting a cynical, dog-eat-dog mentality, where ONESELF is somehow more divine than everyone else. Decisions made are now made WITHOUT FEELING - coldly, like a Himmler or a Goering. And it is the very act of making these decisions WITHOUT CARING - and, also, whilst paradoxically LUSTING - which somehow makes them SUPERHUMANS, because, after all, "The decisions HAVE to be made..." for the betterment of society?! Not exactly. For the preservation of the bubble of narcissm surrounding the parasitic rulers of a corruptive, counterproductive status-quo. The delusion is as pervasive, amongst them, as is the delusion that money is a value unto itself.

The point of original Christianity was to counter this artiface, siding with human values, and propping them up with new metaphors, theology and ethics. Now, Christianity is use to defend the artiface and corruption and crime - in every little interaction, from the elite, down to the sanctimonious busybodies who see you cutting you hedges and are therefore inspired to report your WEEDS to the city. It is all about control. Possession. Divide-and-conquer.

Because we are FREE - AMERICANS... Because I AM SPECIAL!

I act like an animal because I AM SUPERIOR!

WHEREFORE CONSPIRACIES?: You know, after you really look into all the various CONSPIRACY THEORIES out there, you eventually find that they all seem to fit together quite well. There are connections between Iran-Contra and the OKC bombing and possible 9/11. We created the Taliban and Hamas and etc. You hear that someone spotted O.Ben-Ladden on his way to Fiji after 9/11, and it actually is worth considering - cuz it makes sense. There may be a LOT of conspiracy theorists out there and yet, even over a long period of time, they are not possibly so smart as to weave such a refined tapestry. (They are mostly honest, and perhaps reactionary - and yes, there are many delusionals). There really may be a gaggle of elites up there playing us all in their chess game. There certainly has been a historical conspiracy of religious elites and of banksters, so.

WHEREFORE CONSPIRACIES?, PART 2: Similarly, after you really look into the dynamics of history, you may conclude, as I have, that when a civilisation is gearing towards decline, it will select specific forces to COMPELL unaware actors into CREATING the conspiracies which hasten its decline. That is to say that such forces as the profligate elite are not merely corrupt by their own doing and choice - or virtue, as they would have it - but by the necessities of the dynamics of civilisation itself - like thermodynamic processes determining how many bacteria will prevail in a certain environment. In fact, the true wealth of nations is not disconnected from thermodynamics, and the physics of energy-use, and so when energy efficiency decreases in a society, of COURSE there will arise a corrupt, profligate, whoring, wasteful elite - it is built into the nature of our reductionist economics.

BACK TO THE CORRUPT ELITES: Back to the psychology of the profligate elite... These folks merely ASSUME that their dog-eat-dog fights will be played out by subservient agents, and ultimately by the divided serfs themselves. They need not break a sweat, nor crack a smile, unless it is a part of their self-glamourising act, or imaginary photo-shoot. They need not laugh or show unease - unless it be part of their grandiose, ironical haughtiness. They feel themselves so constantly under pressure to escape ridicule and scorn, that they develop a sarcastic, diffident, cold aloofness - putting themselves above emotionalism, above reproach - always quick with the first spar. It is a coldness mixed with an absolute detestation. It is a lust mixed with a need to render others lifeless. It is absolute dog-eat-dog occurring in a disinfected, exertion-free, hermetically sealed environment. They are free from injury. Their lances can only puncture the lower classes. It is a vicious tooth-to-throat fight amongst inbred mamby-pamby cowards, where only one thing matters: the all-consuming, irreproachable, all-divine EGO. At this level of wealth, what means ends or means, or a few lost battalions in Prussia, or a deliberate oil spill here or there - or some false flag destruction of some trade center skyscrapers? - all is fair game, anything can be said - it is incestuous narcissism completely divorced from both humanity and reality.

ELITISM BEGINS AT HOME: And so, everything they say is contaminated with spite. Spite hangs in the air like the dankness after a doused house-fire. Everything they do is littered with some unfinished business, some insult meant to hint that, "I am better than you." This crap mentality begins in the middle class - where Yuppies will paint their house but leave a part unpainted, merely to spite certain neighbours. Then, what is the value behind painting the house? Self-importance? Retaliation? Shouldn't it have something to do with self-respect - a value-unto-itself? Siblings will deny the contributions of a particular, envied sibling, but then imitate those successes in profligate excess, merely IN SPITE, and proceed to garner all the credit. Indeed, to be absurd (?), some siblings will ultimately parade about in the skins of their murdered brothers, gathering deed to all they owned, all they were, such that they are no different than sociopathic serial killers, the likes of Dahmer, passing for decent, loving, religiously-correct members of society. This is the ethic of most upwardly mobile lawyers and banksters and traders and politicians in our ridiculous society, which is putty in the hands of the ever-envied elite... It is all an externalisation of insatiable self-doubt, transferred to blaming the victims. A rationalisation of deniability.

And, as I have recently described, it is all parasitism. Of the free-spirited. Of the natural. Of the real. Of the working and rational and consistent. Of the self-respecting. Sucking in those vulnerable to the relentless backstabbing, spiteful, subsurface games of no consequence to those living the LIES, but of great consequence to those still holding out for the values of the human heart... Who yet can dare not speak up or dissent, lest they be cut loose from the money-supply... Who only verify, this IS A GAME OF LOSS... In Igby Goes Down, Suki was swallowed into the possession of Igby's fascist brother. She was taken precisely because Igby liked her. The whole theme of my life, for some: "Find out what he wants, and take it away." Suki's openness and snarky wit is rendered into cynicism and dependency upon another's control. Similarly, Amanda Pete's artistic character, who toys with Igby, becomes consumed with dependency on Igby's money-bag Step-Father, (father?). All of them feed off of the money gained by Igby's now insane dad. Insane because he tried to hold out. And they all think themselves so special that coldness and meanness is a virtue to them. Even Igby's mother is a cadaver long before she dies - and Igby is left pursuing the shadows of his heart, a LOVING substitute for his mother, all his life, through all his wisdom and sarcasm - only to have this one vulnerability exploited and preyed upon by the rest of high society, constantly knocking him DOWN. Until, in the end, finally with his dad's money, a lucky substitute for his DAD, he is allowed to grow up, up and away, flying to California. And, who knows if that will solve the problem, eh?

DO you not see the Igby in me?

Now, I don't merely need money, I need HEALTH...

Of course, little Igby was also a jerkwad - and there is always that angle.

But less so than the others.

Now, I am going to skip talking about how my relatives are jerkwads, and jump right into discussing how I am surrounded by losers - not losers with money, but losers who have bought into - indebted themselves to - the moronic dog-eat-dog mentality PROPAGATED by the corporate, media, political, etc., elites. But, for a while, I am taking a break...

As needs be.

(It's always "nice" to have a day when I'm too ill to do anything, but well enough to do some journal-writing. The caffeine from my green tea has been testing and taunting me all day. And if I had attempted anything more I would have destroyed tomorrow. God - yesterday was awful! But, now I need to rest, and then figure out what I am capable of doing to better my situation this evening. Why do I feel the need to explain these things? Because you never know who's reading).

(Mon 10:30:am): I am going to get SO much done today!!!

I forgot to mention that it seems to me that we will prolly have a Folk revival by the year 2016. It makes sense. It will come from Indie, modern Country-pop, Folk - and prolly from some weird influence like reggae-ised hip-hop-dance with a little Arabic music in it.

I had a dream that would totally make it as a sit-com. But it needs a lesbian who looks like Justin Beaver dot com. (google).

My drier doesn't work well. I have to run it three times before there's a chance of it finally drying the load. It may be backed up with lint. At least it works. My washing machine stopped working last night - even though I don't use it too much. It's all the summer's humidity - destroyed the pump which empties the water into the sink. So, now it is full of dirty water. I have two loads waiting to wash - plus I was planning on doing LOTS of washing, as I go through clothes and sort them out.

I found a bunch of little aluminum cans containing sterno, in the basement. Except the sterno is all shrunken into dry little puff-balls - like moth-balls. I lit one on fire and it flared up like gun-powder. Freaky wow. These would be great for starting campfires. I could also smoosh them all down and keep it all in one can or jar. The only thing is that I fear any microscopic spark. A little dangerous. But maybe useful. Not sure if I'll keep them.

Be sure to check out Robert Kennedy Jr.'s discussion mentioned above. The only thing I didn't like was that he dissed Desperate Housewives, but he is a busy man, and no expert on TV.

"I AM DROWNING IN LOSERS": OK - to finish this post, I will now describe a recent day of mine. Dear Diary, the other day I tiredly went to the library, desperate to get serious things accomplished. I ended up in the same seat where I sat last time - when there was a crazy guy next to me having delusions that I was persecuting him (sic). In the same seat where THAT crazy guy had sat, NOW sat ANOTHER crazy guy. I had to move his things out of the way a little, to sit down. Then he began talking out loud to himself for the next hour or so, and lifting his leg and farting. "Oh, my goodness!" I've seen him before - he is constantly like this - so it had nothing to do with me. It amazes me that the librarians don't do a thing to control these people - such dweebs. Some hot little black babes came in and chatted with the black librarian. They were all dressed up for Friday. They went to sit down, passing the crazy guy, who was talking - so they turned around, thinking he was talking to them. PAUSE. He says, "Hi," and continues talking out loud to himself. The cutest girl looks at me. She looks at me later, and played with her gigantic bang. After about 15 minutes on a computer, they left, all confused about the crazy guy.

Then I got a salad, and caught a bus. The older man on the left of me was laughing out loud to himself. At some point, a crazy black woman was sitting in front of me, laughing and talking to herself. She is the former wife of a black Alderperson here. She's nuts. It's bothersome. The bus driver is laughing and squeeling on a very loud voice, very shrill. A bike-rider goes by and shout to her to SIGNAL when she stops. Now she's squealing to him. As I get off, she talking to me about him, and I say there are lots of crazy people out today, so she really should be concerned about the bike-rider.

Everyone is going nuts. Society is slowly tearing apart at the seams. Because this town is so NON-progressive, nobody has a clue as to how to deal with the changes in a SANE manner. Everyone is out to beat the other guy to the prize called, "I am right!", in trivial situations, where it rarely matters who's "right". They are blind to how they are feeding the social insanity. They have no idea what idiots they look like. They are out to prove the other guy is the nut, first, just like the bus-driver who screamed at me to stay off the bus, cuz a ghost was still waiting to step off. Each and every one of them is out to prove he or she is more right, more free, more deserving, more American, more loud, more obnoxious, than any one else. If only for spite. Now, look at this rag-tag army of incoherent babblers - a rabble, a gaggle, a goo - tell me, what will become of them, and how shall they act, when INFLATION is finally set off like a wildfire? I'll tell you what they'll do. Already playing into the paws of the divide-and-conquer rich, already fearful and bleeding money, they will fight each other, until they finally fall into goose-step, electing fascists to rescue their shared American values, and vanquish the shared enemies, and victims, of America. They will be picked off, one by one, group by one, by sociopathic clerks who see little value left in them than, say, as guinea pigs to be subjected to cruel mental-health or eugenics experiments, yo. They have doomed themselves into their own Skinner Boxes, rendering themselves no brighter than reactionary Pavlovian dogs, addicted to the fall . This is exactly how it happened in Germany - I studied the rise of the Third Reich in college, deliberately, cuz I saw it coming. Hitler WAS ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE.

BTW - don't miss the elections in November, P L E A S E !!!

The interesting thing about the fear-driven TeaBaggers is that they are so self-contradictory. They don't really think things through. They end up voting against their own self-interests. Studies have shown that people who don't make logical or sensible conclusions or solutions tend also to be incapable of understanding logical or sensible conclusions or solutions when someone else presents the facts right straight to them. Instead, such reactive people tend to grind their heals, and illogical positions, in even deeper, when confronted with facts which PROVE them incorrect. And, in America, you have the right to be wrong - and, apparently, to corner the national media, so long as you are funded by the Koch brothers, Dick Cheney, Dick Army, etc. The poor TeaBaggers are all up in arms because the black president and all the Hispanic Moslems and THE BIG GOVERNMENT are trying to take away their guns, their rights, their food... They don't mind advocating taking away job-relief and Social Security, etc., away from OTHERS, like THE POOR... Oh, but wait! Most of the TeaBaggers are, themselves, ON Social Security, and benefitted from The Veteran's Bill of the 50's, as well as from the Interstate, and fire departments, and MEDICARE, etc., etc. - but no, they see no contradiction in screaming that we must shrink the government down so small that we can, "drown it in the bath-tub." They see no contradiction between acting like asshole, intimidating, gun-toting Christian terrorists, and yet demanding against the Constitutional right of a pro-tolerance Moslem group to build a community center in NYC. They accept funding from the very elites which are impoverishing them, rendering them ignorant through Faux News, (partly owned BY AN ARAB), demanding that the taxes CUT from the elites, by GWB, not be RETURNED to the elites - although this, with THEIR WARS, is expanding the EVIL DEFICIT!!! Oy yoy yoy - what's the point of even talking about these idiots any more...

Obama has new, apparently better, head of his Council of Economic Advisors, by the name of Austin Goolsby(sp?).

One of my recycle bins says, "Made in Canada".

I use Yahoo a lot. I don't block most Yahoo and Inktomi IP ranges. But there are a few Yahoo IP which really make me wonder if they might not be specifically used by The Ferret (sic). For example, on suspiciously-acting IP ( is reserved for Facebook AND for Yahoo (www.any-fp.wa1.b.yahoo.com), while a similar suspicious IP ( is used by rackspace.com - and I have questions about rackspace. More seriously, Yahoo Search uses a main hook IP ( which is in a legit Yahoo range, but once you ride it, something behind it seems to read your clipboard, or possibly even search for other info like keystrokes or passwords. This isn't a hijacked IP, cuz it functions, but it might be used by The Ferret, by Yahoo snoops, or it might be linked to some illegit IP. Anyway, if it's doing its thing on YOUR computer, it slows your computer down - and if it IS the Ferret, it is trying to open your info up for investigation and is setting you up for hacking/shut-down, should The Ferret decide you warrant being shut down.

For those who were interested in my post a good while back about: Food influencing the emergence of social mores and justice, see book, featured on NPR's "The Splendid Table": "Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human".

(Mon 4:15pm: Well, I got a little done, and then I got crunched by a CFS relapse - so I'm not going anywhere today (Monday). I also realised that, yes, CFS the the MAJOR thing slowing me down, keeping me from accomplishing things - but having a dog also cuts into my productivity. Because: If I can't catch a bus by later afternoon, it takes me too long to do things and get back to the dog and let him outside. Because the busses switch to hourly after 5:pm. So, going to te library, etc., catching two busses and a bus home can mean I don't get home untill many HOURS later.

BP UPDATE: They are now finding Correxit 9527 in swimming pools 50 miles inland in FL - and it's making people sick. People's palms are peeling in LA. Correxit-coated oil droplets evapourate, fall in rain, act like heat-seeking missiles and attach to any organic molecules or cells they can find. Correxit is a SOLVENT - solvents are DEVASTATING TO HEALTH - plus the droplets contain BENZENE, and other toxins. go to: http://www.rikkiott.com.blogs . BP is continuing to dump Correxit in the Gulf. This is good for the stocks of the company which MAKES Correxit - a subsidiary of BP!

There's an oil spill in Romeoville now.

Tips: I made some veggie thing in one of my new pots - it leaked through the mini-colander at the top, and stayed a-top the lid, but that's better than boiling onto the stove. I found that you can rapidly cool down such a meal by throwing in a frozen burrito - then cook up the burrito in an oven. The burrito cooks up FANTASTIC! - in only 15 minutes - the soggy dough turns no-fat-chimichanga-like - and for once you don't need to SALT the burrito - AND YOU CAN ACTUALLY TASTE THE CHEESE IN IT! Restaurant-quality! Amazing.

Got a pot to clean? Put it in the sink, let it catch your soap-water, which will eventually overflow - and also use it as a sink! This way, you use less faucet water to wash hands, etc., AND the pot starts cleaning itself! (Unless it's got oily stuff on it). You can save tonnes more water if you remove the pea-catcher uner your bathroom sink and allow thee waste-water to drain into a big bucket below - then pour THAT into the can when it needs to be flushed.

A great toy and treat for dogs: Hard-boil eggs, then freeze them. Especially great in summertime.

(Tues 11:am): Speaking of eggs. Don't place your box of eggs on the back rim of the stove, while you select and cook each egg. Story: You ever have a morning when you do something slightly differently, and then EVERYTHING starts going wrong? Usually, that just applies to my CFS. But, this morning I switched on Morrissey instead of listening to talk radio - trying to start my day earlier. I also decided to have another rare BREAKFAST, so I got out a rare box of $4 organic eggs, and went to the stove, which squeeked at me. "Huh?", I said, thinkingly. I made sure to clean off a little debris on my new frying pan, using a silicon spatula, and the no-stick pan coating SCRATCHED! "Cheap!" I thought, sayingly. Then I turned on the gas, and the stove squeeked at me again - it was a mouse, warning me, of kitchen apocalypse. After catching 5 mice a few weeks ago, I figured that was enough - but they're still here, and mainly they recline behind the stove.

So, I'm frying some eggs. The egg box is perched on top of the back rim of the stove, already lacking 3 eggs. I take out egg #4 - then egg #5 - and then one for my dog. Egg #6 was the tipping point - the whole box fell back behind the stove. So much for my quaint, relaxed breakfast. The mice were already in the walls, telegraphing their neighbours about this wonderful bonanza - this new victory! I ate my eggs and pancake, then went back there - and ALL the eggs had fallen out onto the floor and CRACKED. I spent regretable time cleaning it up, then mouse-proofing it with a little 100% ammonia. Now, they say there's already a mouse virus in a lot of people with CFS. So, I started thinking maybe I could save a few of those eggs back there in the mouse DMZ. Three well-cracked eggs were still in their shell, so I boiled them - for what, I don't know. The good thing is that eggage pops OUT from cracks, and this dirtified stuff can be cut away.

That's 9 eggs. Two fully cracked eggs were cleaned away into the garbage. That leaves one egg unaccounted for...

CONVERSATIONS: In this post, I wrote about losers I had encountered along my merry way. But I forgot to mention the little lady on the bus-ride home. She was Continental Indian, very small, with 7 chins. While waiting for the bus, she kept talking to me - and then on the bus as well. She was a half-way normal person - in the field of medicine. So, the conversation was all about CFS. But she was also strange. Strange conversational mannerisms. No one here is normal. Look at me, a savage beast - I have nothing to ssssell...

I have had other half-way normal conversations with strangers in recent weeks. Some guy was hiding his boots in the bushes, and started trying to play a harmonica. I sat down with him, waiting for the bus. He was very suspicious that I would retrieve his hidden boots one day. Since he was destined for homelessness, we talked about hiding food, etc. He gave me his harmonic, so I started playing it, teaching him how to play. Then I told him I had highly contagious bacterial menengitis and thank him for his time.

There was a TeaBagger-age guy sitting in front of me on the bus. He was talking to some dopes about how he was mad about losing his cattle ranch in North Carolina, and how he was planning on moving to a ranch in Australia - and taking his Social Security along with him. After they were finished talking, I bent over and started talking with him - about Australia and Social Security and North Carolina. It was a useful conversation. I wrapped it up, and he said it was a pleasure talking to me. Then he wobbled away with his cane, sadly. Who knows what will become of him.

Or me.

"I knew I was next..." - (Morrissey)...

So what do you think I am?
And how precisely could you tell
A decent skin is all I am?
People think badly of me
But one day maybe they'll praise
Oh but meanwhile...

I knew I was next
And I didn't mind
Here I offer you my life for any debts you're due
And when you've been down for the very last time
There is nothing anyone can do to hurt you

The shadows of trees, they reach to me
They know a decent skin is all I am
People think badly of me
But when I'm in grave maybe they'll praise
Oh but meanwhile...

I knew I was next
And I didn't mind
Here I offer you my life for any debts you're due
And when you've been down for the very last time
There is nothing anyone can do to hurt you

Oh but meanwhile...
I knew I was next
And I didn't mind
When you've been slapped around
And one more slap can't hurt you
And when you've been down for the very last time
There is nothing anyone can do to hurt you

I knew I was next
And I didn't mind
When you've been slapped around
And one more slap can't hurt you
And when you've been down for the very last time
There is nothing anyone can say to hurt you

And now some links. Not yet tested for accuracy. (Try also ".org")...
http://www.lessthan100days.com - ?
http://www.climateprogress.org - dr. joe rome
http://www.grittv.com - Laura Flanders


"ONE NATION" MARCH! - OCTOBER 2, WASHINTON DC - http://www.wegoted.com

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