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(Friday,"next day" 11:30am): Celebrate! Finally, after 3 days, I feel well! I had some residual brain-strain this morning, but I went through my own regimen of holding my breath as long as I could, over and over. I don't know why this sometimes helps. It might be because it starves some organism in my brain of oxygen. Seriously. Hopefully, the clean-up crew will come by today and I mightgo out and participate. Then I should have some things ready to go off to the library. And also post this. Maybe I'll try again getting beer, because the last time I did that it made my headache worse, and I resent that, and seek revenge.

I've been listening to Morrissey's "Swords", along with 3 of his other latest. I don't know how "Swords" ever happened - I don't know where or when it came from. It contains at least three songs from a mini-CD which came out just BEFORE "Maladjusted", and yet "Swords" didn't come out until either 2009 or 2010. Before finding at the library, I knew nothing of it - except an old vague reference to some future Morrissey compilation CD in his Wiki bio. Obviously an out-take, etc., album... Anyway, "Swords" is awesome and beautiful, and I prefer it to "Years of Refusal," which continues the effort to paint Morrissey as a tough-guy hard-rocker, which is the reason why he wants to retire. (He fainted at a recent concert, doing "This Charming Man"). "Swords" reminds me of No Doubt's "Saturn" - it is a so-called less-important album which doesn't carry any really proven pop hits, and yet it contains a lot of innovation and variety - and even songs that SHOULD be pop hits, if only pop were smart enough to allow them. And, perhaps even more that "Refusal", "Swords" has a lot of No-Doubt-like sounds and moves hidden in it. There are so many songs in "Swords" that could be in the soundtrack of my life, and much of the album itself plays like a mix. (And most of "Ringleader of the Tormentors" should be played at my funeral). What a pleasant discovery! I was getting a bit disappointed with Morrissey's work, though great, after "You Are The Quarry". I think "Swords" is a better representation of where his heart has been.

While on music: Any suggestions for songs for a BP Oil Catastrophe mix? Ominous, animals dying, greed, etc. I think, "Life Is A Pigsty" would work well. Any others?

(EDITORS NOTE: There is something of a split going on between intended posts, so I am solving it by posting the "anti-CERTAIN-idiot-Democrats", "HEDGEHOGS AND HORSES", stuff as a Part One and a Part Two, and am simply going to continue with THIS more personable post separately).

I've presently forgotten much of what I wanted to make into a post about correllation and causation. Apparently, some of the following little topics were going to be in it. (But I'm sure I'll put that planned post together later).

Well, for the record, the earthquake I predicted for the Great Lakes happened - except a little late, and about 50-300 miles to the WNW, depending how you figure it. My original prediction (http://madman101.livejournal.com/772015.html) was for the new moon, around June 11. However, when the new moon rolled around, there were quakes east of San Diego and in Japan, but not in the Great Lakes area. I later commented that a Great Lakes quake still might occur around the next full (or new) moon, (link not yet available). So, the Canadian quake actually occurred at about 1:30pm, my time, on Weds, June 23. (Looks like the pressure-release has been trying to leap-frog northward, from Haiti). So - i guess we're in a full moon about now? Should be right... And, in fact, there HAVE been rains and barometric changes which help facilitate the Canadian quake. So, my conclusion that I, the two dogs, and the wood nymph in Michigan, were basically right in our prediction. And, right after the quake, I received a very nice response to a comment I made three months ago, from a LJ friend in Canada.

When I have CFS relapses, migraines, etc., I don't have much ability to monitor my feelings for any subtle PSYCHIC thing that might be kicking around in there. I am much better at sensing psychic-type things when I am dreaming or when I am feeling well. But when I am ill, I have to rely on signs eminating from observed coincidence. Such is the method I use for silly things like earthquake-predictions, and it is also the foundation of weather prediction and even science itself. But signs from observed coincidence CAN lead one to psychic-type conclusions, IF you know what to look for, AND you never take it seriously. When I get one of these kinds of "psychic" signs, I do not think they are TRUE, I simply file them away in memory as POSSIBILITIES. Later, they may be compared to OTHER possibilities, being careful not to fall into believing in SUPERSTITIONS or improbable conspiracy theories, as is in our nature as human beings. One reason why this form of sign-reading CAN work, though, is because of the physics of chaos, where fractal informations can re-represent themselves in apparently illogical places - just as some information across the universe can be present in our thinking instantaneously, according to quantum entanglement theory. The former is more observational, the latter is more emotional.

By the way, the horrific waves of CFS relapses I experience are often in synch with magnetic changes in my location, often predictive of oncoming thunderstorms, which tend to relieve the relapses when they pass. And, now I remember that this topic was going to be a big part of the "correlation/causation" post... later on that...

Anyway, here is an example of a "psychic" sign-reading, from observed coincidence: Last night, during relapse, I was biding painful time, listening to music, and finding myself capable of thinking thoughts again. I happened to think of my dog's death last June, where fluid filled and surrounded her lungs, and she could not breathe, so I had to watch her be put to sleep. Well, I thought, she may have been lucky in a sense - or an omen, in a sense... Because, should this BP oil eruption continue for months and even years, there is a good chance that every creature on Earth will be gasping desperately for it's last breath, because the oxygen so depleted. Well - OK - I'm having a morbid thought... Then the CD player started skipping repetitively and regularly, in a way it had never done before: ON, OFF...ON, OFF... over and over and over... So, I got up to shut it off, and, while doing this, I happened to look at the digital clock on the amp. This clock is ALWAYS wrong, and I NEVER look at it. So, the incorrect time on the clock was 11:11. Now, everyone has fun with that silly 11:11 - but with me and Ashley, it was a big thing for a while. So, I immediately thought of Ashley. Then I said to myself, "Is something going on here?" and I began looking for more clues, when I immediately noticed that the song on the CD player I had just turned off was, "When last I Spoke To Carol" - a song about being at a woman's funeral. So. How now? Did Ashley just die? I don't know - prolly not - and I hope not. But signs say that it is a POSSIBLE time wherein she has died. Or that some bad shall, of has, befallen her. I file it away in memory. Unlike a psychic EMOTION, I can't fathom any authority of this possibility, although I am taken aback. But, this is how it is done. (You just have to be willing to have, and connect, boring, stupid and mundane thoughts. And be on the look-out for what is truly pointless). (Note to self: The actual time was about 4:25pm, Thursday, 6/24)

And, sometimes, signs will sneak up on you. Wednesday, earthquake day, I walked downtown, although in a CFS fog, to buy beer, hoping that would finally push away my relapse/migraine, (which it didn't). I walked into the bar - it was filled with people at 4:pm - all lonely men, and women with giant cow-like boobs - I felt sorry for their sad figures even more so than for my own. Somehow, I have made the transition to feeling that drinking in public is more pathetic than drinking alone. Anyway, I ask about their beers, and a sign on the wall says, "Homunculus Romunculus" and I ask what the hell that means, and I am told that it is an IPA, so I buy it. Meanwhile, this old guy at the bar is making weird growling sounds and talking to me. I am not quite up to talking coherently with him, the waitress, the bartender - anyone. I just want to get out and go home. Back through sheets of rain. They fill my jug with Humunculus Romunculus, I place it in my bag, and step out of the bar, not noticing that the step down is TWO steps down, so I kind of flop and trip down, looking like a complete drunk, as people drive by, looking at me. All I know is that this CFS makes me feel like crap. And I want to get as far away from humanity as I possible can, and sleep forever. And I look up as I approach the bridge crossing the river, and three people are standing on the other side of the bridge, holding a big white sign...

"Pray for Peace!"


Tell me about it...

What was said to BP:

Sorries pour out of you

All wide-eyed simple smiles

Certain to see you through

Like a QC full of fake humility

You say: "Oh, please forgive..."

You say: "Oh, live and let live..."

But Sorry Doesn't Help us

And sorry will not save us

And sorry will not bring my teen years back to me

(Any time soon)

Forced back, it springs right out

Seasoned, you have no doubts

You lied about the lies that you told

Which is the full extent of what being you is all about

You say: "Oh, please forgive..."

You say: "Oh, live and let live..."

But sorry doesn't help us

Sorry will not save us

Sorry will not bring my love into my arms

(As far as I know...)

Sorry doesn't help us

Sorry will not save us

Sorry is just a word you find so easy to say...

So you say it anyway

Sorry doesn't help us

Sorry won't protect us

Sorry won't undo all the good gone wrong, my love

From Morrissey's new album, Years of Refusal)

What BP said in reply:

"Are you aware, wherever you are,

That you have just died"

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