I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

A CHANGE IN WEATHER - (Im headed for the trees over there. If thats not a destination, I don't care)

(Sun July ? 11:am): I've been wanting to go into the woods and tan but I just haven't gotten time enough away from the illness. It would require 3 bus tripss, because I want to stop at the meat-market and get some bones for the dog. They have terrific bones. They also have bags of dried shrimp for $5 each which I use as dog treats, but can also be used to flavour my upcoming chowder. I might buy 5 of them. I advise everyone to start stocking up on seafood, tomatoes, peanuts, citrus fruits, and other foods that are grown in the Gulf area. These foods will become contaminated and more expensive - also due to business disruption there - and these will affect prices of foods grown elsewhere. Aside: There are many other signs of coming inflation - shrinking cereal boxes, ridiculous airline fees, the need for more taxes, reduced services, the expense of the Gulf disaster, the devaluing dollar, the Chinese currency adjustment - these hidden costs can't be kept hidden forever, and will soon be tacked onto the overt price of products, and then the race is on to raise all prices. That's when you will regret that you never bought into gold.

Please note that the FDA is not testing Gulf seafood for benzene, etc., contamination due to the toxic Connexant dispersant. They are only testing for oil contamination, in keeping with the whole BULLSHIT strategy. You can't trust seafood, or crops, from the Gulf area now, unless it was packaged prior to the disaster. Benzene causes cancer and various other degrees of illnesses. So I suggest that you only buy from the area if expiration dates are SOON. Otherwise, buy from Chile, Argentina, Norway, Alaska, etc., and avoid the Atlantic as time goes by. An interesting thing about Atlantic currents from the Gulf: They appear to go north, all the way into the Arctic, circulating there. That's unfortunate. I also have a theory about deep-water currents: Like deep-river currents, they are MANY times faster than the currents on the surface. And they can have rip-current-like, deep-ocean RIVERS which resemble the atmosphere's JET-STREAM, speeding along and reaching around the globe in a matter of days. And, it's possible that areas like THE BURMUDA TRIANGLE, (where methane bubbles up and invite ships to sudenly sink), might actively grab debris and pollution from the surface, sucking them into these sub-ocean rivers, and carrying them quickly to many other locations on the globe. One such known river is the Atlantic thermal "Conveyor Belt", which is partly fed by the Gulf's loop-current, south of Florida. But many other, DEEPER rivers almost certainly exist. This all means that dispersion of the MANY toxic pollutants from Connexant, and the oil, including benzene, methane, sulfur dioxide, etc., will be quicker and more universal than expected. This not only means toxic fish in other oceans, but accelerated dead zones, accelerated seawater acidification, (and so) accelerated dissolution of SHELLED animals, accelerated extinctions punctuating the food-chains, and accelerated global-warming due to the increased methane, and the CO2 given off by oil-consuming bacteria AND perishing algae and sea plants. Any sudden loss of vast plantlife also means a sudden loss of CO2 CONSUMERS.

An interesting thing which I relearnt last night, while listening to an Art Bell programme from 1997, concerns ice-ages and the jet-stream. First of all, let me wander into this colourful anecdote. Like most people, I once believed that summers are warm because the hemisphere is tilted CLOSER to the sun. Like someone who prides himself in being scientific, thinking that Santa Claus exists, or that clouds, with the wind, flow because of the turn of the Earth, I felt humiliated and insulted when I was informed that warm summers are caused because the suns rays have less atmosphere to cut through in reaching us. (They cut through straight from above, rather than diagonally through mucho atmosphero during the winters). (While the Earth does go through EPOCHS wherein it is quite a bit closer to the sun than at other times, and this warms the planet more, the specific, brief tilt of the Earth brings no significant closeness to increase warmth or abundance of holiday greeting cards). However, just as I was later to discover that yes, the rotation of the Earth DOES have a major influence on clouds in the wind; and that yes, Santa Claus DOES exist in Sara Palin's vagina, I now understand that the TILT of the Earth is not the only thing determining warm summers or cold winters...

There is a wobble in the Earth's poles which comes and goes in approximately 40,000-year cycles. This change may affect the Jet Stream, pushing it more southerly, or more northerly. Whether or not this is the phenomenon causing the shift of the jet stream, a fact remains that in times of global cooling - ice ages - the jet stream is far to the north, encircling the Arctic. In times of global warming - greenhouse - the jet stream is further to the south, near to the Equator. There is so much I could discuss about the implications of this phenomenon, but the point for now is that not only the tilt of the Earth, but the location of the jet stream determines heat or cold in summers and winters. Victory is mine! As usual! Someone make it stop! But really, it's an amazing thing. The closer (south) it is to the Equator, the more cold air there is trapped north of it. Presumably, the converse occurs w/ the Southern Hemisphere's jet stream. (It can't be sorted out, the cause and effect of any of this, really). At the moment, the jet stream is unusually northward, and the States are covered by a heat wave. An invitation to an invasion of winds from the Gulf. (BTW, I predicted a serious drought for this year, and that's happening in the eastern states). Whether more north or more south, there is greater probability of chaotic shifts, and turbulent weather, in either case. Constrained cold air, or warm air, has (have) a greater urgency to break past their containment, through to opposite, (or instable), regions of the globe when the seasons (tilt) are changing. Thus, global warming COULD suddenly shift into an ice-age. And who knows what effect BP oil might haave on evapouration or salinity in the Atlantic thermal conveyer belt? But forces like galactic or solar or orbital cycles or trends, or persistent flooding of the atmosphere with once-frozen/liquid methane, may prevent or push back such a shift. It is impossible to predict the short-term or moderate-term, but global warming seems to be the overall trend.

For info on climate change: http://www.climateprogress.org

I have heard a number of false, and questionable, facts over the course of this BP disaster. I have heard one "expert" say that, "bacteria LOVE eating METHANE," and I don't see how that can be true. 'Tis OIL they love. (Although, it's possible there may be ancient anaerobic bacteria or archaia which feed on methane, but they would not be significant. Possibly, there are tonnes of these bacteria UNDERGROUND, assisting in the conversion of methane into various hydrocarbons. NOTE TO SELF: Necessary chemicals of conversion: Calcium Carbonate AND ?? sulf??? oxidant... - & My suspected metal for BIOLOGICAL conversion: IRON... Also: Oil + Bicarb + Tumeric!... Heating psuedo-Hispanic cornbread at 2,000 degrees should produce life!... presumeably Spanish-speaking!...). Another dubious fact is that the (toxic) Conexant dispersant not only disperses oil into tiny globules (more toxic to sealife), but that it also disperses METHANE. Well, I don't know if that is possible or not. But two thirds of the oil eruption is methane, and methane is the major problem - behind the rigg explosion, behind the well rupture, behind the high-pressured eruption, behind sea-bed fissures, and behind additional "seepages" from thee sea-floor). However, if it IS true, then I have some understanding of why Obama might have allowed the continuance of Conexant.  A coherent build-up of methane would have portended many deaths near the well, and on shore, and would have threatened large explosions. And methane would presumeably be less toxic than toxic oil when broken down, because it would then convert into other chemicals.

(Tuesday noonish insert): I need to do another BP post soon, (plus China issues). Issues to discuss: Usefulness or folly of the well-cap; source of the "2-mile" seepage; sea-bed fissures; the gov't has been disarmed by BP's ability to blame consequences of capping, AND of cap-removing, on the gov't; Haliburton, etc., stocks rise sharply; How BP has bought the news; BP buys off scientists in Gulf, to protect liability; China made the part responsible for the explosion; another giant oil spill exists in North China - not reported in news; China + the CIA?!... "Mao was installed by the CIA" - "Google was founded by the CIA" - Google in China - Hackers - etc...

(By the way: We are carbon-based life forms, here on earth. How inconceivable is it that we may have originally emerged from hydrocarbons? What are ESSENTIAL to nerve insulation, regulated ionic-exchange, cell walls, etc? LIPIDS! We prolly first emerged from oil in saltwater, with the essential support of pervasive amino acids and magnetised and oxidising iron. Not to mention vitamins and eleven herbs and spices).

Looking forwards to devolving back into the woods, and then into the hydrogen of the Sun, at least I have everything I need together for summer days of tanning - towels, water bottle, disguise... When I'm tanning in the woods and I hear an airplane coming, I slip into a bikini and a wig and hot Korean designer sunglasses, so they dont call the police on me. I leave most of my stuff hidden away in the woods, and return to it next time. It was extremely therapeutic for me a few years ago, and I need to get back to it. I just need to be well enough to leave in the morning, and I need to put out of my mind all the cleaning, yard work, and so forth, that I am supposed to do during those few hours when I am not staring at the ceiling and screaming like a banshee in hell.

I dread the busses. In fact, I'm going to write a letter of complaint about certain evil bus-drivers, and you get to read it - just like you'll get to read my complaint about the LBBB bank person who converted what COULD have been sexual tension into a facile play to exploit me through momentary sadism. Every sentence that I use, refer to women and their names... Well, be that as it may, I took a bus to the grocery store on Friday evening, and a bus back. (E.State, 6:15 & 7:15). Both rides were insane. Here's just two incidents: On the first bus, full of loud crazy people, encouraged by a mad-ass driver lady, a baby got thrown to the ground, "Bang!" ... "Whaaaaaaaaa!" On the bus-ride home, the busdriver told everyone he was in a hurry, and he was rude to them and yelling at them, and blowing by the stops and stop-signs, just so he could sneak out and have a cigarettte. So, I'm not crazy about the whole BUS part of my tanning sessions. I have a wonderful car, but I refuse to waste it anymore on this city full of FREEDOMHOLIC IDIOTS. Really. Think about it. One reason why so many people in this country act like complete idiots is because they're flaunting this great penis which they refer to as their right to freely screw the rest of humanity. Royally. Look at it. What they call "freedom" almost always culminates in, or expresses as, embarassing incidents of social retardation where everyone is reduced to the mentality of 4th graders. And it's as effective as mass-lobotomies, or slavery, as far as syphoning up wealth to the elites. That and texting.

But I know there is more to this story than two crazed bus-drivers on a deranged rampage. I sense that some kind of change in the weather has occurred. Or some kind of rip in the social fabric, leaving individuals to find themselves suddenly naked and somehow surrounded by Talking Heads music. Many people are suddenly adrift in an odd sort of arrogance, or diffidence, or edginess. Unsettled. In a hurry. And suddenly, it seems, people are tending to be less respectful towards ME - which is some kind of symptom... Why me - cute, Lennonish, Morrisseyish, Rue Paulish sort of out-sider white male with one porcelain front tooth and a bag full of rainbows? Suddenly, crowds of girls are no longer swarming in front of my house. Suddenly, old ladies are no longer getting up to offer me their seats. Suddenly, that guy over there is beating me into a bloody pulp. So, I set about to discover what this change is all about...

Is it the weather? I'd say that has something to do with it. It is VERY warm these days - and the humidity makes it worse. But, normally, when you come out of the 4th of July, there is a HUGE release of built-up social tension, and the rest of the summer glides along in a fairly relaxed manner, even if there is weather like this. However, there have been a lot of rainy days recently, so this has prolly made some people dissatisfied, too. But, still. And we are not really in a new moon, it's already headed for the first quarter, in which case it WILL be the BITCH MOON, (see previous posts). Earthquakes are still occurring. So, I think that Earth changes - including decimation of ecospheres - also have a bit to do with it. And the moods of animals certainly show a reaction to this, as well as to our part in them.

But, more important, seems to be the social dynamic. First, there is the whole teabagger influence - the reaction against economic instability, and a feeling of being less free, converted into racism against the President and paranoia against the government, rather than a realisation that domineering corporations, thriving upon Rand and Reagan ideals (lies) of "The Free Market", have been fully gutting the country.

But I think the strongest force, which is completely related to the denial noted above, and to environmental changes as well, is the paradoxical reaction to the capping of the BP oil well. Seriously. First of all, I'll be a monkey's uncle if it hasn't been true that there has been a deep, PROFOUND worry - or sad foreboding - quietly eating away at the souls and consciences of the American people, left and right. It has been powerful, unsettling and invisible. Almost completely PRIVATE. People have had thoughts they haven't had in years - fears of THE END, anger at COMPANIES, questions about CAPITALISM, guilt about their addiction to GASOLINE - their whole psychological investment in macho, chauvanistic SUVism. And then, suddenly, the oil well is capped - and BOY, don't they feel like FOOLS, now?! UnAmericans! That's right - THAT'S what it is!   And, so, they're going to act like they AIN'T no fools! They gonna slip right back into their safe, cozy, incontrovertible fascist way of knocking about. The problem is that there are a lot of questions remaining - questions that can't easilly be pushed back into the oil of the mind - unless of course, you find a way of projecting them onto some ENEMY. This cycle of ever-increasing ambiguity, and ever-"resolving" blame-placing, is the very essence of fascism, which indeed paralyses the consciences of the masses, as politics continues to reflect the emergence of economic and social dysfunction, ceded to the management of LBBB elites, (through rule-by-force; the mergence of corporations with state, and the inevitable resort to militarism).

Regarding the ENEMY: Busdriver #2 showed a clear distinction between disabled and ugly people vs. others. And busdriver #1 kept gunning for geese and old people. And regardez the whole "Illegal Immigrant" furor: When 40% of "job-takers" enter the country LEGALLY, (quite aside from citizens and legal residents); when immigrants are showing entrepreneural fortitude by seeking a better life; when it is U.S. BUSINESSES who are illegally seeking cheap illegal immigrant labour; when it is DRUG-RUNNING, (often armed with the help of the CIA), NOT illegal immigrants, which is increasing violence in Phoenix, etc.; when U.S. financial, trade and tariff policies, AND U.S CORPORATIONS, HAVE BEEN THE ONES SENDING AWAY OUR JOBS TO CHINA; and when Republicans applaud when corporations make bigger profits by sending entire FACTORIES down to Mexico, it remains the immigrating Hispanics who are selected for blame, with angry teabaggers completely blind to the realities that their AZ immigration law is both overtly racist AND unconstitutional. But, lo and behold, in sour economic times, it has the popular support of unthinking, privately begrudging, LBBB wanna-bes...)

But I really don't want to take this conversation too deep into the subject of fascism. What I want to do is to focus it back on what has happened in the Gulf. The well has been capped. Yes. But there is no need to feel subconscious shame because of this. And if subconsious CONFUSION is brought about by it, then it would be a PRODUCTIVE thing to recognise that confusion and bring it up, bring it into conversation, address realities surrounding it. Because what does it MEAN when BP says that the well has been capped? Does it mean that everything is OK, as the News might lead us to believe? Or should we remember what we begrudgingly learnt during the crisis, which was that BP consistently LIES, and that BP BUYS the news? And that there continues to be a hell of a lot of destruction?

Things are NOT OK.

It is not when we return to agreeing that things ARE OK that we suddenly become fools, though we may feel like fools inside...

It is when we ignore our own private knowledge that THINGS ARE NOT OK that we indeed BECOME fools - and pawns.

Never ignore your feelings. That is where the original power and freedom of we, the people, secretly sleeps, like a wounded world, waiting to heal.

Let the water hold you down.

Or like a madman, tanning the trees over there: "Well... How did I GET here?"


This Must Be The Place (naive Melody) Lyrics - Talking Heads...

Home is where I want to be
Pick me up and turn me round
I feel numb - burn with a weak heart
(So I) guess I must be having fun
The less we say about it the better
Make it up as we go along
Feet on the ground
Head in the sky
It's ok I know nothing's wrong . . nothing

Hi yo I got plenty of time
Hi yo you got light in your eyes
And you're standing here beside me
I love the passing of time
Never for money
Always for love
Cover up say goodnight . . . say goodnight

Home - is where I want to be
But I guess I'm already there
I come home she lifted up her wings
Guess that this must be the place
I can't tell one from another
Did I find you, or you find me?
There was a time Before we were born
If someone asks, this where I'll be . . . where I'll be

Hi yo We drift in and out
Hi yo sing into my mouth
Out of all tose kinds of people
You got a face with a view
I'm just an animal looking for a home
Share the same space for a minute or two
And you love me till my heart stops
Love me till I'm dead
Eyes that light up, eyes look through you
Cover up the blank spots
Hit me on the head Ah ooh

(Thanks to the odd movie last night, based on a novel entitled, "Life During Wartime", for the inspiration of this whole Talking Heads afternoon!).

PS: I heard talking heads discussing the fact that progressive Wisconsin Senator, Russ Feingold, refused to vote for passage of the "Financial Reform" ("anti-bankster") Bill. They described Feingold as always having been a very "moral" person, when it came to his votes. Well, what does that mean? I never really thought of Feingold as being exceptionally "moral", but instead as being highly ethical, highly rational and highly progressive. Because he does not buy into the whole "lesser-of-two-evils" mentality that has completely consumed the Senate Democrats - because he won't buy into the idea of selling-out and compromising with unconstitutional Republican filibusters simply to be able to say to his constituents, "At least we passed SOMETHING!" - even though the bill may be a piece of shit - because of this he is somehow naievely too "moral" to be "practical"?! Isn't the ACTUAL problem the fact that the rest of our government is now being RUN BY IMMORALITY, if this is the term we are using?! Isn't the TRUE disease the fact that Senators have been bought away by corporate bribers, and they have deliberately incapacitated the Senate itself simply to satisfy their suitors? Choosing to be bought rather than be hung? This can't go on forever. Nor can the public internalisation of denial. Nor can the pollution.

I have learnt, with 100% certainty now, that the whole 60% majority requirement, in order to escape the filibuster - it's all a complete lie. The Dems are retaining the filibuster NOT because they want it for when THEY are back in the minority, and NOT because they are afraid to stand up to the Republicans, but because they are sleezebags: They are using it to water down bills in order to satisfy the lobbiests, such as BP, Goldman-Sachs, JP Morgan-Chase, City Group, the CIA, and so on. Not to mention all the NWO buggaboos. This is fact - no longer conjecture. The "Financial Reform Bill", (like the "Health Insurance Reform Bill"), was, except for cosmetics, almost completely gutted, by DELIBERATE reliance on the 60% majority requirement. And, in addition, no longer to be discounted, agendae have been set according to public diversions, prefabicated news stories, and staged year-long delays of Senate progress on other bills.

Things are very much NOT ok. We're in big, BIG trouble. I swear on my life to you.

And I know these things because, despite a life of falling down; and a brain and a body perpetually crippled by illness; and years of settling for rice or oatmeal, I have kept my soul, heart and mind FREE. BTW, thanks for being along for the ride! And thank you, Senator Feingold.

all that is required is for good men to do nothing

then they came for me

Marching through the wilderness
Crying out for tenderness
They call me Mister Pityfull
But everything is wonderful!

Soy el gal• de las penas
Sin compasi? ...

Good and Evil (Rumba/Llesa) Lyrics (Artist: David Byrne Album: Rei Momo)

Caught you walkin' like a gangster
Saw you grabbin' the controls
Now you're almost outta batteries
You gottta sweater much too small

Pokin' at your navel
Pointin' your finger too
You say your lips don't even stick together
When the dust comes up
Blowin' 'cross the plains
Pictures are fallin' in and outta their frames!

Singing : Good and evil, good and evil
They turn 'em loose and they turn into people

Singing : Good and evil, good and evil
They turn 'em loose and they turn into people

You know that roses and lilacs are funky too?
Let 'em go at it, let's see what they do
Now they're wrestlin' with the forces of good and evil
They turn 'em loose and they turn into people

I have seen you do things backward
You don't believe a word I say
Now you're holdin' sticky paper
Money never fades away

Talkin' like a monster
Smellin' like a baby
You got a head like a bowl of cherries now
Don't be surprised
You got what it takes
Messin' round like monkeys and apes

Singing : good and evil, good and evil
They turn 'em loose and they turn into people

Singing : good and evil, good and evil
They turn 'em loose and they turn into people

You know that roses and lilacs are funky too?
Let 'em go at it, let's see what they do
Ah - they're messing with the forces of good and evil
They turn 'em loose, they turn into people

PPS: These magazines are really cutting-edge lately, and I strongly urge you to check them out:
vanity faire
science magazine
rolling stone

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