I am the person who will destroy China. (madman101) wrote,
I am the person who will destroy China.

How the world ends.

This is how an empire declines. In little, silly ways. Everybody sits on their ass, and assumes they're safe if they assume what everyone else is assuming. Ignoring problems, denying the misfortunate, is a form of virtue, (i.e., wealth). If someone comes along and says, "Let's solve THIS problem," or "Let's be pro-active!", or "You people aren't wearing any clothes," then such a person is impuned, ridiculed, gossipped into poverty, said to be on the take, etc... Because everyone else knows what's best, because the PAST solved all problems, and is so glorious. If we need to solve any problems, the Invisible Hand will come along and help us out yet again.

And the land runs rampant with lazy gamesmanship, designed only to STOP the opponant at any cost, and somehow prove - by default - that "I AM RIGHT" or "I AM BETTER." When, in fact, the only real victory is the victory of ephemeral PRIVILEGE. Going down the tube. People step into intercourse, and immediately begin trying to out-control each other. Cooperation is only used to sucker the opponant, and is regularly violated in order to demonstrate supposed dominance. All this goes on beneath the radar of MENTION - it is never referred to, it is assumed to be shared unconsciously, desperately, masochistically. Everyone plays the role, paints it up in moral correctness, and then it's off to having sex with a friend's wife, a 12-year-old, interns, gays, whatever tantalisingly humiliating TABOO that can be gotten away with. This is called, "Living."

Suddenly, planes are hijacked out of Boston. We stand and watch it happen. The air defense assumes it is a mere glitch - they don't think to actually solve the problem. They stand off while an airplane plows into the Pentagon. Allowed by habit, and by order of VESTED INTEREST, which thrives on habit. BP has an oil spill, and everyone assumes they know what they are doing - what they are saying - when, once again, it is all lies. No real practical solution is sought from the beginning - no functional, effective cooperation is mustered, because imaginations simply can't see as far as the REAL dangers - real possibilities - real alternatives... And BP, insurance companies, the halls of Congress, the gross national product - EVERYONE is choked and paralysed - thriving upon destruction and the promises of decline...

And every phrase is obfuscation and ploy. "No child left behind." "Right to work." "Terrorism." "Security." "After succesfully injecting mud to stop the flow of oil, the oil was not stopped." Using the most toxic dispersant when they have other alternatives and talking thus:

"Is this dispersant really safe to use?"

"As with everything, we assess the risk - and there is going to be some risk with this dispersant. But if our scientists find it is more toxic than we had anticipated, then we will make a decision to use less of it."

"WONDERFUL! Well, that's all the time we have..."

Yesterdsay, I listened to BOB EDWARDS (NPR) wherein he interviewed three people regarding the process of appointing Justices to the Supreme Court. The woman frome SLATE was awesome. But there was yet another by-the-book, talking-point bobble-head Republican in this otherwise RESPECTABLE conversation, ever so deftly and subtley mutating words and concepts, reformulating what others were say, to conform them to the POLITICAL AGENDA which he was ever-attempting to imply, insinuate, propagate. Disgusting. You expect that stuff from Anne Coulter and John Boner, but not from so-called academics.

No biggie - we can say anything we want. We're getting paid for it. And it's morally OK to get YOURS - what you feel is OWED TO YOU BY THE PROMISES OF EMPIRE - - even at the expense of everyone else. Just thrown billions of taxpayer dollars at any problem.

But all that paper currency will one day be as valuable as false promises - and then shall come the dead reckoning or war.

Has ANYONE yet looked into the natural consequences, much less THE WORST CASE SCENARIOS, of this constant massive oil eruption into the oceans - like a vast death of plankton, a collapse of food chains, increases in CO2 and methane...?! No - we're too busy making computer analyses of our previous and ongoing mistakes. It's as if every turn in the road is us being mired in Vietnam all over again.

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