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Posted on 2010.07.23 at 16:11
First - running to catch a bus - sorry I must return lovely cmoments later! - thanks - and the Network thanks you...

(Thurs July... - 10:30am): I love how the only place I can go to hear about progressive developments in health and medicine is Coast-to-Coast, occasionally, but this show lasts until 4:am and is therefore very unhealthy for me. But, more about last night's show later in my next post - important stuff. (Links are at http://www.coasttocoasstam.com, re: healing=voltage, and thyroid). It's helpful to be able to drink green tea and write these posts late in the morning - it's about the only thing I am capable of at that point, but usually allows me time to relax, gain energy, overcome fatigue and allergy, etc., and get on with a workable day. However, sometimes it is so taxing that I have to fall back down again for hours. Sometimes for days. Because it is so hard to tell when you're in a hidden relapse or not, and (therefore) if you are just pushing beyond your energy envelope, dooming yourself to additional torture.

Note: I am reminded of an idea I had. There should be a website that is a clearinghouse for GREEN, intelligent, long-term, (potentially) MONEY-MAKING jobs. NOT jobs that contribute to the present bullshit system that encourages corporate gambling, corporate raiding, corporate downsizing, corporate welfare, corporate blackmail of the government, environmental destruction, CEO vampiracy, BP-like MISTAKES, cheap and toxic products, shipping jobs overseas, media propaganda, the military-industrial complex, irrational taxation and control, etc. In other words: jobs which contribute to the fall of America - and the planet... Jobs which bring society no good future... Jobs which, combined, sell us all out! Like investing in oil and waste, when that only bleeds our economy with WARS, pollution, greed, etc. So long as we buy into it, the oil industry actively seeks to squeeze out alternative energy attempts - and they do this in a myriad of covert ways we refuse to see, including threats and murders. So, the idea is, instead, not to simply look for a good job, but look for a job which helps build everyone's future. Turn down a "good" job just like you would turn down less expensive products from Wal-mart, because it quashes local competition, in favour of China. Work for - invest in - America, as you would choose to buy only American products. I was at the grocery store the other day, and was told by a LBBB that my bags must be searched - I will no longer SHOP there because I'm trying not only to buy only-American PRODUCTS, but now I will refuse to SHOP at places which are UNAMERICAN in their ethos!

So, this website should also makes T-shirts, which say: "Get a Job THAT WORKS!" and it would include their url at the bottom. Then it would donate most of them to Louisiana. Because, look, the whole idea of WORKING is to WORK - to be functional, to produce, to work out, to be rational and useful. You can have an entire country where people are employed by the great and pointless "Pyramid Corporation", everyone being paid $50,000+ a year, where nothing of value is being produced - but none of their jobs is actual WORK! Though it may break their backs. And flush the rest of the world down the toilet. There is no real future in it. It's just a pyramid scheme. It's just greedy cost-cutting which results in trillions of dollars in expenses for oil spill damages, etc. It's just plain shucksterism. Like religion was, for the slaves who built the pyramids.

Slaves to oil, we are. Slaves to the globe-exploiting shadow government. Slaves to global planned obsolescence. Big Oil, squeezing out the competition, the environment, the truth, does not WORK. Making and selling expendable arms to enemies of enemies of enemies, and spending on a military budget BIGGER THAN ALL OTHER COUNTRIES COMBINED, does not WORK. Bailing out banks and financial criminals who gamble away TRILLIONS of our wealth on nothing but lies made of paper, does not WORK. Using the government to appease a network of thugs and economic rapists, and enforce their scam with a national security structure which is robbing us of our basic rights, does not WORK.

I got a message on my machine the other day: "This is Molly Clark, and I want to personally thank you for joining the Downfall 4-G Network!" I thought to myself, "WTF?" - so I called their tolls-for-thee number, and asked someone what this was all about. Because I had never joined this network...

"Yes, sir, you joined when you walked in and turned on the machine. We saw you. The lady from the Neighbourhood Association has a camera trained on you. The crazy gay guy on the corner is outside your window, listening. Supercreep is living in your basement. Your dog has a bug in his ass - this has nothing to do with us - I just thought I should tell you that your dog has a bug in his ass..."

"Well, why are you calling me, if I have no choice in whether I join or not?!"

"Believe me, sir, it's the people we DON'T call who have something to worry about. They are the people who just don't care, and have lost their manners. We feel we owe them nothing, because they have been BORN compliant schills. But people like you - we - for some prehistoric reason - we feel an obligation - or maybe a fear - a fear that you could resist - a fear that you may not really be OURS... And so, we are nice enough to let you know that, yes, you ARE an member of the 4-G network, and we will do everything we can to make sure you will be unhappy with any other scenario."

"Thank you? But - I mean - what IS it? What IS the Downfall 4-G Network?!"

"Downfall, sir, is the wave of the future - like Internet 2, and President Sarah Palin. It's the new name of the C.I.A., formerly the G.O.P., and initially The British-Iranian Petroleum Company."

"But what are the four Gs?"

"The Gs SAVE my friend. The Gs are Christ. Pray to the Gs, which are these:

"Gambling &

"If you pray to these four economies, no one will come to your door and kill you. Thus sayeth Gingrich. Amen."

"Yes! Yes! I see! Ha haaa! Ha haaa! Boink boink boink! Now get out of my phone, you little twerp!" Madman turns on his radio to "Alex Jones", turns up the volume, forces the 4-G network out of his house, and is instead arrested by the police, for a noise complaint.

"What do you mean?" he asks Father Murphy, the Cop, "My nose looks perfectly fine!"

"Apparently, the neighbours don't think so, Bucko. They say you aren't minding your own business, precisely because you appear to be completely minding your own business. Now, come with me..."

Murphy the Cop holds hands with Madman and the other cop, around a table with incense, and a candle, and a Ouiji board, and their bodies undulate violently...

Finally, they relax and watch TV - that new show, "Downfall"...

"I never thought it could be like this," said Madman. "So this is what it's like to have friends!"

(Editor's note: Notice the clever shifts in tense. Also too, see also: http://www.thefallofamerica.net).

Regarding that grocery store, wanting to search my bags: It's based in Cincinnati. Now, you would think that a store based so South would have really good potato salad, but it sucks. So does their macaroni salad. Plus their potatoes also suck. I DID pick up some nuts there though, from California, and they tasted awesome!! Although I have had a problem with mouldy Brazil nuts in the past, I'm going to check out http://www.poindexternut.com and order me some buttery pecans, almonds and filberts. If you're making pecan pie, you really should use delicious pecans, yes? The answer is yes, you should.

Anyway, what I know about Cincinnati is that the area is really pretty. It's also an important city in America's westward past. People there aren't too wealthy. It is Bible-Belt. I also know that there is a serious problem with white racism there - (whereas blacks in nearby Indianapolis do a lot of rallying). Strangely, Jerry Springer was the mayor of Cincinnati for a long while. He went on to promote pathetic libertinism for a buck, which was as damaging to the nation as Glenn Beck is today. Was Jerry Springer a reaction to Cincinnati fascism - actually a comfy bedfellow to it? Because I knew a guy who once worked for Procter & Gamble, another seemingly wholesome mega-corporation, also based in Cincinnati, and he said it was run like a NAZI concentration camp. So, Cincinnati is prolly ground zero for Hate, Inc. And Food, Inc. - (google)... I'll bet the Koch family is based there. (America Works, Tea Party, Dick Cheney).*?*

(Thurs July... - 5pm): Well, I had a big CFS crash there. Like a diabetic crash, where I'm very nauseous and it feels like my stomach is bleeding to death, it followed my taking 1/3 of an iron pill. I don't know why I can't tolerate iron, when my thyroid needs it. Ironically, I later ate a jumbo Chicago-style hot dog - which is an extreme rarity for me. Now my heart hurts a little. But Liz Phair said she'd make it better. So I'm listening to her, because I can't get "Johnny Feelgood" and "Whip-Smart" out of my so-called head.

Speaking of Ohio, about a month ago, or less, I heard that someone had set off a pie-bomm (sorry I have to spell it this way) in Cleveland. (Today, I learnt one had been set off in "Froughtwood(?), OH on May19. Then, later, another was set off in front of a bank in Chicago. (Today, I learnt another was set off in Madison on July 17). And, now they are going off here in this city. The pattern looks like someone is travelling around, doing this. And dead animals and suspicious packages are showing up at a Family Planning clinic, NBC, etc. This is apparently anti-liberal and anti-corporate. After the big BP deflation thing I described earlier, it makes psychological sense that a couple of fringe lunies are doing this. But since about 2/3 of such actions are simply doctored by secret agencies, (a la those behind THE TEA PARTY), ya have to ask what might be going on behind the scenes? Is some agency trying to instill political left-right antagonisms in this region? Is this in conjunction with the anti-NAACP campaign? I'd think it's likely. There's been some extreme politics going on in Chicago in the last year. And today a bunch of black protestors gathered to shout down the CTA, holding professionally printed signs, complaining about blacks not benefitting from the Stimulus Bill. I think this was another right-wing fabrication, riding the truth.

Stimulus Bill? Wasn't he a president?

(6:30pm insert): Looks like I am right again - the little black rally was apparently coordinated with the latest viral propaganda that there are racial quotas in the Financial Reform Bill. Of course, there aren't - there's only the old boy network already built-in. But, after the BP oil disaster diversion, with ONLY 3% of Americans knowing what the Financial Reform Bill even is, the right-wing is trying to unhinge blacks and blame racism on Obama, who signed the bill. Of course, this is sheer idiocy - you wouldn't think it was germinated BY A THINK-TANK! That's right, the idea was started by a partisan writer in the right-wing, anti-organic-foods Hudson Institute, which includes Procter & Gamble, ADM, Conagra, The National Agrochemical Assoc., United Agra Products, and many more, including Kerry's wife. Now, all the right-wing blogs and Fox News are carrying the propaganda that Section 342 of the bill has racial quotas. (Thanks to Norman Goldman for this info). The bastards are relentless.

Why can't they ever admit they're wrong? Why are they always on the attack? Especially when you call them on their selfishness? Um... Because they ARE wrong. Because they ARE selfish. They are on a mission from corporate-sponsored God to doctor the facts to make them look like their self-illuminated "truth". Andrew Brightfart admitted he doctored the audiotapes to point out that the NAACP is racist, in retaliation for the Teabaggers being rightly accused of racism. Then he took offense for anyone saying that this was a racist action. He needs to be sued all the way ‘til Tuesday.

BP UPDATE: Notice how they've got the government looking like it's in charge now? BP was in charge when the whole point was a COVER-UP. But now, BP wants to be able to blame the government in case anything goes wrong by capping the well, (or uncapping the well). So, today, the puppet government announced that it will be allowing the cap to remain on whilst a major storm blows through. Sounds better that uncapping it, right? Possibly not. BP has been rationalising why or why-not this or that pressure level is a good thing. But my assessment is that they don't know what they are talking about. That's something I'll get into in a later post. The point is, the state of the capped well is by no means understood. But, they'll be leaving the cap on, with no siphoning-off of pressure, while the surrounding seabed is fissured, and there is a leak, "a little less than 2 miles away," i.e., less than a mile away. (BTW - some say that the well is not 18,000 feet deep, but 30,000 feet deep). OK - well - you have possibly a hurricane Bonnie rolling over this. Fine. But has anyone considered that in addition to all this shaking and rolling YOU ALSO HAVE A LOW PRESSURE FRONT, in addition to a FULL MOON? These factors are going to pull up the seabed a wee bit. I'm not predicting a massive eruption, but the conditions will increase the probability somewhat. Methane beneath the seabed is expanding.

ANIMAL REPORT: Speaking of Ohio, did you know that the only reason why Krissy Hines(sp?) of The Pretenders lets Rush Limbaugh use their OHIO song is because Limbaugh donates to pro-animal causes? Which is prolly also why Elton John performed at his wedding for $1 million. Liberals are such idiots. If we never had Limbaugh, we might never had had the environmental disaster in the Gulf. Hey - how about that story where that Right Whale threw itself up on some guy's yacht? That's not normal. This happened in South Africa - which is within whale earshot of the Gulf of Mexico. Although I can't pinpoint the incidents, I have seen this before. Whales and dolphins thousands of miles away from man-made environmental disruptions make protests - in the only way they can. Whales are such gossips. I am telling you, THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON. Hmmmm... What else is BP up to? Well, they are trying to banish the wild mustang from the U.S. West, because they are pushing through a pipeline from Wyoming to Oregon. And the B.L.M., just like the M.M.S., is completely in their pocket. Our whole fucking puppet government is in their pocket. You won't see much about BP, but go to the site: http://www.savingamericasmustangs.org (maybe .net). There have been a lot of animal stories lately. I forgot most of them. My last note is about caterpillars. Scientists have found that their skin moves independently of their insides, allowing them to locomote - this shows great promise for robots of the future. Um, wait, no one ever asked me - cuz I've always known that...

I went into the kitchen to pick up my dog new dinner bowl, and a mouse started yelling at me. The next morning, he was dead. My dog gets a thrill about hunting down mice and flies, because he lives a boring life. He is all timid around the areas where mice are suspected, unless I move in with a stick or something, then he rushes in to attack. That's amazing mob behaviour to observe in action. But he also has that magic of being able to smell illness. He checks my breath to see if I'm up to taking him for a walk. Then he falls over from all the alcohol fumes.

More and more, as I fuse with my television set, my life seems to be represented in Hollywood fiction. For example, last night, Dale Gribble built a tunnel under Hank Hill's house. Hank Hill fell in, through his floor, and never accused Gribble of deliberately trying to harm him. I must say, Gribble reminds me of some of my idiot neighbours, who have enthusiastic problems with boundaries. Then, Hank accidentally cuts off Gribble's finger, and Gribble accuses him of assault, has him in trouble with the police, who force Hank to go to an anger-management class. It is so comforting that such absurdities as I have experienced in my own sphere have also been recorded by other beings in universes far beyond this damn fool town. Hank insists that he doesn't have an anger problem, BUT A PROBLEM WITH IDIOTS. Word. And when Hank has to use anger to save Gribble and his tunnelling friends from being crushed by a garbage truck, they thank him for his anger - when the true issue has been that they are idiots. IDIOTS. So, take a moment, dear reader, to shout out and agree that my neighbours are, in a similar manner, idiots. I thank you.

(Fri July ? 2:pm insert): PS: I tend to bring out genius in hidden geniuses, but also the idiocy in hidden idiots. I carry on all civil, respectful, open, positive, etc. - progressive! It's one of the reasons why Rahm Emmanuel thinks progressives in general are "fucking retards" - (when he can't even get his shit together, get with the progressives, and turn around the right-wing media onslaught that is destroying Democratic chances for reelection. Liberals and conservadems like him only see sense in the status quo - and endless amendment of it - thus the whole need to constantly tax more and more - the whole need to CONTROL - rather than in the concept of fresh and PRODUCTIVE change. Well, that plays into the point of this paragraph: The irony of idiots looking at you and seeing YOU as the idiot). You ever talk to an idiot, and they reveal your futility by glomming on you and saying you don't know what you're talking about? Huh?! Or criticising the practicality of some approach you are suggesting, simply because they want to hear the authoritative sound of their own voice? If you seek to lead, enlighten, or work with idiots, then this is a constant occurance! To keep a dialogue, you talk about only cutting large bushes by 1/3 each year, so as not to kill them. But the other person tells you this won't happen. But you know it will, because you're basically an expert on bushes and trees. And the other year, some idiot landscapers cut a bush by 1/2 and it died. "Well, I don't SEE any dead bushes!" "That's because we had to REMOVE the bush, AND it's partner!" Or people inform you that you have Tiger Lillies, when you know you have native Day Lillies. Or some guy tells you that your explanation of why your retainer wall is gradually falling is wrong, after he's given the subject two seconds of thought, just because he wants to sound like a no-it-all. And idiots will also label YOU as a know-it-all, and gossip with resentment behind your back, as you try to eat your McChicken. Or what about all the idiots who don't listen to you when you describe your car problems, they end up charging for repairs when they never confront the actual problems. This is all why I have decided to become an Ostrich. At least for now.

(Thurs 8:pm): I'm watching some 80's Star Trek movie - something about The Genesis Project. Star Trek movies are far better than the original series. In this one, Christopher Lloyd is a commander for the Klingons, and that's a hilarious stretch. Although, it prolly got him his role in Back To The Future. Or vice versa. William Shatner as the Enterprise Captain, or Admiral, has always been a stretch, because William Shatner has always been a parody of himself. It's that hidden Batman quality that makes the original Star Trek at all tolerable.

Have you ever seen the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and George are visitting Kramer, who is locked in prison? That scene completely is how I grew up - behind glass - people thinking I was nuts, doomed to tragedy, with me carrying on with a song in my heart, good will to man, and a whole future ahead of me. Finally, I reveal that I know that I am completely imprisoned. Except that part didn't happen until recently, and society is to blame.

(More about how my life resembles Seinfeld episodes in some later post).

Did I mention that I got a cab-ride home from Robyn Williams the other day? It was the only part of the day that was worth anything. He showed up at the grocery store, and one of the first things I say to him is, "You know you look a bit like Robyn Williams, right?" We talked wee wee wee all the way home, then I was trying to give him a tip but he didn't have enough change, so I just paid the fair. He said he didn't care, because he enjoyed talking to me. Get it? See, because I'm so awesome. Are you taking notes?

I hate Robyn Williams.

Well, just a while ago, I decided to make something out of this little bit of old canned mackerel and juice. Stanky. I Boiled it in a little water, with three aging beefsteak mushroom slices, onion powder, garlic salt, salt, KELP powder, healthy oil combo, black pepper, a packet of ramen noodles w/o the spice, a little tomato powder, and a little V8, but not enough to make it a tomato base. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! That's why I am telling you. Eat well and prosper. Unlike most Americans, i like fishy fish fish taste. The only thing was that although the shrooms definitely added good flavour, they didn't belong as something to physically eat in the dish.

(Fri July ? 2:45pm): Itchy eyes, sneezing, CFS dizziness, the need to clean house, a proliferation of Indian Meal Moths, general ennui, overwhelming humidity - and a roof leaking - these things moved me to finally turn on the air conditioner. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be very hot humid days, so I'm leaving it on for a few days, trying to dry out the house. It's a big air conditioner.

I'm thinking of going to get some bones at the meat market now, and then also post this at the library... But it's going to be a real drag outside. The last time I was out, I saw this real old, skinny little man walking about, waiting for a bus. He had long white hair, a sun-dress, and white stockings on. I'm telling ya...

Next topic: POWER and HEALTH...

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