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I am the person who will destroy China.


(Weds Aug 31 - 10:am): Once upon a time, there was a boy named Peter. Peter shoe. All the kids made fun of Peter, because of his name. "Peter, Peter, Pumpkin-eater!" "There goes Peter, the male sexual organ!" "Pete Shoe! Oh - Gadzundheit, ha, ha, ha!" "You're a shoe? I don't get it? Was your father a shoe?" "A boy named Shoe! Get him!"

So, Peter resolved to make the name-calling stop. He began running, working out, swimming, and lifting Oprah Winfrey over his head whenever he had the chance. He worked out. He buffed up. He became very large and fromidable - and he got a job as a Police Officer. In this way, he felt that, if he could not become better than people, at least he would be equal.

But Peter the Cop happened to work in a fairly educated ghetto. One day, when Peter was walking away from a substance-abuse call, he heard these voices from behind him:

"Who is that?"

"Oh, that's Macho Pete Shoe."

"Ha! Machu Picchu ha, ha, ha! I get it!"

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Hey Machu Picchu, how’s that whole irrigation thing coming along, ha ha ha!"

I'd like to wake up in the morning; sit in the kitchen, while cool sunlight filters through the creeping honeysuckle in the window, and farm animals quietly cook up my grits and quinoa; roll out a news paper and listen to the cheerful, interesting, sensible news on the radio, and drink my delicious cup of coffee - instead of choking on day-old coffee grounds while my head spins and voices proclaim:

- July showed the sharpest decline in construction jobs in 10 years
- August showed the worst stock market decline of any August (since....??)
- Obama announces that the Iraq war is over while 50,000 soldiers are remaining there
- Republicans denounce Obama for having pictures of his children behind him
- Republicans state that the number of people at Whitestock was 20 times more than it was
- (The number of people at Glennfest was IN FACT much less than the LGBT march last year)
- (OR the Obama inauguration! Or Chicago acceptance speech!)
- Beck's "Apparition of the Geese" march was FUNDED and PEOPLED by vested interests
- Which brings new meaning to the term, "Goose-Step"
- Republicans claim Al Sharpton's yearly MLK gathering was A COUNTERMARCH!
- About Beck's White Rights rally, he said, "We must fundamentally change America!!"
- And Sarah Palin screamed, "We must NOT fundamentally change America, as some would want!"
- Yet The Party of No is having it's best poll ratings ever (includes Rasmussen): 51-41
- BECAUSE: Obama has completely alienated his PROGRESSIVE BASE
- Beck explains he didn't mean Obama hates white people, but that Obama is simply:
- A follower of Liberation Theology, which leads to the killing of white babies, by the way
- Diverting attention to THE VICTORY MOSQUE bullshit, Republicans say Obama is a Moslem!
- And 20% of the people believe them
- Alan Greenspan, who helped wreck the economy, cautions of a DOUBLE DIP
- (which was also a Seinfeld episode)
- & The U.S. Chamber of Commerce runs TV ads attacking the IL Dem candidate for Governor

I told you, what? 3-4 years ago? that Glenn Beck would become the most dangerous man in America. I am never Wong. Thankfully, he is, like Sarah Palin, merely a money-grubbing, cowardly idiot. Sponsored by the NeoCon, Bankster, Well-Oiled establishment, which relies upon recruiting this typical type of puppet. So far, none has shown the caliber of bombastic disregard for the truth as the infamous, apparently G A Y, drugster, Rush Limbaugh. Lump them all in together with the Republican establishment, and this is all the gaggle of sociopathic narcissists that has sold our economy, and our rights, downstream for a buck.

But, as I said, it's just like eating stale coffee grounds. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of hearing it and I'm tired of the moral obligation to speak out against its hypocracies, injustices, and ominous threats. I just want to move up to a lodge in Canada and live a quiet, natural life, and write, and post funny things on LJ, and have sex with Big Foot, as I have a Big Foot fetish.

They are sick, sick people, who only survive by taking advantage of every benefit-of-the-doubt, every pause, every doubt, every want, every fairness TO FOIST THEIR SICKNESS ONTO OTHERS. Their secondary costs, their pollution, their rudeness, their failed ventures, their false promises, their bullshit, their mess. They are poor people who foist their poverty onto the innocent. They are angry people who foist their anger onto the weak. They are sociopaths who foist their wonton sociopathy onto a divided populace.

Conversely, they are parasites. They are the tools of corporations which thrive upon the labour and creativity - AND MONEY - of healthy, creative people. They immitate their victims, steal the credit, then proceed to have their victims blamed and prosecuted. They rationalise away decisions, choices and rulings which are always subjective - always IN FAVOUR of authority &/or always OPPOSED to their chosen enemies. So long as it advances their fear-wrought career. They are hopeless without their paranoia. They are religionless without their blame. They are powerless without their next critical profit margin. They are parasites who can be, like Goliath, simply slain by one small aim - by removing them from their hosts: the consumers, the unions, the believers, the viewers, the boots on the grounds, the victims. The voters.

The whole Tea-Bagger thing, bought and paid for by corporate elite money and media propaganda; along with all the indignant NAYSAYING in the Senate; along with the talk radio racism and division - ALL OF IT is a co-opting of what WOULD have been anti-right dissent from MIDDLE AMERICA: from workers, from liberals, from students, from consumers, and so on! It has been a sucking away of that very energy - concertedly heading it off at every pass, claiming it, stealing it, using it for profit, using it for power. Using it to defend the status quo of a corrupt financial-corporate-government system. That is: Corporatism, which will not release its fingers from its accelerative weapon unless they are finally pried free whilst cold and dead.

There are various "far-rights". Religious, Tea Bagger, militant, racist, etc. There are also Libertarians. A moderate right-wing libertarian would be a Jim Bohanon, compared to a moderate left-wing libertarian, Art Bell. But a far right libertarian would be an Alex Jones or possibly a Ron Paul, compared to a far left libertarian such as Howard Stern. (Note: Howard Stern once told me I was ugly, on MySpace). While many libertarians support a completely free market, (wherein corporations ultimately take over and destroy the planet), and such, there are many libertarians who are taking a stand, along with progressives, against the puppets of corporatism like Palin and Beck. These are primarilly far-right libertarians, such as Alex Jones, along with the left. They are also taking a stand against the racism-mongering of the rest of the far-right and right. They are also joined by a very few standard or moderate Republicans. Blue Dog Democrats cannot be trusted on these issues.

Glenn Beck has been bobble-heading around, seeking to define himself as Tea Bagger, conspiracy theorist, racist, and now, religionist. Whatever gets the audience for his sponsers. But the main thing is that he has been feeding off of the messages of other groups, and is being used to cock-block progressive energy and efforts. Beck's PRIMARY host, the one he sucks blood from the most, has been, (along with Obama on the left), ALEX JONES. This is where he derived most of his instable emotionalism - crying on air, like Jones. (The whole emotional lability thing was then passed on to John Boner; and to Hank Paulson, pleading for bailouts from Nancy Pelosi). Beck reportedly has several people monitoring Alex Jone's radio show, (which has higher rankings than Beck's radio show). Many of his conspiracy theory rants have been immediately lifted from Jones. And the major heist was the whole 9/11 conspiracy - which was quickly watered down and dispersed in order to appease the guys in charge. Now, that has been switched, via Pamela Geller, to the "Victory Mosque" issue.

So, there is one full example of the vampiracy of the right. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity regularly steal material from Stephanie Miller, Ed Schultz, and other progressives. I had more examples, but have forgotten them. But, the corporate media, marketing firms, talk show bullies, politicians, etc., on the right, are forever sucking the lifeblood out of the independent motivation of the American people. Not to mention their money.

- they want to sop up every cent you own
- they want to own every doubt they can instill in you
- it is legal for spies to attach a GPS to your car
- it is legal to search your car on "reasonable suspicion" for some other issue
- or if you look Hispanic
- although a warrant is required to monitor your computer/mail, illegal monitoring is widespread
- it's just fine to monitor your conversations using parabolic microphones from far away
- it's just fine to use lasers, phone taps, garbage pick-up, surveillance cameras, because
- they want to feast on every last inch of your privacy

Because their paranoia is insatiable. BECAUSE IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL.

To gobble up every small business. To corner every market. To appear to know every last word. To move in on every grace and every forgiving and every benefit of the doubt. To suck it all up - all the privacy, all the liberty, all the life - to IMMITATE it, then to dash it to the ground, demonising it, destroying it - sucking up all of the credit. They are out to steal your SPIRIT. Just as the Aborigines of my homeland knew that photographers with their cameras were out to steal their spirits. Their self-determination.

Liberals who, for 30+ years, have been, out of the goodness of their hearts, bleeding-out benefit-of-the-doubt upon benefit-of-the-doubt for them, now find that all their wealth and all their hope has been sucked away by these bastards, and now it is they who are being served up for the final feast - no doubt.

"No defeat! No surrender! Eat the evil liberals!!!"

Eat the poor. Or they will eat us. I just want to go to Canada.

Cuz, all my life, cons have been hiding behind my back, then stabbing me in the back, and running off with my future. Cowards, all of them. Pathetic, unholy whores. Leaches preaching freedom. Saying that capitalism equals democracy. Killing their hosts: the poor, the free, the founding fathers. The country.

The environment.

I am so, so tired...

Some people are learning. To be Christian with these people only works so long as you have some measure of independence. Some influence. Or an escape hatch. Free will, basically. But after all that has been quietly taken away, you come to the realisation that, WHEN SOMEONE IS COMING AT YOU WITH A WOODEN CROSS, YOU DON'T STAND THERE HANDING THEM NAILS. I'm not into that whole scene, man. You know, easy prey. 


I've done a lot of recycling in the last 4 days. Many large things of metal were put out, and quickly taken away by industrious scavengers. I spent a good while packing pieces of an old artificial Xmas tree into a box. I had to scrunch the green branches down, and scrunch more down with them, and scrunch and scrunch. I had to clean each branch off before scrunching, even. Then, I put the big, overflowing box out. An hour later, I looked out the door, and the box was upside down. "Oh, great," I thought, "Vandals have overturned my garbage."

But, I walked out and saw that the box was actually EMPTY. Someone had come along and meticulously, or violently, extracted all the scrunched branches OUT of the box, and left the box, like some shell of a digested beetle. Now, that really was a riddle! Why would that happen?! If someone wanted the tree, why would they leave the box, and go through all that trouble? I thought that maybe it was an artist, or someone who wanted to use the branches for some artsy or homey, gardeny decoration project. Then I thought it was probably some scavenger of metal who only wanted it all for the rusted wire in the branches. And that was sad. Merry Christmas.

So, the rest of the stuff waited to be picked up, minus a plant stand I decided to keep for myself, and some baskets. But I was planning to go out and get the 3 little CD and VHS (VCR?) cabinets - cuz those would go to the junkyard if I didn't get their plasticness into the recycling bins, or maybe sell them at a garage sale. Too late, they were junked by the garbage trucks this morning - and this one mistake weighed heavy on my soul. But a great deal WAS picked up for recycling.

While taking breaks on the front porch, I noticed something very unusual. OK, imagine that you're walking down the sidewalk... The street is on your left. You are approaching a corner. You want to turn right. Do you simply turn right on the perpendicular sidewalk? Of course you do. But, let's say that, instead, what you want to do is to pop onto the perpendicular street, and then use THAT as your sidewalk, as you turn right on THAT. OK. But, YOUR sidewalk doesn't go all the way to the perpendicular street, it stops at the perpendicular sidewalk. Well, simply walk on the grass to get to the perpendicular street, right?

Wrong. People in front of my house don't do that. They first turn LEFT, walk down the perpendicular sidewalk ramp onto the parallel street, walk on the street around the corner, turning RIGHT on the perpendicular street, and continuing away. In other words, they go out of their way to avoid the grass, and make THREE turns simply to turn right.

Do you want to know what is even more bizarre? It's not a 90 degree corner - it's a 135 degree corner. So, as they're walking along, they not only turn LEFT to walk down the sidewalk ramp onto the street, but they do so at a 45 degree angle - meaning they actually move BACKWARDS to do this!!! Got it? They approach the corner, turn left at 45 degrees, moving backwards to walk down the ramp, then they turn right, and turn right AGAIN to walk around the corner ON THE STREET.

This is either very conscientious or very insane. What's more, this used to be a neighbourhood where nobody gave a damn about anything! Why is this happening?!?! And, here's one more weirdness. Most of the people who do this actually live around that corner, meaning that soon after they do this little dance onto the street, they walk back off the street and up to their house. Thus, they have completely ignored using a perfectly good sidewalk between their house and the corner, but have elected instead to do this whole insane, possibly superstitious, ritual at the corner.

It's just the weirdest thing. All I can figure is this: In the wintertime, only the ramp was cleared of snow - but the rest of that second sidewalk was too choppy to walk on - so the ramp was used, and that sidewalk was ignored. But, holy cow, it's September, and people are still walking like there's tonnes of snow on the ground!!!

NOW do you see why I've got to get out of here? Just think what other kind of nonsense and habit are propping up these people's thought processes and personalities.

That one girl was hot, tho.

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