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Bozo was a GOOD thing

I sould be a cab driver, with my own hours. That way I wouldn't have to run down my beloved skamobile, and I could meat all sorts of characters, being a writer. And keep up my oddball humour relentlessly, which usually doesn't work in longer-term relationships, I suppose. And propagate my infamy. I had an "Irish" writer friend in Madison who was a cab driver - then he went off to Taiwan to mix with the Asian ladies there. He was the one who actually turned me on to Yeats, my fav poet. Although I was into Yeats somewhat previously.

Went to ABC this morn, late, so if you were there, I missed you. I had some great saute'd cajun catfish last night, so that messed up my sleeping schedule. I woke up at 4:30 am, so I took a tiny bit of melatonin and went back to sleeepl.

So, do only jerks come to this library? The guy at the desk told me to go ahead and use the SIGNED OFF computer, which someone had abandoned, leaving their coat and notes. "OK". Well, I signed on, and of course, the guy came back. And he's pissed at me, so I told him to take up the issue with the guy at the desk. He get's a new computer, but comes back slamming things, and takes his stuff. "I said, "Don't blame me." But then he comes back, and angrilly retrieves his floppy, and he says, "I was working here, Bozo."

Thinks because he's doing his taxes, and he's a fucking white male, he's more important than the general public! Well, I give him a word when I leave.

Well, you folks don't know everything about me. I don't enjoy fighting anymore, but when I fight, I win. Prairie State just told me to go ahead and told me to "Give the Dept. of Education what it wants. If you have problems later, then we will try to help." But, you see, what the DOE is doing should be illegal. And it's happening to others. So, I'm going to talk to a few private atty's, and see if they'd be keen on a class action suit.

Something more irksome. The City had someone come out and inspect "my" somewhat-burnt garage, which they wouldn't have done if I hadn't gone down there and corrected their error. Now, they are telling me to repair the roof, which NEEDS to be repaired, but is covered in tarp for now, and which WASN'T damaged in the fire. If I don't repair, then I may be charged up to $750 a day, which is a laugh. I shoud go and burn the rest of it down.

The thing about Rockford, people all have it in their heads that they're following the rules, but they are constantly NOT. People blame others for things like stalking, and they turn out to be the stalkers - but as long as they have friends to bitch to, then their behaviour is rationalised and moral.

I have found that about 75% of all morality is a rationalisation for jealousy, spite, and harm.

And then there's this PRE-EMPTIVE "morality"... See below.

I should have looked at that guy's notes, and learned his name - just in case I DID have the inevitable run-in with stupidity.

So, I'm at Kinko's, waiting behind an OK-looking woman, and some larger, conceited dude, who's moving around in various poses and trying to catch the woman's eye. He looks around and sees me, does more of the dance, and scrapes the back of his head - that evil sign of, "You irritate me because you are insignificant."

Well, the woman is finished, and she turns to leave, and it is me at whom she glances, not him.

Well, I heard a chorus of The Barcolay(sp?), (Tales of Hoffman), on the classical music station last night while I was in bed. It was so beautiful, it made me cry a little. It made me think of my past life, and my present, and the loss of connections. Because of my hard times, I lost everything - friends, memory, love, etc.

That's about all for now.

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