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(sat., July 11 noon): I bought those Monterrey burritos. I hain't bought them in a long time, cuz of the wheat. Bean and cheese - heated on the toaster-oven grill where I had just cooked chicken for dog. I salted the grilled side, all chicken-juicy. And I'm telling you, that really made it taste 3x as good!

Many Chicago beaches are being closed due to high E-Coli count in the Lake. (E-Coli, btw, is a form of cough-drop from Switzerland). One reason for the extra E-Coli, they say, is the Canada Geese. However, others say that there are just as many C Geese as last year. So how can this make sense? Hmmm.... Either the heat is cooking up more E-Coli, or the C Geese are eating more meat. Anyway, C Geese are being wierd. I walk past them by the river, and they stand there, as if stunned. A pair was standing in the highway while a bus and cars were honking at them. They had to look to me, running to cross the straight, before they followed and began leaving the street. It seems to me they are disoriented. They feel something is wrong. They are like flies before you swat them, thinking about the Moon and last year's Christmas cards. These geese haven't quite yet figured it out, but in a month or so they will be drowning in oil and benzene. Which will be a good thing for Chicago beach-goers. Until it rains...

The EPA is working with the Dept. of Agriculture to pay farmers in AR, LA & MS NOT to harvest their thousands of acres of rice fields this year - AND to flood them. Now THAT is what I call SENSIBLE GOVERNMENT. This will hopefully stop short a lot of waterfall in their southward migration to the gulf this year, which begins in August. The flooded rice fields will be a food bonanza for them. ("And the added benefit will mean a lot more great hunting for local hunters!"... WHHHHAT?!) And Asian Carp...

This sensible strategy does not let Obama off the hook for one of his worst decisions since being in office, which was the decision to allow the BP dispersant to continue into the ocean - a decision for which, I believe, he should be impeached.

Taking a break from this post, I saw the tail-end of a movie called "Sideways", and so I say, "WTF?!"... I also went upstairs to consider cleaning. Behind the metal door of the upstairs fireplace came little mouse sounds. Then I thought, "Maybe that's a bird." So I cleared away things and went to open the door and rescue the bird. Unfortunately, whatever is in there found this disagreeable, and let out these large growls. So, I wasn't about to open that door. They are babies. Babies SOMETHING. I have no idea... Oppossi, squirrels, hedgehogs, I dunno. I'll put them out of mind for now. And concentrate on catching mice - mice keep waking me up in the middle of the night, scrapping inside my couch, bothering my brain. I yelled into my couch last night and pounded it up and down but they don't care they think it's funny.

As you know, cougars have invaded Wisconsin, and even Chicago. For some reason, I find this to be an amazing topic. Panthers, and cougars, serve as warnings, according to Native Americans. And this is reasonable, because cats are both intelligent and psychic. While the cougars migrate towards Milwaukee and Chicago, a news story comes out today that a prehistoric big-toothed cat had been unearthed. It could be held in the palm of your hand, but it stalked the rainforests of Australia millions of years ago. This lead me to imagine that the cougars in Wisconsin would one day overtake the global-warming rainforests of the Midwest, within 50 years, like saber-toothed tigers once did. But this time around, it will be US being drowned in tar pits. Anyway, a giant male cougar was recently spotted in Lena, Wisconsin. (I knew someone from Lena). But, they like to travel down riverways. That means they could show up here. I have seen a fox downtown, and a wild turkey, but the only time I thought I HEARD a COUGAR was when some neighbour was shaking a bush in the night trying to scare me, growling and screeching like a cougar.

Cougars have been coming into the NE of this state. Black bears have been coming into the NW of this state. One day, all of the sudden, downtown will be a war-zone. Twenty years later, the city leaders will name downtown "The Zone" and expect this to somehow attract tourism and save the city from its eternal stupidity.

I walked out my door yesterday, like a hunter, and I was SURE I had forgotten something - but everything checked out fine... I was walking to catch a bus, and saw this guy kissing this girl, but all I could see of her was she had great hair - long, dark brown, straight. She was prolly cute, which was an outstanding anomaly, and so should have been with me. Then I was on the bus, yawning and yawning, and lo and behold, two cute young girls got on - and one of them looked like she had been factory-made for me, based on diagrams stolen from my dreams. But the OTHER girl kept looking over at me - and SHE never did - she just played with her cell-phone - all through the ride... So now the tables were turned. How could this happen? I was dumbfounded, and felt balding and old. I increased my yawning, trying to wake up. Both of the girls had party breasts, popping out of their clothes, and were all made-up for a hot night out at the mall. They looked about 17, but since they were on the bus, maybe they were only 15 - I couldn't tell. I began to realise that the brunette already had large sponge-legs - one day soon they would be rumpled and celluloid. And if it weren't for her tan, it would be obvious that she had advancing vericose veins. Now - how does that happen to girls? Soyoung? It's like a requirement of this city. But the females in MY family had smooth, firm, lean, unblemished legs. What? - do they eat too much ice-cream or something? Anyway. When I disembarked, again, it was the OTHER girl who looked up at me. But she was blonde, slightly chubby, somewhat common-looking - and these three things, in the slightest degree, remind me of Ashley. So I vomitted all over her.

Unlike the LAST time I posted about encountering females, THIS time I was deliberately on the prowl. The main problem was, however, that I felt tired, and I had this huge ominous dread hanging over me - a dread of this whole disequilibrium ("stroke") issue. How could I show interest in a girl when all I had to offer would be an episode from Seinfeld? So, when I'd look at a girl, it wasn't heart-felt, and lasted maybe 1/4th of a second. And when girls see guys who act like that, the first thing that pops into their heads is, "Premature ejaculation!", right girls?! I am SO in touch!

(7/12 noonish): This very tall, tanned girl saw me ambling about with my hands in my pockets, looking for avocados, and she found this delightful so she smiled liberally. Was she someone I knew? Was she one of MY KIND? I will never know because her amusement was apparently a private affair. Then there was the cute girl with giant orange boobs who looked across thte way at me, but then didn't look as she passed me w/ her family, but then was looking again at me from the check-out line. I don't know what to think about that. Maybe she didn't like me up close cuz I was too short for her. I agree. And I was iffy about her cuz what would I do with so much boobage? So many times it's slightly chubby girls with big boobs who are attracted to me, but these qualities only say four things to me: 1 - low self-esteem / low standards, 2 - cancer, 3 - large grocery bills, and 4 - her clothes won't fit me.

Plus, all these girls have cute, simple, smiling round faces. Usually nothing exceedingly BEAUTIFUL, but always very cute enough. But I can't relate to these faces anymore. They seem to be from another planet: a planet where life is simple; jobs are boring; cars get paid for; people don't read the ingredients on junk food packages; Rush Limbaugh is merely a funny guy; babies rule the world; global warming is caused by tanning beds; people go online to watch the CBS Evening News; commercials have feelings; Erkel is impotent; an Associates Degree means you're a genius; people still pay doctors with rubber chickens; people buy CDs on how to commit adultery from TV infomercials; Paul the Psychic Octopus is the VP; Mel Gibson's son, Charlie, (star of "3.5 Men"), has a drinking problem and should be Pope; going to Church whitens your teeth by 7 shades; black people are either pleasantly or frighteningly incomprehensible; except for Usher omg; by mowing the lawn you are saving the planet; the leader of the Senate was once Tara Reid; Ann Coulter wrote "Atlas Shrugged" and is actually a man; 5 hours of Farmville and you have solved the BP crisis; Angelina Jolie was sent back to Russia; Russia is in Iraq; Iraq is in Afghanistan; Afghanistan is in Minnesota; NPR = Socialism; Socialism = Hitler; Hitler = Jews; Jews = Anti-Baby; estrogen is a drug; progesterone is a food-additive, and testosterone is a foot-fungus.

(7/12 9:pm): Well, there's another wasted day-gone-by. I'll skip the details and continue with the post... I had a difficult phone conversation with a female LBBB at one of my banks, which I'll go into later. But it suggested to me that most female LBBBs are OLDEST SIBLINGS, or at least oldest sisters. I say this simply because their patterns are so similar - bossy; deceptively pleasant; incapable of admitting mistake; assuming the OTHER person is somehow at fault; out for personal gain; sees self as helpful far more than is actually the case; perpetually surprised by perceived ingratitude; plays up to authority, not fairness; defends status quo; steals creative ideas from others; lies to self, PRETENDS TO BE 100% MORAL, etc. These women are mothers, aunts, sisters, friends, teachers, but they all operate the same way. And they yell at cute young guys, completely out of the blue, ALL OF THE TIME. I don't know what it is. It has happened to me at least 5 times. They may call themselves liberal, but they are worse than TeaBaggers. Many of them look like that lady on Glee, and act like 3 of the ladies on "Desperate Houswives": 1 - The Redheaded Alien lady, 2 - the other Redheaded Lady, & 3 - Gabby.

Profile in a few words: Duplicitous Control-Freaks.

Back in the days of the Cafe Saga, I was sitting outside of a cafe with one of these LBBBs. I was discussing how, instead of being actual REAL PEOPLE, the barristars, (and girls around here in general), launch into gossip amongst themselves, proceed into being unfairly judgmental, stab strangers in the back, and so on and so on. Well, the LBBB began giving me advice on how to pick up girls. HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS? That was not a problem for me. The problem was finding a girl worth picking up. I have absolutely no problem talking to, or attracting, girls. I've HAD girlfriends. I've had LOTS of sex. I made them scream all night. I can DO all that. Now I want to find someone of SIGNIFICANCE, because I simply don't have the energy to put up with the same old girl mind-games. I need a girl willing to wait a week for me to get out of bed just to lovingly pour her a bowl of Chereos. I need a girl to watch me drool for hours-on-end, not make fun of me when I call her Knuckles, and reward me with cornbread every time I write a letter in last week's crossword puzzle, for she knows I was once a Triple-Major college genius with postcards from shortwave radio stations from ACROSS THE GLOBE. She should watch me stumble and fall over the neighbour's children during ice-cream socials where alcohol is being served, realising I was once a deft, witty cad, able to drink giant fruit flies UNDER THE TABLE, but was now unfortunately having another massive brain seizure. And when I run around naked with the dogs, she should have sex with the arresting officers just to keep my ass out of the slammer.

So you see, dear solitary, infuriated reader, the problem is that all these big-boobed smiley-faced mass-produced sweet-young-thangs are useless to me, and are, at most, tortuous to look at. It would be as much a disservice to them, as a effort of heroic perportions for me, to spend even two seconds with one of them, planning our futures and making thousands of eggs together. Every Easter. When taxes come due. And she robs me of all my gold. Leaving me a bloody, lifeless pulp, high in vitamin C.

The fact is, I have become a large, Parvo-infected mosquito, with no real future but the constant apprehension of one final, gigantic SWAT. How I can share that with someone who doesn't know the difference between Deet and DDT? Someone who thinks that the cure for migraines is to move further away from Mexico? Someone who refuses to vote ever since she could not locate Kohls or Target on the ballot?

Yesterday, there were three black cats sitting on our back wall. Speaking of cougars, they were warning of danger. Sure enough, the tornado sirens went off today. But, of course, it was a mistake, because the actual tornado was in Wisconsin. In fact, the weatherman showed some "pics" of so-said tornado, and it looked like a nice feathery cloud. I think the entire populous of this region had simply been scared by watching the stupid movie, "Supercell", the night before. Like "War of the Worlds". Let me tell you about this movie, which was not about a giant cellphone. It looked like it was filmed through a cell-phone, because everything was bleekly purple. Everything about it was ridiculous. You can't stand or drive twenty feet away from a tornado and not get injured or blown away. And tornados don't turn pitch black until after they hit the ground, unless they are silouettes. I think the whole problem was that although Canadians often make quaint, humanly compelling movies, they know nothing about tornados or disaster psychology.

And, is it me, or does the frickin Ford Guy have implants?! And, yes ladies, you must run out and buy the "ShakeWeight", so you can look like a guy masturbating...

Why is Paul the Psychic Octopus always right? Well, maybe some kind of publicity stunt. Possibly a prank by NWO Nazis remaining in Germany, who fix all the World Cup games. Or it could be pure random chance - perfectly possible. Or it could be that OCTOPI ARE INCREDIBLY INTELLIGENT - just like I've been TRYING TO TELL YOU but you never listen, you just smear my name and kick sand in my face. YOU PEOPLE! Dudes, we only have three dimensions - we can see a linear time: past into future. But OCTOPI have 8 references, that's at least 9 dimensions, which means they may have superior, "psychic", computing powers. I know it sounds silly, but it's actually not. Because I say so.

Here's why you should believe everything I say: A question on NPR's "What'ya'Know?", based in intelligent, absurdist Madison... "Which people enjoy snacking on SALTY LICORICE...

1 - The Danes?
2 - Sri Lankans?
3 - Lithuanians?

(close quotation marks)

Before I let my dog outside yesterday, I played a little with him. My arm quickly found itself fully clasped, very lightly, in his large, powerful jaws. He knows he shouldn't do that, but jaws to them are like hands are to us - they simply use them by habit. Which is fine - no issue - no big deal. We just continued on. Then I let him outside for 5 minutes. When I let him in, unleashing him, he sniffed carefully at the same arm. Not because he was smelling his own odour, or anything else - but because he had been outside thinking about it, and he wondered if he might actually have nipped me in any way. So he was checking my arm out for any injury. I swear to god! I know this because I know his personality - we both know he has a tendency to lose his head, and then come back later, when he's calmed down, and realise his mistakes. We both know he has the potential to bite during enthusiasm or stress. I tested this theory when I brought him in the hallway, and let him sniff my arm again, while I mentioned some relevant keywords to him. He wagged his tail, showing both that he understood, and that he was pleased that I understood what the whole sniffing thing had been about. Animals are infinitely wonderful, while also being jerks and pains in the ass, just like us.

As soon as I heard the NPR question about Salty Licorice, I said to myself, "Why that has GOT to be a Swedish thing!" Then I heard the 3 choices, so of course I choose #1 - The Danes- because the Danes and the Swedes are basically the same people, and were one country for a long time. But Lithuania is not too far from Sweden, and I wouldn't put ANYTHING past those Sri Lankans, with their odd food and Tamil Tigers, but still I GOT IT RIGHT as soon as the question was asked. The question is: WHY? Why in God's name would I know Salty Licorice was a Nordic thing? All I know is that I WANT some salty licorice - it has two things good for my CFS: salt, and licorice...   (Actually, it's both Danes and DUTCH who eat salty licorice at the movies, but that doesn't change a darned thing.  The Dutch are little brothers to the Danes).

(July 13 - 2:pm): Just as an example of how cool I am with the oppositional sex: I was lying in bed, minding my own business, trying not to die, and the clean-up crew came over. One of the girl bosses reprimanded me for not putting out the yard bags (from last time) to be picked up by the garbage persons. I said, "I know, I've been a bad boy." They laughed. Then I said, "Well, I had a stroke or something - it completely slipped my mind..." Later, I offered the other girl boss a flower to add to her hair, since she already had one there, which made her look, "not like a worker, but like a graceful spirit!" And when they were almost done, I gave the first boss girl a pair of olive Capris cargo shorts, which she said was sweet. So, you see, it's not like I'm not able to talk to, or pick up, girls. Instead, I am filled with a huge sense of forboding about my health, my future, and the end of the world, which I can only hide behind humour and cuteness for a few months at the most.

And here's an example of the disconnect: When they two girl bosses were talking about how they could spray some weeds next time they came, (instead of pulling), and then a little more the next time after that, I said, (with regret), "That would be great. And maybe some of that rain from the BP Oil Disaster will fall and kill things, and we won't have to worry about it." This made them laugh. They are still at a point with this issue - FAR away from it - that they laugh. Now just imagine if I took both of them inside to be my wives, and they washed my socks and bought me ties and asked me if poverty made them look fat... Do you think, when the time came, I could get away with hermetically sealing the house in beeswax, and making everyone wear chemical suits, and asking them to bury their copper kitchen utensils and gold fillings in the back yard - DO YOU THINK I could get away with that without them giving me all kinds of grief? And what's worse, I won't be able to do any of that, so I'll have to ask them to do it all. Imagine all the time we'll lose when they start blaming me for forgetting their birthdays, and running off with strange men, giving them my garden tools, which crucial time is lost, and the house falls apart, like it's doing now? Or, can you see me bouncing two pair of goofy babies on my knee whilst in the middle of a migraine, while sirens go off and the Canadians invade with their guns and their outdated video cameras? You get my point.

I hope I can pull those weeds myself - cuz that's the hedgehogs' special wild place back there. Well - there was this girl walking two big tan rotty-like dogs with curling tails yesterday. There was no telling from whence she came or whither she wenteth. But she was back today, after the boss girls left. As she passed my house, she looked into my porch window, where I was standing, wearing only a shirt. My window has white wicker in front, so I don't know if she saw me. But it's possible she's a predator of my personage, seeking to attract my curiosity. She looks cute enough - thin - not sure what age - but she's in this city, but I made a solumn vow, when I became a hermit, never to involve myself with girls in this city. But I want my dog to meet her dogs. Actually, I want my dog to make babies with Akitas.

I set a mousetrap last night, and half an hour later it had a big mouse in it. That's unfortunate but. My dog found it interesting. Did you hear about the dog accidentally locked in a too-hot car? It honked the horn so it's owner would let him out! And how about the pet desert tortoise who braved New Hampshire winters to find it's way back to it's owners - after 4 years of being lost!

BP has screwed a better cap onto its Big Mistake. This may simply prove that the oil is leaking elsewhere through the surrounding sea-bed. And make it more likely that the whole well casing will pop out of the ground. Whether or not the relief wells will work is still very much up in the air. But all man's vein strivings may be moot. Because a number of scientists are pointing to giant fissures in the seabed, suggesting that a massive explosion of the vast methane bubble underneath may be imminent. If that happens, millions will die, and global warming will be rapid. (In fact, military vessels in the Gulf are presently evacuating to Costa Rica). And if THAT never happens, methane will continue to be released - and other wells will break, with future hurricanes and earthquakes - so we'll be back where we started. And if THAT never happens, there is already 150 times the amount of toxic benzene, etc., in the Gulf necessary to kill all fish, while toxic gasses and oils in the humid air, and in the ocean, remain to be lifted by hurricanes and dropped on the Eastern half of the USA, killing crops and causing a huge cancer epidemic. Already, there have been plant and fish deaths, and oily rainfall, from TX to SC, in the Midwest and Ohio, and as far NW as NORTH DAKOTA. Hmmmm... not so fun... Better get in the Hummer and head west, where all you have to worry about benzene in the rain from China...

It is very likely that that new and improved oil-well-cap was made right here in this city. I saw a prototype on the local news. This city used to be an important manufacturing and engineering center - so much so, that many USSR nukes were trained on it. Many aerospace components have been made here, including for the Hubble and the newest space telescope. Motorola is also nearby, in Schaumberg and Harvard. This city has one of the highest concentrations of engineers in the country: 30 times the national average - or more. Yet, it also has one of the highest unemployment rates, crime rates, etc. Furniture manufacturers gave way to churches many decades ago. Most factories were closed - including auto. Chinese manufacturers are now being welcomed in. City leaders seek to bring in more young, intelligent people by renaming things - like renaming the downtown civic center, "The RAVE" - about 20 years too late, and at the same time as a rave disaster in the news, where dozens were killed. In other words, STUPIDITY RULES.

I have an excuse to be stupid, in that I AM stupid, in that I have CFS. I forget everything. Remember when I left the house, thinking that I had forgotten something? (I don't). Well, I did forget something, on the bus-ride home. I was sitting there, noticing all these guys in their 20's and 30's with 14-year-old girlfriends, thinking to myself, "OMG - This city has become PITTSBURGH!" One guy, and then another guy, sat across from me, expecting me to look at them and talk. Sorry, I paid 75 cents NOT to talk. Then a retarded guy got on, and the female Hispanic busdriver started talking to him - yelling to him, because he was back in the middle of the bus. Then he sat down next to me and expected me to talk. Then he was playing the game where if you actually show that you KNOW the busdriver, then you are more important than the other people on the bus - so he starts looking at me with disdain. That was so odd - a really mentally handicapped guy looking down at me like I was dirt. Then guy #2 rings the bell to get off, but he starts talking to the busdriver, because he must gain some importantness. I also have to get off at the same stop. But my tired, confused brain totally forgot one of my bags - which had my checkbook, salmon, and all my computer passwords in it. I walked all the way home, met the dog, and realised I had forgotten the bag. So, I immediately walked to the bus-stop - which was closed. But there was a two guys by the garage - in a car and on a motorcycle - while a garage door was closing, and they were reving their engines. So I rushed and caught them, and asked them to find the bag. They went inside and got it. I told the motorcycle guy that I REALLY APPRECIATED it, and his speech slowed down and he looked at me with that look of, "He's not giving me money... So what would it REALLY be like to have sex with a guy?..." He kind of waited for something to happen then he revved his motorcycle and drove away, his taught muscles and flowing hair glistening in the wind, leaving a bittersweet scent of musk and oil in the air, which reminded Madman of the warm summer days when he was attacked by bees and stored behind a giant wall of wax.

"What happened to you?" said his mother.

"I was molested by the church janitor," he said, saving himself embarrassment, "And it only cost a quarter!"

"Well...OK. But for an extra quarter he will mow you over with his John Deere, and there is NOTHING like it! Here, take a dollar and buy some rabbitts."

So, Madman went skipping into the woods to buy some rabbitts, but was stopped short by a giant asteroid, which happened to destroy all life on earth just as Madman was chiding some large-breasted woman for wearing Paisley on the Sabbath.

Speaking of which, have you heard those Mel Gibson recordings? And no, no, I am not Mel Gibson. More on Mel Gibson later. Signed, Mel Gibson...

What an animal.

The world might just as well be ending for 38,000 dogs in Baghdad. These stray dog are being rounded up and killed. Poisoned. Shot. Left to die. Why? Because they are dangerous. They are a consequence - a blow-back - of the war. A population explosion of very scared, stressed, angry dogs. Perpetuating the fear-mentality of war, until the next one. Can you imagine? What a life. What a world. I'm melting. It's a dog-day afternoon. Finch! Finch! No horses were injured in the making of this Mel Gibson videotape. But horses are revolting - steering their carriages into human onlookers. And bears are revolting. Sting-rays are stinging. And cougars are on the loose. And Alligators bite off hands. And Geese walk in a daze. And Octopi play it safe. And dolphins broadcast horror. Bt bats and bees fall from the sky. Turtles and whales and microflora settle on the oily bottom of the ocean. Fish in North Dakota are poisoned or suffocated by oil from the sky. All the animals know what's going on.

(July 14 - 10:30am): I had a dream where I was jogging. The trail went through a grocery store. I had to sheer an elk. I ended up cutting off it's feet, as I was advised to do. He could not walk home. I wailed in grief. I also dreamt that I went inside some business building near my home-in-the-woods. A guitar was delivered for me there. I also met a businessman who wanted me to walk to one of many mailboxes about 1/2 mile away, and retrieve something, and make money. He wanted me to walk his cat there. But the cat kept biting me and taunting me. So I said no to the cat and no to the man.

The governor of Illinois has proposed a plan where Asian Carp are fished out of the Illinois and Chicago Rivers, and sold to China. Per year, it would cost the state $2 million, and reap $30 million for Illinois fishermen. This would solve the problem of them getting into Lake Michigan and destroying the ecosystems (and fishermen) of the Great Lakes. But of course, they'll get into the Great Lakes anyway, even if it means some idiot deliberately putting them there.

(Thurs 11:am): I am trying to push back the ominous dizziness but it isn't working.

It's hot and humid outside, but I've been keeping it relatively OK inside. I've been keeping fresh cool air in the basement, which I draw up in the afternoon. It's too warm and muggy at night to draw in any good air from outside now. Anyway, because of the weather, and my brain, things are stagnant. And so are my banks. I have three banks and all of them are in some kind of suspended animation.

Bank 1: is supposed to transfer a large deposit automatically to my Bank 2 checking account #1 at the beginning of the month, or at least by the second friday - but it hasn't done this. Since I don't know if it WILL finally be transferred, I can't dip into that money. It's the bank's fault, but they won't help me cuz the auto-transfer is arranged via my online account, which I haven't been able to get into.

Bank 2: Bank 2 checking account #1 is therefore down to $100. Bank 2 checking account #2, which I opened solely for house repairs and upkeep, hasn't received its direct deposit from Social Security Disability, because when I arranged that monthly deposit by phone, with Social Security, the call-taker screwed up - so I had to fix it a few days ago.

Bank 3: I sent a check to azurestandard.com last month, but it has yet to clear. So I called their automatic phoneline to find out my balance, but I had misplaced my debit-card number to do this - so I had to call a human banker. All told, they ended up cancelling my debit card, and the check still hasn't cleared. I'm sitting here waiting for food from azurestandard, but they prolly never got the check.

So, everything is at a halt. I can get get by, by not spending much more this month. That will save me money. Which is fine. So long as the banks start working again, and the government doesn't freeze them.

(Fri July 16 - 11:am): After yesterday's post, all of the bank problems resolved themselves, except that I no longer have the Bank 3 debit card anymore. And I basically decided that the people at azurestandard.com are prolly just on vacation. Also, at about 6:30pm, there was a shift in my brain which created significant progress in my battle against the ominous dizziness, which could be pressure, a tumour, lack of O2, infection, mere CFS, an aneurism - WHO KNOWS WHAT - but after sleeping last night, the progress is solid. I am drinking my first cup of green tea an hour before normal - and that's a big deal - and tomorrow it will be even earlier. This morning, I imagined a day of many big activities, but have decided instead to keep it minimal. My dog sadly accepted the fact that I wasn't going to walk him this morning.

What else happened yesterday? The BP oil cap! Is it a good thing? Well, that's iffy. For many reasons, I'll get into in some other post. But remember, BP LIES. If they had found no loss of pressure in the well - that is, if they found no leakage into the sea-floor - they would have told us that by now. Leakage is continuing, and apparently so is the rupturing of the sea-bed. The main problem which shall remain, shall be instability of the sea-bed, and increased risk of massive methane leakage or explosion. There are also 27,000 rigs in the earthquake-prone, hurricane-prone, idiot-prone gulf, so this problem isn't magically solved by one syphoning cap. You may be aware that BP apparently bargained to get the Libyan Lockerby bomber released, in exchange for an oil-rig deal with Libya. BP has also been convicted of felonies. Anyway, the interesting thing is that this whole DISASTER started at the same time as did the anti-bankster legislation - and I considered that the disaster may have been a deliberate diversion. After all, it involved Dick Cheney's Haliburton, Blackwater, and Goldman-Sachs. Oddly enough, it occurred on Hitler's birthday, and it ended precisely when the anti-bankster bill passed. The anti-bankster bill ended up being a complete JOKE. So, it has to be considered that we have been held hostage. (This is what I'll call the BP BLACKMAIL SCENARIO). BP is not an oil company - it is a veritable bank that hires other companies in the oil business. It has no interest in quality, long-term profits or commitments, or blame - it can simply eject it's production componants and move on to other ventures. And, it has nothing to lose from a giant oil disaster, because it is investing itself in the concept of global warming and CAP-AND-TRADE, from which it expects to make huge profits. It can drop the oil and buy up GREEN companies as soon as it sees fit. So, an oil disaster is no problem. But, as a bank, it wants the weakest anti-bankster, pro-Wall-Street bill it can buy, and that is what it - and it's partners of Goldman-Sachs, etc. - got. Not surprisingly, the Goldman-Sachs fraud case was coincidentally resolved, Dick Cheney had another heart attack, and an earthquake hit DC. I put my money on the earthquake.

This scenerio, therefore, calls into review all events and technicalities of the physical Deepwater Horizon disaster. Of course, all logs of events prior to and during the "accident(?)" are empty, and the black box is missing. Well, if it was possible that 9/11 was an inside job, then THIS event certainly has at least as much likelihood. Under the BLACKMAIL scenario, it makes perfect sense that BP was allowed to control all aspects of the subsequent disaseter, PR, and clean-up, to the point where it was ordering the Coast Guard, and the President, around. It makes perfect sense. We've already seen Goldman-Sachs blackmail the government.

A little note about my dog. A day or two ago, I experience a rush of dizziness - everything was spinning. Then I let it subside, and got up to attend to my dog. Would you believe it, he immediately began sniffing around my head for something strange. Somehow, he had sense that dizziness episode. So - it had produced some kind of chemical signal. Awesome. As you may remember, the minute he met me, he sniffed away at the side of my head where CFS was most active or infective. That area became a serious problem last year. If I have to part with my dog, I simply MUST give him to a medical cancer-sniffing programme, or similar.

Also, it's interesting how social animals or pets can be inspired to act well for humans, simply by observing other social animals or pets. When outside, my dog paid attention to a neighbours barking dog, and decided to be nice while I brought him back inside: so he actuall walked up and gave me his head for me to unleash him, rather than simply walk by and expect me just to catch him and do it. And: he saw that new girl walking the two big dogs again, and heard the girl ask one of the dogs to steer back to her, as he was diverting into a neighbour's yard. The dog gladly obeyed her command. Now if that were MY dog, he would NOT listen, because he'd be too excited about being outside. (And thus he wears me down when I walk him - not good). But when he saw the dog obey the girl, King wagged his tail. He understood. I'm sure he'll be more obedient next time! Right now, he is aware that one reason I don't walk him is that, "STOP PULLING!"

I caught a giant black bug that looked and sounded like a hornet, but I thing was actually a 1.33" flying ant. Biggest ant I have ever seen. I hit it twice with a swatter but it was as hard as rock. Then I caught it and let it outside. The point is this: It had wandered in through a small opening at the top of a window. That one inch opening was there because the large pane had slipped down an inch. So, the ant wandered around inside the front porch for hourse, carefully checking the tops of windows, walking along the ledges and panes, investigating corners. If you don't think about it, that doesn't mean much. But if you DO think about it, then you realise that this ant had strong command of long-term memory - and was doing all sorts of things in accordance with it. That's amazing to me. Just as any one of us had done, it had slipped through some opening, not thinking much about it - not thinking it would be a trap, because such traps rarely exist in nature. Then he flew around frantically in the porch trap. So, he forgot exactly where that opening was, BUT he knew to look for a particular opening, hating himself for not having payed attention when he first slipped through it.

OK - I'm getting on with my day, now. I'll be posting this at the library. That's when I'll ask you a question about old potatoes. I'll leave the remaining topics for a future post:

- difficulties with banks on the phone, etc.
- a simple model of how banks try to eat us
- why are girls suddenly gathering outside my house?
- most celebrity Republicans have the same letters in their names
- successful Democrats must have the "K" sound
- why certain people should be impeached
- where to go for funny Progressives, and others:
-- Hal Sparks .com
-- Stephanie Miller
-- The Rude Pundit
-- Eric Cantor
-- The Superficial
-- Bill Moher
-- Harry Shear
-- Edie McClurgh(sp?)
-- Frangela
-- many more

Question: Is it OK to make chowder using potatoes that have about an inch of PLANTS growing out of them?
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