where hypotheses come to die (madman101) wrote,
where hypotheses come to die

Which part of this is false?

Do you ever hear that commercial on the radio machine for "Shelter Pets" - where the kid is calling his dog "Sassy!" and the dog starts barking to him, and the kid interprets? (That was a long question!) Well, whenever that commercial is on, I turn up the volume for my dog.

Today, while I was packing big bags of dry dog food into plastic garbage bags, I say to my dog, "Saaaasseeee!" And he doesn't miss a beat: He starts barking like Sassy, and waits for me to "interpret"! He also likes to bark at the dogs on the big dog food bags as a joke.

I posses about 125 pounds of dry dog food - (plus about 25 more pounds of refrigerated food or snacks). How do I store it? Some goes into a small metal garbage can, and the rest goes into garbage bags (to prevent bugs) and are lifted to a shelf high up in the pantry, which I made from a little ladder.

I had a dream last night that Helen Thomas invaded Czechoslovakia.
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