I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

10 pounds - that's what I was when I was born

Saw a nice movie with ONE HOT bird. I was on good behaviour.

Did anyone notice, it was finally a CLEAN rain last night?

BMG is sending me another Celtic Cross, because an email mix-up made them think I never got the first one. (They prolly only cost 25 cents in China). So, of course, I want to give it to someone else - but I think I should save it for some future girlfriend, so we can match.

The IL Dept. of Revenue finally got in touch RE: revoking past property taxes on my "park". I can use that money back in my pocket. But they want about ten different documents from me. Whereas actually reviving my non-profit via the Secr. of State requires almost nada.

Quasi-synchronicity: - it's interesting how friends in my jnl often experience similar situations or emotions on the same days. When I had my dream of being at a mall in Mexico, a friend in Australia had a dream of being at a mall in Japan. And there are nights when a lot of friends just can't get to sleep. And recently, three close LJ friends all ordered a large portion of food, and then found they only wanted to eat just a wee bit. Was this Freudian?

Been meaning to bore you with the question, "Why am I here?" - i.e., at LJ?

Well, some "reasons" for my jnl go like this...

My jnl began when I joined a site for musicians in Madison, (that's why you see all the bands in my bio). But then I also used that site to vent gossip about everyone who was gossipping about me here in Rockford - let justice be done. Then that site became a discussion of girls I have observed or known in the last two years. Well, the other people on that site thought I was bragging, and got real nasty, so I tranferred my writing to LJ. Prior to that, I had kept a MAJOR journal for several years - literally millions of words - but a "friend" in Madison threw that out when my life was at rock-bottom. I still had the latter notebooks, and notes, and asked friends to send me copies of writings I had sent them - so as to approximate some sort of new jnl. Then I started a new jnl on my Brother Word Processor - but can't access it presently. Well, now my LJ has become a continuation of the other two jnls, although this LJ jnl is a LOT different, as am I. Not a lot of boring philosophy, etc.

this jnl:

- First of all, CFS made each cell in my brain act like it was on it's own vacation at some obscure, distant point in the universe. I was brainwashed by chaos. So, I have been striving to re-remember things, to relearn things, to remake ideational and factual associations, to exercise my intelligence and creatvity. Plus, creativity is a MAJOR therapy - I have found - for recovering from this illness, which concumes the spirit. I have also been relearning empathy and compassion. So, that's one reason for this jnl.

- Also, if there's a chance I can meet a hot babe through LJ, then so be it.

- Well, I'm a little timid about my ability to be a writer - so I have been using this jnl to work on that. Since my present novel is humourous, yet etc., then I am trying my humour here.

- Oh, also, I have no life.

- Ah, yes - I'm fighting back against the world's inanity. I have always been one for bringing people together, especially progressive, creative and/or caring/sensitive people. Oh yeah, fun people, yeah. And I like breaking the mould, being on the edge, making mistakes, and letting other people see that it's alright to do that, that there are still people and places in the world where humanity rules.

- Maybe that's about it.

So - I'm suddenly reminded of a little gender-bending I've done online, which you might find interesting. I joined maybe 20 singles groups, but I really only use American Singles. But in one group, Designer Love, I signed on as a female, (BrandyTerrifica), and chatted intimately with males and females. One dude in southern Indian was way hot for me - so I felt bad and stopped.

Also signed on as a shemale in a chat room, and was accosted by all sorts of rude dudes. I had to explain to one that girls aren't OBSESSED with their penises - they would like to know the PERSON first. Genrally speaking...

Gotta go.....

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